Survivor's diary

Chapter 6


Hershel's bit. Hershel's bit. By a walker. He will die. Die. He will turn. Turn. Turn into a walker. Walker. The words fly through my head as I look at the old man's leg. He's screaming of pain, Maggie's holding him. Glenn's holding Maggie. Daryl keeps the prisoners away from us, and T-dog holds the door against the walkers.

I am the only one that can do something. But I don't know what to do. I need Hershel. For Lori. For the baby. He can't die, he's our only hope. And he's my friend.

I look at the bloody leg. He's losing blood now too. What am I supposed to do?

Suddenly, I hear a door open. I look to T-dog, but he's still holding it. I see something moving from the left corner of my eye. I look up, and see two people running through a side door.

"Carl?" I see my son with my sheriff hat widening his eyes as he sees Hershel laying on the floor. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry dad, but mom's in pain" he says, without looking at me. "She said I couldn't go after you alone, so I asked for help."

I then notice Vicky, the strange girl from the other day. She looks around like she's in Disneyland, not even noticing us. She jumps on the tables, and looks through the windows.

"Yah asked HER to come with you?" Daryl asks, rolling his eyes.

"Yes, she's here longer than we do" Carl replies. Vicky stands upside down against the wall, her feet in the air, and laughing.

"Dude, that girl is crazy!" T-dog shouts, with his back against the door.

"We can't do anythang about it now!" I shout, putting pressure on the wound with my hand. "Carl, give me a hand here!"

Carl kneels down and holds Hershel's leg down. "What are we supposed to do?"

Carl's eyes are widened, and his face pale. He has seen a lot, but it hits him every time.

"We'll figure something out" I say. I see Vicky standing on her feet again, and turn towards the prisoners in the kitchen. She widens her eyes and smiles excited. Before anyone could stop her, she runs past Daryl, holding out her hand.

"Hello! I am Vicky! Are you the prisoners from here? I guess so, you know why? Because of your uniforms, 'cause the others wear them to, but they are dead. I mean, not dead, they are walkers. That's a different kind of dead. But you're not yourself anymore. You're some beast that wants flesh or something."

The prisoners stand with their back against the wall, with shocked faces. They walk further back as Vicky steps forward. They hold their weapons close to themselves.

"Daryl" I say as I nod towards Vicky. Daryl has his crossbow in his right hand, and the left he puts around Vicky's waist. He pulls her away from the kitchen, with loud protests of Vicky. He ignores it and with his strong arms, he puts her down on a table.

"Sit down, and don't move" he says angrily. Vicky sticks her tongue out to him, but sits down, like a little child. Daryl turns back to the prisoners, watching them.

I look at the leg again. What are we supposed to do? If we wait any longer, he will die…I look at Carl. He can't stand seeing another of us turn walker. Not after Amy, not after Shane. It would be too much. I look at Maggie. She has already lost so many of her family, most of them turned walker. I can't let that happen to her dad. I see Glenn. He doesn't even know if his family is alright. He wasn't home at the time of the outbreak, and hasn't found them after. My eyes turn to Daryl. The only one he had, was his brother. Whom I handcuffed to a roof and left for dead.

What was I supposed to do? I put my hands over my eyes. I don't know. I don't know.

"You gotta cut it off" a voice suddenly says. I look around, and find out Vicky said it. She looks at the table, scratching something away with her nail. She looks like a teenager that gives the answer to a question of the teacher in high school.

"What?" I ask. She looks up, with a look of 'don't you understand?' and points at the leg. "Cut it off, before the walker thing grows through his brains."

I look at the leg, and back to her. I can't do that. I can't do that.

"You got an axe, right?" Vicky bites her nail, and pulls her knee to her chest.

"I can't do that…?" I say. "You're crazy."

"I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid" she replies. Suddenly, I feel a hand on my arm. Carl looks me straight in the eyes.

"Dad, she knows what she's saying. She's not healthy, but smart. You gotta trust her on this one."

