Survivor's diary

Chapter 5

Summerday 3, early in the morning

The sun just came up. It's still a bit cloudy outside, but I know it's going to be another hot day. My garden is doing great, but if I let the new people stay, I might have to make it bigger.

I sneaked into their cellblock to drop another bag with some more vegetable, I guessed they liked them.

I don't know if they're awake yet, I haven't seen anyone of them outside. The creepy man said they didn't need me to take watch for them, which was a very stupid decision. Walkers sometimes sneak in by accident. I lock my cell every night, just to be sure. I woke up once, with a rotten corpse trying to get between the bars of the cell door. I smashed his head in, and thank god it was just one. I'm lucky to be on my own, if I was with a group as large as them, I probably had three more creepers.

At the moment, I'm alone in the E-block, just sitting on top of the stairs. I like to hang upside down some times, 'cause I just can do that. It helps me think. I think I just go hang at the railing right now.


"Bye, dad" I say, as he pat me on the shoulder. He gives me one straight nod, before disappearing in the dark hallways of the prison. I close the gates behind him, and lock our cellblock with the keys the weird girl gave us yesterday.

"So, what do we do now?" I ask my mom.

"We'll clean this place up" she answers, looking over the mess. "We'll make this a home."

She smiles at me, and rubs at her big belly. The baby would be here soon. Then I had a little brother. Or sister.

"Are there any brooms in here?" Beth askes.

"I've seen some kind of closet, over there." Carol points at something behind the entrance of the block. "It looked like the one of the concierge, we'll probably find some equipment there."

"Ah, man, I just locked it" I say, as I walk back.

"The undead are walking around, we lost everything, we're hiding in an abandoned prison, and all you complain about is a stupid lock?" My mom ticks the hat from my hair.

"Hey!" I say as I pick it from the ground. I rub the dust of it, and give my mom an angry look.

"Come on, it's just a hat" she smiles. I wanted to talk back to her, but then I remember her abnormal big belly. I shut my mouth, and open the door. Beth and Carol walk through it, towards the closet they had seen before. My mom sights, and sits down on the floor.

"You OK?" I ask, expecting the worst.

"No, I'm fine. I'm just, tired, that's all."

"No, you're in pain" I say, as I ran towards her. "What's wrong? Is it the baby?"

"No, sweety, I'm fine. Just…help me up. I need to lay down."

I pull her up on her shoulders, and help her into the cell. She sits down on the bed, and breathes through.

"I need to get Hershel" I say, as I walk out of the cell.

"No, Carl, don't!" mom yells at me. "You're not going in there alone!"

"But what if there's something wrong the baby?" I shout back. "You need help, mom!"

"Carl, don't you dare go…" she doesn't finish her sentence. I stop walking, scared something happened to her. She sits on the bed, her eyes closed. She takes deep breathes, and she's in pain. I suddenly feel guilty for making her so nervous.

"OK, mom, I won't" I say, as I sit on the ground, next to the bed. Mom smiles at me, still her eyes closed.

"Good boy." Her breathe goes slower, until it's in a normal pace. I wait for her to fall asleep, before I sneak out of the cell. Beth an Carol are cleaning up the cellblock with some soap and brooms they found in the closet.

"I'm gonna check outside real quick" I say to Carol. "See if there are walkers on the courtyard."

"OK, be careful" she says with a sweet smile. I open the gate and walk towards the door that leads to the halls of the prison.

Further in the morning

It really sucks not to know the time. I have to write it all like this, just in the morning, or in the evening. It makes me feel stupid.

Well, my head's starting to hurt a little, but I don't care. I've been hanging here for like an hour, but it feels so nice. I'm writing upside down too, which is not so different than writing in any other position.

I'm quiet bored, I thought the new people would be fun, but I haven't seen them anywhere. I've seen their leader outside once, walking around, checking the fences. Like I don't do that. They must think I'm an idiot or something. Well, I'm used to talk to myself, so maybe I'm a little crazy, but not stupid.

Even I know those fences won't hold for too long. I'll have to move on at some point.

And those people still haven't thanked me for the vegetables this morning. They're probably not from here, maybe where they come from you don't say 'thank you' very often.

Shit, I just heard something. Probably a creeper. Let's have some fun!


I hold my gun in front of me, and walk through the dark halls. It's so creepy here, it's all dark and you can't see anything coming around the corners. I ran into a couple of walkers, but no herd yet. I hope my dad's OK. He's a tough man, but I guess he's just a scared as I am right now.

I sometimes hear footsteps. They seem to be close, but in reality they're pretty far away. I sometimes see arrows on the walls, probably from my dad and the others.

But I'm not going after them. I need to find the E-block. I shine with flashlight on a map on the wall. We're really on the front of the prison, and the E-block is in the middle. I don't think dad's seen this map, 'cause I don't see any arrows around here.

I look at the map one more time, before I go to the right. I hear footsteps behind me, again, and turn around. Nothing.

