Survivor's diary

Chapter 34


I hand Beth another bag. She almost jumps up, spooked. Her green eyes look widened and scared at me. Then she realizes it's just the usual red neck from around the corner. She smiles nervously.

"Sorry" she says with a high voice. I lift an eyebrow, placing the bag with supplies in the trunk of the car myself.

"That's OK" I mumble, as I walk back to the cellblock. The same fear that's in Beth's eyes, can be felt all around the prison. Everyone's scared for what's to come. All night, we haven't heard or seen any signs of the Governor. Daniel suggested that they needed time to recruit an army, so that they most likely attack the next day. Which is today.

I had been walking around the fences and the gates all night, and ended up in bed around the same time the sky was turning red. I still felt a little unsteady on my feet, grabbing my crossbow from my shoulder with every sound, with the finger on the trigger each time. I almost look like Beth.

I walk into the cellblock, and almost bump into Carol, packing little asskicker's stuff. She has the same widened eyes as Beth.

"Oh, Daryl" she stutters, with a careful smile. I chuckle, and give her a pat on the shoulder. While walking further to get more stuff, I realize something.

"Hey, Care?" I ask, and Carol almost drops the stuff. I try not to grin, but keeps a pokerface. "Have you seen Vicky?"

"Vicky?" she asks surprised. "No, I'm sorry. Last time I saw her, she was in her own cellblock. I asked her if I could help packing her things, but she said she needed some time."

I nod slowly. I can hear that Carol is worried about her, and I can relate to that. Not that I think anything would happen to the girl. She just needs to get the hell outta there before the devil himself arrives. "I'll go check it out."

Carol smiles grateful, and walks out of the cellblock. I sigh, and open the heavy door to the dark hall. A cold breeze blows into my face, and I shiver.

"Autumn's a bitch" I mumble to myself as I walk through. The summer seems to be have flown by in just a few weeks. All we can pray for now, is that the snow won't lock us inside this winter. Going out to get supplies during such shitty weather is just…ugh.

I turn around a corner, and the hall is getting darker and darker as I near Vicky's cellblock. If I believe the signs, I would say that I'm walking to the lion's cave. Or maybe a demon's one. Or both.

I'm seeing the door, and a small line of light on the floor. As I step towards it, I hear a weird sound. I frown to myself, and put my ear against the door and listen. It sounds like something is being ripped to shreds. Flesh? Cloth? …Paper?

I open the door carefully, my crossbow in my hand. You never know. I didn't expect to see what I got to see.

First, I notice a huge cloud of smoke all over the cellblock. Black smoke as from a fire. I cough and pull up my shirt till over my mouth.

"Vicky?" I call. The shredding sound continues as I get deeper into the smoke. Close to the staircase to the uppercellblock, stands a barrel. The fire comes from in there, and from the smell of it, she must've used wood locks.

She sits not far away from the fire, on the staircase, with a small book on her lap. After a while, I understand that the shredding sound is coming from her ripping pages from her own diary. She makes small props of them, throwing it in the fire. She hums a toneless song without a melody as the pieces fly into the fire.

"Vicky? What the hell is this?" I ask. She looks up with lifted eyebrows, as if I'm an idiot.

"Have you lost your eyes?" she asks, throwing some more paper in the fire. "I'm getting rid of the past."

I stare at her, confused. "Can't you be dramatic somewhere else? 'Cause we're kinda preparing for war, so…keep it down, 'kay?"

Vicky looks down at her diary again, and shrugs. "I'm almost done….you wanna help?"

I shake my head, and walk to the back of the cellblock, where I know a sink is. I find something that probably used to be a po, and fill it up with water. I throw it into the fire, and it starts dying slowly. When I block the airway by kicking it on his side. Vicky looks at it with dead eyes.

"What happened to you?" I ask, coughing again. Vicky stands up, and throws away the small book into the remaining fire. I narrow my eyes at her, and kick out the last of the flames.

"Got dumped. That enough?"

I look up at her. She puts her hands on her hips, and glues a smile on her face. "You said somethin' 'bout war, mister Dixon?"

I lift an eyebrow. "Mister? That's new."

Vicky rolls with her eyes. "Quit the douche part, jerk. You wanna recruit me or something?"

I lean with my elbow against the railing of the staircase. "Jus' came here to give a piece of advice; get a new diary, and get the hell outta here. Go hide in the forest with the others till the shit here is done."

Vicky giggles softly, starts chuckling, and ends up laughing. "You want me to hide under a rock? Are nuts? You want me to miss a fight? No. Fucking. Way."

