It's the year 2160 and humanity has started space exploration beyond its own planet system. A common dream of youngsters now is to be trained by the United Space Explorers Academy and become a famous space explorer. Unit EXO are nine boys that had all had that dream and grew up to become the best Explorers to graduate from the Academy with many successful missions in space under their belts. One day Explorer Lay left unexpectedly left without telling his friends and the remaining eight boys learn from the organisation that trained them revealed that he left in search of the tree of life after acquiring a power sphere. There are sixteen of these in the Galaxy. They came from the tree of life which created everything in the Galaxy using these powers, but after that, the powers became the spheres and went into hiding across all over it. Unit EXO are all given their own power sphere and therefore the powers to help them search for Lay and the last power spheres out in the Galaxy. They will fly out to strange planets thousands of lightyears away from Earth and also meet some new characters to come along for the ride. That includes Perrie the hippy and fabulous night club owner Jade from planet Georgdia. Also badass biker Jesy from planet Exdon, Princess Leigh-Anne of planet Slay, and even some old 'friends' of Unit EXO. Read to come along on this far-out adventure in space!

Scifi / Adventure
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When the universe was first formed it was done so with sixteen powers. Fire, water, earth, metal, telekinesis, wind, sound, light, time, frost, telepathy, flight, healing, gravity, lightning and teleportation. After the formation of the universe, a great evil soon emerged from the darkness wanting to destroy it with the very powers that created it. The powers all confined themselves into spheres and were scattered into hiding all over the universe in the most unlikely places. One of them ended up in the hands of an explorer of the United Space Explorers Academy, and after being absorbed by said explorer it drove him to search for the other powers aiming for them to be returned to their final resting place at the tree of life. This is that story.


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