Survivor's diary

Chapter 49


I walk down the stairs and cross the courtyard without looking anyone in the face. I just want to be alone for a little while.

The kids here make me sick. Not literally. It's not like I wanna puke on them or anything, they're just so annoying.

There was this new girl who arrived yesterday. Brown curly hair, thick glasses, about the same age as Beth. She seems ok, I got to talk to her a little. Turns out she's also a comic book fan, yet we don't have the same taste. She likes to read these weird comics. Like, really weird.

I hear someone call my name. It's Maggie. As rude as it may seem, I keep walking. I know this little deserted part of the huge courtyard which no one goes to. Finally, some rest.

About the girl. Yes, weird comics. I tried reading them, but I don't understand any of it. I was already halfway through the second chapter, when she told me I'm supposed to read it from right to left, instead of the opposite. She also claimed I needed to start at the end, instead of the front, but I'm not sure that's the right way to read it, because it was still really weird.

There was this guy with a sword, fighting another guy with a sword, but his guy had a mask on his face. Half a mask, actually only the jaw. As I said; weird.

When I put it down, she insisted I kept reading, because it was supposed to be awesome in some way. I waved her off, and that's the last time I spoke to her. I also see her write in some kind of book all the time. A notebook. I hope she's not another 'Will', because then Vicky will go crazy again. Like, real crazy.

I stop to look around. I'm almost there. Thank god.

From the corner of my eye, I see something moving. Something colourful. When I turn my head, my eyes widen in shock.

I quickly dash behind one of the tables standing on the deserted area of the courtyard.

Apparently, taking a walk around the prison on your own didn't seem so useless at all. Of course, it's good to clear my head every once in a while, with all that's been happening lately. But seeing two people sneaking out the way they're doing right now and me being there to spot them and tell on them couldn't be more convenient.

I tried to stay in the shadows as much as possible as I kept an eye on them. Was that…?

I had to squint to make sure. Just before she disappeared between the green of the forest, she turned around to wave to her friend who was following her in a slower pace, her red messy hair swirling around her.


Her friend, a guy with dark hair, must be Daniel. He seems to be a little hesitant, but doesn't turn around to go back to the prison.

I blink my eyes. Am I seeing his correctly?

Daniel's holding a gun. What the hell is going on here?


"What are you doing?"

I stare at Vicky, who is bending over to the ground. I see her put something in the grass, which looks like some small coloured ball. This one's red.

"I'm leaving a track for the others to follow" she says, taking a few more steps before dropping one again. "Like Hansel and Gretel from the fairy tale."

"Don't you know the way back to the prison?" I start to get a little worried. Where the hell are we going exactly?

Vicky sighs, while takin a few more steps. "Listen, dummy. I'm leaving it for them. Meaning Rick and his homies."

"Why? If they know you're out here, they'll kill you."

Vicky chuckles. "No biggie. That will happen either way."

"Wha-what are you saying?"

Vicky keeps on walking, and she drops two more balls before answering. When she does, she looks straight at me, with a serious face which shocks me. She never gets serious. Almost never. "Don't play dumb on me, Dan. You're going to kill me."

She turns around, dropping some more balls along the way, leaving me stunned. I never once said I wanted to kill her. I tried, though. Back at the prison. But that doesn't mean I want to do it again. I don't intend do.

"I'm not going to kill you" I manage to say, trying to keep my voice steady. I know, I'm a pussy.

Vicky shakes her head, giggling. "Oh, c'mon. You're not that hard to figure out…I don't need to be a psychiatrist to see what you're unconsciousness wants to do to me….." She shuts her mouth, with a disturbed look on her face. "Was that too soon?"

"I'm not sure they'll ever be a time for a joke like that" I mumble. She shrugs, dropping another ball. "But that still doesn't explain-"

"As soon as we're there, you shoot me, take Calvin and be gone. Carol will still be there, so she can either find her own way back to the prison, or wait for Rick to come get her. Simple as that." She spins on her one toe as a ballerina, the leafs flying all around her. "I already told you; you need me to get to Calvin. After that you're allowed to shoot me." She jumps up, making a 36 in the air. "But I gotta say, I'm a little upset. I'd loved my death to be something spectacular. This is kind of….disappointing. No offence, but you're a real scaredy-cat."

"None taken" I mumble, staring at the gun in my hand. I can't kill her. I don't have it in me. No way. I just can't. And besides, she doesn't deserve to be killed by me. She deserves far worse. She wants far worse.

"C'mon, idiot, if we keep this pace up, we'll never get there. I don't wanna die in the dark." She stops to think. "Sunset's ok, I guess. Sunset it is, then!"

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