I look at my son for a moment, and then nod. I grab the axe that lays next to me. I hold it in the air, but hesitate.

"What are you waiting for?" Vicky says, annoyed. "The creepers can't help you."

"Shut up" Daryl says to her. Vicky sticks her tongue out again, and concentrates on her nail again. I hold the axe above my head, and inhale deeply. But I can't do it. I can't.

Vicky sights annoyed and stands up. "Give it, I'll do it."

"Wow wow, where do yah think yer goin'?" Daryl blocks her way.

"Helping grandpa, you idiot" she says, as she dukes under his arm. She kneels down next to me.

"Come on, give it here." She holds her hand out, and I give her the axe. The moment I do that, I see something change in the eyes of the girl. She points at Daryl.

"You, keep them in the kitchen" she says, demanding. She turns to T-dog. She searches through her pockets, and throws something at him. "Here, use this to block the door. We'll use the other to get back. You" she says to Maggie "hold him down. Carl, step back a little, and hold open the other door. Rick" she says to me "hold down his leg. Everybody ready?"

She holds the axe above her head, and aims for the right spot. "It won't cut through the bone in one time, so you really have to hold him down for some time."

Without hesitation, without letting us know, she lets the axe come down at the leg.

Summerday 3, later that afternoon.

Dear diary,

Today was so excited! First, Carl came to ME for help. To me! I immediately said yes to go investigate the halls for his group. I hadn't had the time for that. It was too cold in the winter, and in spring, I was too busy making the garden ready, but now I was excited to go on an adventure!

We found Carl's group in the cafeteria.

Crap! I forgot to tell who Carl is! Carl is the son of the leader of the group next door. He's about thirteen, fourteen years old, and very nice. He wears a cowboy head, which makes him look pretty badass.

Anyway, his mom, the pregnant lady, called Lori, was in pain and needed the old man, Hershel, to help. We found them in the cafeteria. But Hershel was bit, and that wasn't so nice at all. At first they didn't know what to do, and they didn't want me to help. They let the creepy man, Daryl, watch over me! I really hate that guy.

I told Rick he had to chop it off, but he was too scared. So I did it. Chop, chop, chop, through the leg! You should've seen their faces! They all were like; OMG! I wasn't supposed to laugh, but I couldn't help it.

So we brought Hershel back to the cellblock, and I did a little medical supply-run for them, before returning back here. I never did so much in one day!

I hope they stay a little longer, 'cause it's really fun to hang out with them.


"Carl?" I stand on the doorstep of his cell. He sits on his bed, with his hat in his hands. He doesn't reply. "Carl, sweety?"

Still no reaction. I lean on the wall as I walk to the chair in the cell, and let myself sit down. I wipe the sweat of my forehead, and catch my breathe. Carl wipes some dust of his hat.

"Carl, I'm sorry I yelled at you. What you did, was very brave, but very dangerous. We don't know this girl, we don't know what she's capable of."

"Vicky saved Hershel" Carl says, without looking at me. "She saved you. She saved the baby."

"Maybe she did, but she cut off Hershel's leg! Carl, she's dangerous!"

"You weren't there mom" Carl says, calmer than I thought he was. "If Vicky wasn't there at that moment, dad had to do it. But dad couldn't. We were all panicking. We were all scared. Vicky was the only one that stayed calm. Yes, she's crazy, but not stupid."

I don't know what to say. Nobody told me what happened in there. Rick doesn't talk to me at all, Daryl was keeping watch now, Maggie was too busy with Beth, and Glenn was too busy with Maggie. T-dog helped Rick with the prisoners and the other cellblock, along with Daryl, but didn't want to tell me either. This is the first time I hear what really happened.

"So you say Vicky's not dangerous?"

"No" Carl says, as he looks right at me. "She is dangerous. She's crazy. But not stupid. She could help us some time. She knows it here better than any of us. Maybe we could be like real neighbours, like how it used to be."

I smile at the thought. "You would like that, won't you?"

"Yes, and I think it would be nice for the baby too. A little thing of how things used to be."

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