Survivor's diary

Chapter 4

Summer day 2, morning

I'm so excited! New people! Talking people! They're on the courtyard right now, standing back to back with all the creepers. They'll be in the cellblock soon. I've already cleared it out for them, and made the beds ready, so they can sleep nice. Maybe I'll bring some food, I think they'll appreciate that. And if they're trouble, I just kill them. That's how simple it is. But if they're nice, I'll give them the keys to the building.

I think they're in, I go check it out.

Late in the morning

I know for sure they're all in there right now. Time to say hi!


"Make yourselves at home" T-dog says, smiling. I stand at the door, letting everybody in. I ignore Lori, who gives me a look. She has that one look in her eyes, she wants to say something with it, but you never know what.

"Is it safe?" Carol asks.

"Damn right it is." Daryl walks up the stairs, and checks out the other cells.

"Take a rest, everybody" I say, " Tomorrow, we'll go look for a cafeteria or somethin'."

Lori tries to give me a smile, but I turn my face away from her. I don't want to see that begging smile. Carol pulls her arm, and they go in one of the cells.

"Look, Lori, real beds!" Sweet Carol, always tries to make everyone feel better. I see Carl coming out of the cells, with this ears red, and Hershel laughs at him. I do not know why, it must've been very funny.

I think I would've laughed with him a year ago, but now, nothing makes me smile anymore. There's nothing that makes me happy in this life. All I care about, is the safety of my group, my family, my baby. And that does not say jokes.

Carl walks up to me, with a scared look on his face. "Dad?" he asks.

"Yeah?" I notice he looks at something behind me.

"Who's that?"

I turn around, and see something standing on the doorstep of the cellblock. It's a girl, a teenage girl. Her hair is red, well, it used to be red, but it's full of dust and mud. Her face and whole body is dirty too. She wears a blouse, and a man t-shirt. Her jeans are almost ripped apart, and hang like a curtain around her legs. She wears sneakers, which are full of mud too.

In her hands, she has a small hand gun, and a brown lunch bag. She has a friendly smile on her face, but her eyes are weird.

"Hi!" she says. She stands on the doorstep, and does not come any closer. I lay one hand on my gun, just in case. It wouldn't be the first time I had to shoot a living person. I do not answer, but push Carl a little back. I hear Daryl standing up and grumble something.

The girl looks at her gun, and lets go of the bag. "O, sorry for that. It's just a little tricky with the creepers."

She puts the gun in the pocket of her jeans. "They sometimes sneak into one of the cellblocks. You gotta watch out of that, it can happen."

She picks up the bag, and steps towards me, holding out her hand. "I'm Vicky, I live in the E-block. Nice to meet you!"

I ignore her hand, but keep looking at her. From the corner of my eye, I can see the others look out of their cellblocks too. They all wait for me to say something.

Vicky seems a bit disappointed with my reaction, but recovers fast. "I found this place by accident, I stayed here for the winter. I saw you coming in, and thought I should say hello."

She holds out the bag. "It's not much, but enough to feed all of you for one night. Including the one coming."

She gives a quick look at Lori, and glances at her. Lori looks at me, not knowing what to do. Vicky's smile fads away.

"I'm sorry, you must be tired. I'll let you sleep. This place is secure, so don't worry." She turns around, and wants to walk away, but stops.

"I almost forgot" she says, as she puts her hand in her back pocket. "Here are some keys. From the gates outside, and some side buildings. And this cellblock too, of course."

She hands over the keys, and I do not know what to do. Should I take them? I look at the girl. She seems friendly, but that doesn't say anything. I just take the keys, and nod at her.

"Thank you" I answer, not showing any emotion, but Vicky seems to be happy with it. It's like I just told her she won a price or something.

"I can keep watch if you want" she offers, before she walks away. "Gives you at least one night to sleep."

"No thank you" Daryl says, before I could even think about it. I turn around, and see the muscled man standing at the top of the stairs. "We'll handle our own."

"OK," Vicky says, a little upset. I almost feel sorry for her, as I see her blinking her eyes a few times. "Nice to meet you" she says with a soft voice, as she walks away. "Make sure you close all the entrances."

"We will" Lori suddenly says. "And thank you."

That's typical Lori. Vicky clears her throat, and blinks a couple of times, as if she tries not to cry. It makes me feel like an ass.

She then disappears, and we're on our own again.

"What tha hell was that?" Daryl says, as he walks down the stairs.

"It was a girl, she seems to be here for some time." Hershel walks out of his cell, and leans against the wall. "What's in the bag?"

I put the bag down and kneel in front of it. "Cans of beans, rice, cornflakes…." My voice fades away as I look at something I hadn't seen since last summer.

"What? What is it?" Glenn ask curiously. Carl looks over my shoulder, and I can hear him gasping.

"Are those…apples? And these, they're…tomatoes, right?"

"And carrots…cucumber. Potatoes." I lay everything on the ground, looking at it as if it was gold.

"Seems like someone's havin' a garden around here" Hershel says, as he kneels down with the food.

"We got a lot to fix with this girl" Daryl says, as he takes a bite of one of the apples.

"We've should've asked her in" Carol says, playing with her short grey hair.

"No, we shouldn'. We don' know her!" Small drops of juice flew around when Daryl talked. "Who knows who's in here too!"

"Daryl's right" Glenn said, giving Maggie a carrot, "what if there's a whole group in here, just like us?"

"If there is, we'll go look for them tomorrow" Hershel said, and immediately everybody was calm. It was some tone in his voice that made everybody shut up. I wish I had that.

"We just have to sleep, these things are for tomorrow."


The people are not very chatty. They didn't say much, but I heard their voices. I heard voices! Real voices! The voices didn't came out of my head! It was so special!

I don't think I'm gonna kill them. Not yet, at least. I've been a friendly neighbour now, but I still don't know them. Maybe they're not as innocent as they look. I don't take any chances.

I don't know what they'll do next, probably just rest. They seemed all really tired, but still they didn't want my help. I do not like the creepy man that once saved my life. Not at all. He wasn't friendly. If I do have to kill them, I'll kill him first.

The man with the boy seemed OK. He was a little scared of me, which I could understand. But he was one of the people that talked nice to me. And the pregnant woman, she was OK too. I didn't get a look on the others, but I think I might meet them tomorrow.

Now I think about it, I don't know any of their names yet. I should ask about it tomorrow. Now, I think I just go and kill some creepers. It's been a week since I killed one. And maybe take a look at how the garden's doing. I probably need to plant some new seeds. And I'm almost out of beans.

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