I grin and look at the ground. "I knew you would say that."

Vicky narrows her eyes, and smiles. "You bastard. You knew I would never miss a chance to kick the Governor in the balls. Opposite psychology. Why do you even care?"

"We need you" I say, telling the truth. "You've done a pretty good thing for the group. I don't know what would've happened if you weren't around."

Vicky crosses her arms, not impressed. "What the hell is this? You were the one who told everyone I was some sick puppet master. And now you're giving me a 'o-my-god-you're-such-a-good-person'-speech. Daruq, man? I thought I was the crazy person. You ain't stealin' my job, mister." She then slaps herself on the forehead. "Damnit!"

"What?" I smirk.

"I said mister again" Vicky snorts. "But don't change the subject, Dary-doo. Explain your weird behaviour to me."

I shrug. "I already told you. We need you. You don't have to throw away you're diary over some guy. And you said it yourself; you wanna start over. So start a new diary."

Vicky frowns, and thinks about it for a second. "Doesn't sound that bad. I may consider it."

"That's enough for me" I shrug. Vicky jumps down the stairs, and sticks out her tongue.

"So, what do I need to do, sir? Damnit!"


"We're closing in, sir" the driver says. I smirk.


I look through the front window, the prison coming into view. They still haven't repaired the gate I blasted a few weeks ago. But it won't matter. By the time we are done here, there will be nothing left but death. Including Vicky's head on a stick, standing in the middle.

I look over my shoulder to my army. The torpedo is ready to be fired, Martinez already aiming for the watch tower as we planned.

As we get closer, I notice that there are no people on the courtyard, or vehicles. The doors are practically open. I lift an eyebrow. Did they leave? If they did, this would go a lot easier than I thought. And less fun.

We park the truck, and Martinez fires our best weapon. The top of the watchtower explodes with a loud bang and fire climbs up the sky. There is still no movement around the prison itself. I open the car door, and start walking towards the courtyard. I don't need to ask my people to follow me, I don't have to. Armed with guns and knives, we go inside. We make our way into a cellblock, where everything seems to be cleaned up perfectly. They must've stayed here. I look around with a disgusted look. I hear a soft chuckle coming from above me, and I quickly look up. Vicky is smiling down at me, her red hair hanging down her face.

My men immediately hold up their guns and aim for her, but I lift my arm, demanding them not to shoot.

"Don't like it, Sparrow?" Vicky asks with a smirk in her voice.

"Well, what can I say?" I respond, playing along. "I didn't know what to expect to find in a place where someone so unpredictable as you lives in."

Vicky lays her hand on her chest, as if she's honoured by a compliment. "Oh, thank you. How nice of you to say that. You're probably jealous of the place, huh?"

"Not really" I say, putting my finger on the trigger of my machine gun. "What are you still doing here?"

Vicky shrugs, and leans over the railing. "The others might be pussies, but I'm not. I wanted to stay here, and defend my home. I don't care if I die, as long as you die first."

I hear a soft gasp behind me from a younger kid, who seems to be very nervous about it all. I chuckle and look around the place again. "I'm afraid your wishes weren't heard, sweetheart. You're the one dying today. I got sixty men out here, all ready to shoot. So why don't you make yourself useful, and tell me where your pathetic little friends are?"

Vicky shrugs. "I'm always glad to help. They're in there." She points towards a door not far away. I look at it for a second, and quickly hold up my weapon. But when I want to shoot, Vicky has already disappeared. The men around me look at each other, confused. I grunt.

"Go after her, you cunt!" I growl at one of the younger ones. He stumbles on his feet, making his way up the staircase. I turn to the other guys. "The rest of you; follow me. We're finishing this once and for all."

Back in Woodbury, they would've cheered. Now, the just swallow a lump down their throats, and try not to piss their panties. I roll with my one eye, and start walking towards the door Vicky suggested.

When I open it, all I see is darkness. There's a weird chemical smell coming from there, as if it was painted recently. I step inside, feeling with my fingers over the walls. There's more dust than painting on there.

With a determined pace, I make my way down the hall, the others hesitantly following me. I can almost hear the guns shaking in their hands and the drops of sweat falling on the floor. Pussies.

First, it only gets darker and darker. But when we go around a corner, the end seems to turn lighter and lighter. I grin. We're getting closer.

For some time, the hall gets brighter and brighter. But suddenly, a sound is nearing that every living thing on the planet fears; the moaning of walkers. I stop, the scared man almost bumping into me. The walkers come around the corner. There are about thirty, maybe forty of them.

