Living as Kuromu Dokuro


She is an outsider. Having replaced Chrome, she struggles to match and adapt as fantasy becomes her reality. She wants to belong, but she too, knows that it is naivety, for the Mist cannot be grasped.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

She never thought she would die like this.




A blur of lines and colours as she found her world flipped.

"What th-"

(But it didn't stop there.)

She couldn't help it.

There was suddenly all too much space around her,

her center of gravity robbed clean.

She broke into a piercing scream,

effectively cutting herself off before she could vocalize her intended words.

Now she was falling.

She felt her throat constrict painfully,

oh fuck,

but she was incapable of stopping her shrieks.

Falling through the air.

Despite the screams,

uncontrollable and damaging to her throat,

Plunging into...?



towards what seemed to be death.

she could barely hear herself.

It was quite the long way down,

though there was hardly any time for profound thoughts or realizations.

Yes, faintly, but those shrieks were high-pitched enough to be heard.

Was she afraid?

Was she even sane enough, at that moment, to feel fear?

Anything but the sound of rapid, violent air.

Although her mind was overwhelmed with static-like thoughts,

in some corner of her head,

she was anticipating the end of her long descent.

Her screams went desperate and silent halfway, her throat raw,

but she continued screaming within her mind.

And she wondered,

although she would not remember these thoughts later on,

whether the screams had been part of her imagination after all.

Then, she stopped falling.

And before realizing it, she was already horizontal against something solid.

There should have been an impact, logically?

She imagined that she felt pain,

although her body was unfeeling, and there existed only numbness.

But there happened nothing like that.

Everything was numb, and her senses were dulled.

Was she alive?

No dull thuds, cracks.

No pain, no losing of consciousness.

And if she was? Why?


A young girl laid prone in the center of a growing crimson puddle.

Her limbs were limp and sprawled at unnatural angles, still against the harsh, jagged surface of the ground.

Her face, shadowed and unnoticed at its angle, was pale and calm. Not quite dead, but lacking the spark of emotion someone dying usually had. It seemed like the entwined shock and horror had left her visage moments before she had landed, leaving an eerie blankness.

Although unable to move, she was capable of slightly detached thoughts. Time seemed to speed by since her thoughts processed slower near death.

Blood was still leaking from her, she concluded. There was a metallic tang in her mouth too.

Blood, her mind supplied, and the repugnant smell of wet coins agreed. Blood all around her, once inside her.

She never knew intimately that a human body could contain this much red fluid, although she did know of the fact.

Even with her limited vision from laying horizontally on the ground, most of her sights were dyed red. Especially, since her face was pressed to the grayish black ground. (She tried, but was unable to muster any strength to move her neck.)

She briefly wondered why she was still conscious. She no longer felt anything, not even the numbing sensation a few minutes ago. The stirring in her lungs had stopped a little ago along with the wet sound in her lungs. What was left was a pinched unfeeling, where air could neither enter nor escape.

Obviously, she was not breathing. So how was she alive, even if barely?

As seconds ticked by without granting her an answer, not even through death, she was left with little option but to continue her observation.

(Seriously, what was wrong with her? She meant, like, she couldn't honestly be that repulsive to the reapers?)

The buildings, towering over everything else as usual, felt even more suffocating in her last moments. Perhaps she was doomed to a slow, prolonged death...

Spectators crowded around the girl, watching and inanely discussing as the girl had her life drained out slowly. The people in the crowd shuffled around, casting moving shadows all around her.

None called the ambulance, none stepped forward to help, uncaring or perhaps avoiding the fact that someone was dying right before them. She was not shocked at this, but probably a little disappointed.

Her grip on her surroundings loosened a little as faint voices reached her, a male and female's respectively. Strangely, the little sounds that buzzed in the background, such as chatters, seemed to fade as the voices began speaking.

"Hmm... We seem to be in luck-" The boyish voice began nonchalantly, or at least trying to sound like so, but was interrupted by his companion's enthusiasm.

"Look look look! Look at what we've found, Mogami! Chrome's death can be avoided now! The paperwork that comes with character death and plot derailing is a disgusting amount, really!" The higher-pitched and obviously female-sounding voice was on the other hand, filled with excitement.