I keep walking, and if the map's right, I'm almost there. I almost trip over a corpse on the ground I hadn't seen before. It's a dead walker. Really dead. I clear my throat, and prevent myself from screaming.

"That was the craziest shit ever" I whisper to myself. I need to go to the right now, and there's supposed to be a door right in front of me. I go around the corner, and almost walk into a walker. It's a prisoner, I can see it because of his uniform. His rotten face is full of blood, and his jaws are clapping up and down, as he tries to reach me with this hands. Before I can put my finger on the trigger, the walker makes a weird sound, and falls to the ground. I see a knife sticking out of the back of its head. The walker tries to get up again, the knife isn't deep enough. I aim for its eye and pull the trigger.

"Double Kill!" someone yells. I look up, and immediately a bright light shines into my eyes.

"Who is there?" I ask.

"The neighbour!" the voice answers. The light goes away, and I see the shadow of the weird girl from yesterday. "Are you lost, kid?"

"No, I was just…."

I hear some grumbles and moans from behind me. The girl grabs my hand.

"We'll finish this conversation later" she says, as she pulls her knife out of the skull of the dead walker. She pulls me with her, and opens a door.

I blink my eyes as the sunlight shines in my eyes through the windows of the E-block. The girl closes the door, locking it with her keys. The walkers in the hall try to push the door open again.

"Little help?" the girl ask. I push my shoulder against the door, and together we close it just far enough to put the lock on it.

"Thank you" the girl says as she puts the key in her back pocket. She walks to the gate of her cellblock, and holds the door open for me. "Welcome to the E-block!" she says, smiling.

I walk through the gate, and my mouth falls open. Everywhere I look, I see paintings and drawings on the walls. Some were abstract, others really detailed. There were scenes with walkers and blood, but also portraits. Faces, probably from the people she lost during the end of the world.

"Did you do this?" I asked, walking to the face of a man with the same red hair as her.

"Yes, it was pretty boring here when I got here, and too cold to go outside, so I was stuck here. I had the time, so I thought; why not make it like my home?"

The girl walks over to a table, and climbs on top of it, to grab something that stood on top of some kind of closet. She grabs a box, and throws me an apple.

"Here, you look a bit pale" she says.

"Uh, thanks." The apple seems pretty fresh, like it came just out of the tree.

"So, what's your name?" she asks as she jumps of the table.

"Carl. Grimes. My dad's Rick." I think by being honest, I could work something out with her.

"Is that the guy with the revolver?" she asks, narrowing her eyes. "He wasn't very polite to me. Where do you come from?"

"Atlanta, just outside the city."

"Really? I used to live there too, but the people there were nicer than your dad is. Are all people in your neighbourhood like that?"

"Listen, you have no idea what you're talking about!" I say, almost shouting. How dare she talks like that?! "You don't know anything about us, about him! You don't know what we had to go through!"

"Sure, I don't" the girl replies, not impressed. "but I can imagine. Everybody had to do things, you don't have to make such a big deal out of it."

I open my mouth to talk back to her, but shut it. Maybe she's right. Everybody did things, saw things. I bet she did too, looking at all the weird art in her cellblock.

She walks past me, towards the portrait of a family, with a house in the back. "This was a family, that tried to eat me. And they were not even walkers. Sick people, I tell you. I killed them. I had to kill them for survival. I'm not proud of it, but still happy I did it. They killed living people, and ate them. Stupid cannibals…"

She walks to the staircase, and throws her legs over the railing. "So, Carl, do you know who I am?"

"Vicky, right?"

"Yep." She releases the rest of her upper body, and hangs upside down at the railing. "And tell me, what were you doing in my halls?"

My halls? "I need some help with something."

"Feel free to ask" she says, as she swings back and forth.

"Uh, see, my mom's in pain, and I thought…."

"Who's your mom?" she interrupts me.


"Which one of the women, who's your mom?"

"O, the pregnant one."

"O," she says, and she smiles. "I like her. She was nice to me. Your dad can learn from her. If I had to kill you guys, I might give her some seconds to run before I shoot her in the head."

"What?" I'm starting to think coming here wasn't such a good idea. She was weird, but was she crazy?

"I'm sorry, but admit it; we don't know each other. I had to make a back-up plain for if you guys were bad news."

If she says it like that…

"Well, my mom's a bit in pain, so…" I just continue, avoiding more awkward situations "…do you have any medicine in here? My dad's looking for the cafeteria, and I can't go after him…"

"Why not?"

"'Cause I can't go in there on my own. It's too dangerous."

"Well, you made it here." Vicky pulls herself up and puts her feet on the ground. "I'm sorry, I don't know the ways around here. But I could help you find your dad?"

It is tempting. Mom said not to go in there on my own, but she didn't tell me to go in there with someone else. But can I trust her.

"That's OK too" I say eventually, and I'm starting to think I might regret it.

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