"Get back!" I shout, but I don't even have to. They're already running back, some of them get grabbed and pulled over the ground. I push some men aside, and the first shots are fired. They echo through the dark hall, causing my ears to hurt.

"Little bitch" I mumble to myself. Me and the remains of my army run back to the cellblock, where an alarm goes off. It sounds like an evacuation is going on. The loud sound can be heard for miles out.

"This is a trap!" one of the people says, running back to the courtyard. But as soon as we get there, we're being shot at from an unknown spot. I hide behind a metal table, shoving somebody else aside. The man is hit in the shoulder and in the knee, and falls on the ground, another bullet hitting his head.

I look at Martinez, who stands close to the truck. I run towards the vehicle, and push him away from the door, so I can get in. Another guy climbs up the trunk, and tries to fire the machine gunner, but only ends up shooting random bullets in the air.

I pump the gas pedal, driving backwards. The man falls of the trunk of the car into the grass, stunned. The people who managed to get out of the prison alive, jump into the back as I'm driving. One other vehicle is started up, but the third is lost.

We manage to drive away, the bullets still flying around our ears. When I look into the rear view mirror, I notice something that makes me feel cold.

A red haired teenage girl is standing at the fence, waving at me. She knows I can see her, she knows how much I hate her.

I pump the gas pedal once more, and keep driving till we're out of gas.

"You may've one this round" I say to Vicky, even though she can't hear me anymore, "but we're not done yet."

Howdieho, partner!

There's a lot of new things going on right now, and a lot of new stuff and things. Crap, I wrote things two times. Perhaps that's because Rick says it all the time. 'Stuff and things.' But he says 'things' as 'thangs', or something. Hey, I'm from San Frannie's, I don't know shit about the southern accents. Only that it sounds like you're drunk. Especially Daryl. And Merle was even worse. And a dick.

So, here's what's new;

New diary

New Vicky

New gate(of the prison. There are two new ones, actually. We made the one at the courtyard, and the one at the beginning.=.)

New people. There are a lot of old people, and children. I told Hershel that this could be a new chance to hit on the old ladies, but I don't think he's such a Casanova. I think I can help him get a date.

New cellblock. I cleared out another for myself, because of all the oldies who are staying in my old one. And because all the walls are fully decorated. I need more space to draw on.

New friends. Beth's my old-new-old friend, but there are a lot of cool kids now.

New food! (Still no muffins, though…)

New pencils. There's this guy called Tyreese who gave me some cool ones. I got green, blue and grey. I asked him if he may had a black one too, but he turned away when I asked. I don't know why.

New pimples. I got three on my forehead, and one on my nose.

New books. Not that I read books. But it was fun to see Hershel so happy with all these bibles and stuff. There was one who had pictures in it, so if I'm that desperate, I'll check it out some day.

So, busy day. First, we said goodbye to the Governor. We didn't kill him, though. He just…disappeared, or something. He invaded my palace like an alien, talking all piraty(that's not a word, I know) and stuff(thangs:D)

But we managed to scare them off by using an old fashioned silly stupid trick. I like to call it The Andrew. You remember that prisoner who killed T-dog and Lori? Well, he used walkers to kill them, and we used his trick of putting on the alarm to draw them out, into the right direction.

You should've seen them running back to the courtyard. Then Maggie and Glenn started shooting(man, I call that a date!) and they fell to the ground like a muffin rain! I wanted to jump in there and use Michonne's sort to make soccer balls of their heads, but Daryl said that wasn't really a good idea.

Anyway, they ran out of the prison, and got into their cars. I thought it was nice if I told them goodbye, so I waved at them. Philip, the Governor, Nick Fury, Jack Sparrow, or whatever his name is, isn't dead yet, so Daryl, Michonne and Rick went after him. Instead of coming back at dinner, they came back the next morning, saying this Andrea-chick was dead and that they found new friends. As if Daryl is capable of having friends. Beside squirrels, whom he eats every once in a while. I bet it tastes like chicken.

After hearing this, I needed some time to remember who this Andrea-person was again. Turned out she was captain Hook's girlfriend, who was also Rick friend and everyone else's. I just shrugged my shoulders, but felt bad for Carol, because that whore was her friend. So I gave her a hug.

Then I met these new people. As I said, there are a lot of oldies, and little children. And housewives. Not a lot of fun. When I asked Daryl where all the cool people were, he said they were dead. Mister Douchebag from Woodbury had killed them all. He really is a buzzkill.

