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The Sweetest Devotion


Emma used to be in the same school as Harry Styles. They called her the weird girl even though she would talk to them,maybe because of her dark clothes or quiet self,it doesn't matter.after 9 Years Harry meets Emma again.All the secrets will be revealed.All smiles will appear and love will be everywhere.

Romance / Drama
sweet dreamer
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Chapter 1

It’s all about Rumors, past and now.

People know about us but do they really know who we are? Actually they don’t.

I am Emma Daniel and He is Harry Styles.

When forgotten memories come back making new ones, new feelings will be discovered, old relationships will take another drift, broken hearts will get back together and new lovers are born.

I know him, and he knows me.

I am not the bitch and he is not the player.

But I always say that there’s a big difference between what we are and what we want people to see.

“Harry Styles...”

“Emma Daniel...”

This is a Harry Styles Fanfiction


“You are late, why? “Sandra’s annoying voice asks.

“None of your damn business ” I will explode soon. She is so annoying.

“What the hell you are jocking. What the hell they are my kids. YOU ARE LATE EMMA”she yells and I mimick her voice lowly.

“By the fucking way I am not late ;I still have 10 minutes till they alow the Fucking parents to take their stupid kids. Okay? Stop freaking out about everything. “I sigh. “Please, Sandra you know that I care about those kids which means I would never do anything wrong to them. Please. Calm the fuck down. “I try to say calmly and, I succeed.

“Okay... Thank you Emma “Sandra laughs.

Before I can even think of a reply, she starts the shit again.

“Oh my god Emma-the traffic you will be late. ”

Here we go again.

“You know what Sandra. Bye”

“Wh-“I already hung up.

There was traffic and, I arrived late.

I waited for half an hour in the street. As soon as I got out of this hell hole I drives fast to Tommy’s school.

Sandra calls again”did you get the boys”she asks.

“Yeah.. “I lie.

“You are lying. ”

“No... ”

“GOD DAMN IT EMMA” she yells. I sigh, I want to cry.

Wait. Sigh and cry. Wow I am genius.

“You know what fuck you Sandra ”

“WHAT? ”

I see a parking space so I decrease the car speed to park. There was a car parked and the parking spot is behind it.

Sandra continues her yelling and my anger is building.

“You are careless and stupid and late -”

After these words my anger gets the best of me and by mistake I hit the gas padle and, CRASH. I hit the car in front of me.

“Fuck” I curse loudly.

I get out of the car quickly and to the back of the car to see the damage. I kneel down and examine the back lights of the car. Trust me you don’t want to know what happened. All you have to know is that the beautiful is not the same any more. I shake my head my mouth never stopped cursing.

And because I am luky the car’s door opened and a tall figure wearing a brown coat got out. It’s not that I was going to get Tommy and run away but I am tired. I mentaly groan. Damn it. He is a guy. Guys are rude. I am not in the mood to argue even though I can;I have headache.

I stand up again tapping on my coat to remove any dirt but still looking at the car and waiting for the man to approach me.

“I am so sorry. It was my fault. I can pay for all the damages I made. I am really sorry”I say, never looking at him.

“What the hell “anger is evident in his voice but, it so deep and OMG. No, no I am just acting like these stupid girls. Duh.

Okay maybe I wasn’t acting. Emma stop it. Now.

“What can I do with your apologize now? “He raises his voice a little. I know he is angry . He has the right to be. If someone did this to my baby, I would kill them.

I lift my head up to look at him and as soon as I did, a gasp escaped from my mouth.

What? No. No. How? What? When? Where? How?

“Harry styles.... “I don’t know if he remembered me or not. Nobody does but when I saw his features changing from a frown to a look of surprise I knew then that he remembered. And.............. I don’t want him to remember.
............ ..................
Please if you have any song in mind tell me

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