Survivor's diary

Chapter 48


I feel so useless. No, these people here make me feel useless. I was trying to help stop the fire, and ended up vomiting on the floor. Next thing I know, is that I have to be carried to my bed by Tyrese. And apparently I passed out along the way, because I have no memories of ever arriving in the cell that's called my room. Which is literally a prison cell. And just a really lame pun, now that I think about it.

I still feel sick, but I manage to sit up. On the doorstep stands a cup of water, as if someone left it there for me when I'd wake up. But I'm not thirsty at all. All I want is to get Vinnie back and leave. Away from these people. Away from her.

I don't get it. Why would they live with someone like her? Who cares what good she's done in the past. The past does not define the person you are in the present. Especially in her case. Can't believe I once cared for her. Can't believe I believed she cared for us. For me.

Suddenly I hear a thud. Somewhere in the cellblock. Following by a soft groan, as if someone is about to take a nap or something after a long day of work. But it doesn't sound like the man is taking a nap in a bed, like a normal person. I have no idea what it sounds like anymore.

Then I hear footsteps. Soft footsteps, as if the feet touch the floor barely. When it gets closer I start to hear humming. It's not a song I know. I'm not even sure if it is a song. It sounds like a bunch of tunes mixed together.

The person is getting closer, but stops a little in front of my cell. The feminine voice fades away.

My heart skips a beat. I realize that something might be going on right now, without me knowing it. Is it the Governor? Has he come back to kill us all?

The person outside my cell sighs deeply, as if being impatient. When the person starts speaking, my heart drops. "You can come out now. We got work to do, you know."

I quickly look around, my brain occupied by panic. Wasn't there a weapon here somewhere?

"Oh, and above that, I got a kingdom to run" the girl continues. I reach under the bed. I think I put a gun there a while ago, taped it for emergencies. "My people must be worried. And muffins probably won't taste good once they're worried. I wonder if they get dry or something. And what would happen if they got sick? Would they, like, start rotting?"

I have no way of her not finding out that I'm trying to get my gun, which means I'll have to be quick. She can never know what hit her.

With my nails I start to peel off the tape, little by little. I don't know how long she'll be drabbling on, but knowing her, I have at least two more minutes.

"Wait, what would happen if muffins got bit by a walker? They start rotting as well, right? But they can't get bitten by a walker, because they only attack humans and animals. But how will the virus spread through muffins? Wait, how did it start for the humans? We never really discussed that, did we?"

I can already feel my index finger being able to get behind the trigger. Almost…

"Hey, are you even listening?"

I freeze. Shit. I'm too late.

I turn my head slowly, to see Vicky leaning forward, her head peeking around the corner. Her messy red falls over her face, and she tries to blow it back, without any success.

"What are you doing?" she asks, almost sounding disgusted.

"I…I…" I stutter. Vicky rolls with her eyes.

"Never mind that. Can you stand? And walk, without me having to interfere? Because we have to walk."

"N-no shit" I tremble. Vicky raises an eyebrow.

"Are you ok? You look white. Like, I know you're white, but now you look really, really white. Wait, that's not the word. Pale. That's it. You look pale."

"Gee, thanks for telling me" I say, still having one hand on the gun. The tape is now loose. With just one swing I can end it.

"Yeah, I might as well," she nods, wiping her hair out of her face once again. I feel my heart beating in my throat, my hands shaking.

On three.

"Anyways, the reason I'm here…" she continues.


"….is to tell you…."


"…that I know…"


"…where Vinnie-what the hell are you doing?"

I have my finger on the trigger. The gun pointed in her face. She stares right at me, her blue eyes as weird as always. She doesn't seem scared. Nor shocked. She just seems annoyed, as if some stupid fly is swarming around her head.

"Cut it out, would you?" she says with a sigh. "You can shoot me anytime you want, I don't mind. But not now. I've finally found them. If you kill me now, you'll never know where they're at."

"What are you talking about?" I ask, trying to sound confident, despite my shaky hands with a weapon between them. The one behind the trigger is pissing his pants, while the one being targeted doesn't even flinch.

She rolls with her eyes. "Who do you think? Calvin and Carol, of course."

Suddenly, she grabs my arm, so quick I couldn't even blink. The gun is still in my hand, she doesn't attempt to get it from me. Instead, she starts walking, pulling me with her. "We have to hurry, before he wakes up."

"Who…?" Then I see Hershel laying on the ground, snoring. Vicky steps over his unconscious body like he's a puddle of water. "What did you do to him?"

"Remember when we were held captive in Woodbury?" Vicky asks over her shoulder, while we leave the cellblock. "They used this funny liquid to put us to sleep. I happened to find some."


"Yeah, that's it. Don't worry, I read the manual or whatever it was, that was included. There's no real danger. Besides, if I really wanted to kill him, I wouldn't do it by poisoning. That's just stupid."