I worked on the gate with Glenn and Maggie, and asked them everything about the wedding. Maggie said they want to keep it simple, and I'm really mad about that. If it was up to me, I would make a huge party. But I guess I can't do that, because most of the prison's population is made out of little children not old enough to drink, single moms who lost their husbands who probably get drunk and old people who can't dance anymore because they're old. I guess we won't get a party then.

It's really cool having all these people here, but it also makes me crazy. Because when there are living people, there are always the dead relatives around who want to give them a message, advice, this and that and blah, blah, blah. It's stupid and confusing. I should contact the Ghostbusters, if they're not dead already. Or undead. Or I'll get a vacuum cleaner myself.

So, after hanging around with the people and the dead people some time, I came to the conclusion that there are particular persons who don't really like me that much. I've made a list;



Sasha(new chick)

Roger(someone's dead uncle)


Carl(he doesn't really hate me, he's just scared of me. He should be. :D)

Will(new guy)

It's obvious why Dan doesn't like me anymore. He said he hated me, in the face. But he also said that he wanted to leave, but he hasn't done that yet. Rick doesn't like me because his son is a natural disaster and he blames me for that, which is weird. Sasha just lifts her eyebrows every time I say something, and puts her hand on her belt, where her knife is, as if she wants to kill me. Now, who is the psycho again? Roger is this little kid's uncle, whom I, like he puts it, 'tease and make him feel uncomfortable'. I just said I didn't like the colour of his shoes. What's wrong with that? Vinnie is sorta the same case as Danny. Carl is a natural disaster. Will is a shrink, who keeps stalking me. He sometimes narrows his eyes, grabs a notebook, and writes something in it. I bet he's just drawing manga or something. He's not a shrink at all. Shrinks don't stalk.

There's also a list of people who do like me;






Daryl( I think)

Sophia(she doesn't come along that often anymore. I think she's starting to fade.)

Glenn(although he sometimes is annoyed by my presence)

Maggie(same story as her husband. Almost husband. So cute! 3)

Michonne(I guess. We haven't really talked since Merle's kidnapped her, but she's not ignoring me either)

Merle(ghost Merle. He's fucking annoying, he's by far the one who sticks around the longest each time. I'm getting so tired of this)

As you can see, the list of people who like me is much longer than the opposite. I think this list will grow when we'll be bringing in new people Daryl sorta announced that today. We'll be bringing in new people. They want the prison to be the same thing as Woodbury once was, but not the creepy killing-everyone-and-stealing-their-food-part.

I don't know what to think about it. They basically opened my palace to other people, not even asking what I thought about it. Don't worry, I'm OK with it. Just need to get the ghost busters over here, then everything will be fine.


I narrow my eyes at the red haired teen, who's hanging upside down, at least three feet from the ground. Her red hair looks like fire when it's being pulled down this way by gravity. When she seems to be done with writing, she drops the small book, and pulls herself up.

"Shitballs!" I hear her curse, and she sits up on the catwalk. She pulls up her wide shirt, revealing a big bandage around her waist.

"When will you stop staring at her this way?" I hear a voice behind me ask. I roll with my eyes at the sound of my brother's. He's wiping some sweat from his forehead, holding a bloody hammer in his hand. I cross my arms over my chest.

"Till I know that we're actually save here."

Tyreese nods. "We are save."

I glance over my shoulder. "With her around? I don't think so."

"C'mon, Sasha. She hasn't figured out yet who we are. She's really nice, trust me."

"How can you say that after only a day" I say, with a nod towards the sunset. Tyreese shrugs.

"A first impression."

I sigh annoyed. "When we first met Rick, we thought he was a psycho. He turns out to be a loving and caring father. First impressions are not always as they seem."

Vicky slowly stands up, and makes her way down to get her diary. I watch every move of her, knowing that something dark is hiding underneath that pretty innocent face. "She may seem nice, but we know she isn't. We know what she can be like."

Tyreese shakes his head and grins. "You're being paranoid, sis. We're all people. We all make mistakes. Some bigger than the other. We forgave Rick for throwing us out of the prison the first time. We can forgive Vicky for what she did too, right?"

I'm touched by the caring words of my brother. "Why are you so good at that? Forgiving people? What's the trick?"

Tyreese licks his lips, trying to find the words. "You can forgive, but can't forget. You can keep bragging on about this all the time, but all you accomplish with it, is making yourself miserable. Vicky is a nice girl. A little weird some times, but sweet. Don't be too hard on her."

I see the red haired teen disappear into the prison, after letting out some weird opera tune. "I'll try."

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