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His Nanny ( On Request Story)


Any idea at what extent can a daughter go for her father ? No right ? Then read to find out . Fatherxdaughter Copyright © weirdo_writerever Published : 17.03.2021 #Mature Content

Romance / Drama
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Chapter -1

Authors Note-

Hello dear readers,

Thank you for choosing this book , I hope I won't disappoint you here .

Unlike any other books of mine , I won't be giving any character sketch or any prologue or foreword before starting this book .

This is a book of fan-fiction like my other books on Wattpad if you've read them all then you might have the idea about my stories content and scenario so don't create a scene here.

I might be sounding rude to you but trust me I am not but your harsh comments force me to write such unwilling things . I have always considered you all as family and will always be .

So, show me your love and i'll try to give more upcoming books .

This is an incestuous book if you're not okay to read then you're free to leave .

This is my seventh reader's requested book !
If you want me to write about your favourite scenario and roles then inbox me !
She wants me to hide her name so I'm not gonna announce it here . But thank you for choosing me .

Before you start reading , please note :

This book is a work of fiction . Names of persons , places , characters , incidents and events , businesses , medical sites are fictional as well . And it's completely imagination of the author and is not intended to hurt anyone's feelings or cultures !

Any resemblance to actual persons , living or dead , or actual events is purely coincidental.

Warning - this book content mature content so if you're under 18 . Don't read if you're under 18 please ! You have been warned !

There's strong sexual content in this book.Copyright © weirdo_writerever.


Thank you for reading this note . Now, you're allowed to read the main story .


" But mom , I can't do this" I sigh and look back at the door . He gives me a sympathetic smile and take a leave as I turn in my chair and take my mother's hand in mine .

" Mom try to understand, I can't .. I mean it's hella awkward also dad won't be agreeing with this idea of yours ." I rub my temple cause it's going to burst any moment . I'm feeling like screaming my lungs out but I can't .

We are now sitting in a doctor's office cause my father has some serious issues .

Health issues !

" For my sake beta , i love your dad so much and I don't wanna loose him" she takes my hands and begs .

" What about me mom? My reputation? I'm aged to get married and not this !!" I get up and pace around the room .

I left the cabin and walk into the room , my dad Manik Malhotra is admitted for his lung illness.

He has a serious problem in his intestine for that he is not allowed to eat any eatable , drink any soluble either alcoholic nor non alcoholic stuff like beverages , not even water as sometimes it held Chlorine . He is banned from all kind of human foods . Now, he is living on a syringe of saline attached to his hand , nose and mouth. But, this won't work for a long term . He is admitted here for three months now and almost looks like a dead skeleton laying in the hospital bed . I can't see him like this.

Doctors said he needs something pure like a mother's touch as in milk . But, i questioned if he can't even drink water then how the fuck he is allowed to have milk? If milk is allowed then we can go with formula one . But, doctors declined and said it was the only way to come out of this situation and save my dad as they are clueless . Even, doctor were shocked to find out this peculiar case . (A/N- I am not insulting any doctors here) . Many times this hospital's doctors called specialist board to suggest them in a good way but they failed too .

So , mom and I went to my grandmother but due to her age she can't help us . What a early 70's woman can do to help anyways .

Then, mom herself tried but he cant digest her milk as well . He throws up whenever mom feeds him cause his stomach can't take it well .

Defeating from there we went to some other places to find woman like some aunties who donates their excessive milks and some prostitutes too. We called them and gave money just to feed him but he declined as well. We tried everything and every way around just to feed him some pure milk which his stomach can digest . Some nurses tried too but they failed even miserably .

We listed among our relatives too but some of them declined , some can't give and some insulted us and called us nuts.

Now, we didn't have any women or girls left to be tested except me so both my mom and doctor suggested me to give a try . If he declines then we need to be prepared for his funeral cause that amount of saline and syringe strings are giving side effects to his body .

We have tried every fuckinggggggg thing but nothing is suiting his health .

Now , we have 2 months if his health doesn't recover then we'll loose him for ever.

Me being a daddy's girl can't let that happen.

So, I walk inside the room again to talk to my mom and the doctor uncle .

" Fine" I run my fingers through hairs and tug them hard to feel the pain .

" you're a life saver" mom falls on my knees but I move away before she could touch them and hug her .

" So what have you decided?" Dr walks back in and we give him the answer.


This is the first chapter of my book guys .
Read to find out more about the book !!!!

I hope you will support me like you supported me in my other books .Don't forget to vote and drop in your thoughts in the comments section .

Thank you .



Date - 17 MARCH 2021.
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