"Oh." That's really all I can say. I still have the gun in my hand, my other is held by hers. She's dragging me through halls and weird rooms I've never seen before, opens strange doors, and then we're suddenly outside. The sun seems to be setting already, the sky turning pink. She finally lets go of my hand, and sighs.

"Damn, my palace is truly a maze. A-maze-ing, that is" she giggles. I take a look around. We're not on the courtyard, but a little next to one of the fences.

"Why are we outside the prison?" I ask, getting a little scared. Was this a plan to lure me out to kill me?

"Because they're not in the prison, smartass. You guys can be so small minded. You've searched every inch of the palace, and you haven't found one clue of them actually being there. You just assume they're somewhere in there."

"But they're not…?"

She grabs both my shoulders, and brings her face close to mine, before I get the chance to get a good hold of my gun. "Exactly." Then she turns around. She is definitely the most random person I know. And by far the most difficult to understand.

"Why me?" I ask. Vicky looks over her shoulder.

"Why you? What do you mean?"

"Why did you bring me here? And besides, why do you need another person in the first place? Can't you get them yourself?"

Vicky nods, as a teacher trying to understand the question of a student. "Good question. First of all; one of the people we're rescuing happened to be your little brother, who might need comfort from his big bro after all he's been through. Second; I don't know if the one that captured them is still in the place he's holding them. If one of us has to fight him, or dies, or something, then the other person can still bring Carol and Calvin home." She crosses her arms over one another, and gets a serious look on her face. "And lastly; we're friends. We might not be a power team like Daryl and me, but it's something."

"…friends…?" Did she just actually say that? I blink in confusion. Why would she say that? Is she kidding? After all I've said and thought about her…she still sees me as her friend?

"Yeah, are you deaf?" She looks over her shoulder again towards the sunset. "Oh, damn it's getting late. We better hurry, otherwise I won't be able to find the place."

"Yeah, we should hurry" I say, still a little amazed. I still have the gun in my hand, and I bite my lip. What was I thinking?


This is a mess. Truly a mess. I can't understand anything in the place right now.

Will is dead. Carol and Vinnie are missing. Vicky escaped. And is also the main suspect in the current of events.

And guess who's the one being interrogated? Yes, it's me. The only family the psycho has left. I might turn psycho myself.

"You're sure about this?" Rick asks again, and I try not to sigh.

"Yes, I don't think Vicky did it."

Rick rubs over his beard, which is getting pretty long now. "I know this must be hard on you, but you just so happened to be her cousin and also the last person who spoke with her. Do you have-"

"I said no the first time, and I'll say it for the last time; no, I have no fucking clue." I take a sip from my water, which Beth got for me, kind as she is. She's now sitting next to her father, who still seems a little pale. I just can't believe Vicky drugged him. Well, not drug him. It's at least similar to it.

"All we spoke about the last time I saw her, was personal."

"This right here, this thing that's happening, is also personal" Rick says back. "Someone died today. Two people are missing, one of them being a kid. Those two are part of my family. This is personal."

At last, I sigh. "I get where you're coming from, but you have to ask yourself this; Do you really think Vicky is the kind of person that would do this? I don't think so. I'm her cousin. I know her."

Michonne, standing in the corner of the room, chuckles. "Not anymore. You have no idea who she is."

"You don't know her like we do" Glenn agrees, although he doesn't seem happy about having to say that. It somehow comforts me to know that it hurts him to say it. It means he cares. "She's unpredictable. Being unpredictable makes her dangerous."

"This so stupid" I mumble. "You wanna know what I think? Because you didn't ask me that. But with all the things I've heard from you guys, this is the scenario I'm rooting for; Calvin disappeared during court. Tyreese says he was with her the whole time, right?"

Tyreese nods. "I did not leave her side once."

"So that wasn't her doing" I say. "Carol disappeared while trying to find out who let the walkers in during trial. Sasha was the last person to speak with her, and going by her story, Carol mentioned not to have spoken with Will for a while and being worried about him."

"It's true" Sasha sighs. "She went over to his cell to investigate."

"We were all investigating that day" Rick says.

"And I was keeping an eye on Vicky" Daryl says. "In fact, I saw Carol before I went over to Vicky's. When I got to the F-block, Vicky was there. Unless she has some kind of superspeed, she would never be able to go after Carol."

"See? It's not Vicky. It's someone else." And with that, I slam my fist on the table. "Case closed."

Hershel clears his throat. "Well, not really. Vicky took Daniel out of his cell. They're not in the prison anymore. Who knows what her intentions are with him."

"Well, we have her diary, right?"

Daryl sniggers, throwing the piece of paper on the table. "Good luck deciphering this mess."

I shut my mouth as soon as I see the drawings and weird symbols which are supposed to be letters. Ok, maybe her intentions will remain unknown, but at least I've got them a little more convinced of her innocence in this situation. I can see it on their faces.

For example; Glenn's face is a lot calmer now.

I just hope I'm right.

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