Their voices seemed to become clearer the more she heard them speak.

"Don't cut me off!" The male voice sounded offended, but continued a little pompously. "I still insist that the original Dokuro wouldn't have worked out though. Without the correct flame, she's useless. You know, useless AND a paperwork generator?"

"That's too harsh! Still, this is quite a lucky catch... Now then." The girl shivered from the foreboding sensation the voice brought on.

Her vision was already blurring, her eyelids growing heavier with each second, but she could almost be sure of the two vague, human-looking silhouettes hovering a distance above. They were quite noticeable. Neon orange and crimson red hair wasn't too inconspicuous after all...

The girl tried not to think of the implications of their sort of presence, but failed. (As in, they fly, much? Obviously supernatural.)

She was dubious of the sight at first, but any theory her brain came up with had to be better than the probability of her going insane. No, this likely wasn't a hallucination of hers, and if this was, it was a little too elaborate.

At this point, she was beginning to feel a little tingly, but what topped the weirdness had to be abruptly floating upwards, and holy shit- Was that her on the ground?

Yea, floating upwards and leaving her body behind it was.

She had to say that she -her body- was a sad sight from up here, though the blood was pretty now that she did not have to feel or smell it. She absolutely refused to ponder on her translucent 'body', and what appeared to be a tendril of... something connecting her to her physical body. No, just no.

She felt -light- for the lack of a better word, and kind of comfortable, considering how she was dead. She felt relieved of what seemed like a burden. The feeling of tranquility came easy, although there was still, a sense of dread. Rest came almost easier.

Her dark eyes began to grow lifeless, dulling the last twinkle of intelligence she had in those black orbs, and soon, she was struggling to maintain a coherence in her mind.

Her thought processes began fizzling out, and as she exhaled her last breath, she held hope of an afterlife.

Then finally, she faded into a sea of black, unknowing of anything else.

White exploded everywhere in the vast blackness, eventually becoming just as endless. And in the whiteness, her mind replayed the scenes of her 'descent into death'.

She remembered the sudden blurring of her surroundings, and the feeling of gravity's pull. She recalled losing her balance, and all too clearly, her lurching stomach and her one-second late screams.

The girl could barely believe herself. It wasn't even as if she was clumsy, but... a banana peel? Of all that she could have slipped on?

She could still feel herself soaring, and call to mind the merciless air that rushed past her along with its foreboding sound. She would never be able to forget that.

She had been so sure that she would have been flattened alive! Not that she's unhappy about it being otherwise, but still, she should have died immediately.

She had fallen off the roof of a high-rise building, and after much stalling, she had in fact, eventually died. At least, she thought so.

Therefore, why was she still alive in this dump of... basically whiteness? Was she even alive?

The light that engulfed her surroundings now distorted her perceptions. It was a blinding white, such that dark spots were appearing in her vision.

Was she standing on a surface, or was the surface standing on her?

She wouldn't have known. Her head was a splitting pain that made it hurt to even think.

The only thing she could follow was the strong call for her to open her eyes, even though she was so sure that she had not closed them. It felt of utmost importance, so perhaps the only thing to do indeed was for her to wake up.

White light? Where? The girl could have sworn she heard voices talking about someone too, but she couldn't remember.

The pain made it unbearable to think hard on anything.

She felt the need to open her eyes but had clearly thought better than to do just that. She slowly fluttered her eyes open as if awakening from sleep, thus allowing her eyes to adjust to the light this time. HA! No pain!

Her glee quickly diminished as she landed eyes on a person, and she felt herself tense up in wary of the stranger. Her glances darted up and down several times as if to study the person.

Her first impression of the woman before her was made difficult to discern. With hair a lustrous hazel brown and her dark eyes narrowed sharply, for a moment she had thought the woman to be quite pretty, especially with all the meticulous make-up she had on.

That was, until she saw the woman's expression twist into something unflattering on any face – contempt and disgust.

"You're finally awake aren't you?!"

"How could you do this to me?! Don't you have any idea how much trouble you have caused for me?"

She berated the confused girl, whose expression quickly turned defensive and her body language guarded.

"Having one's daughter jump off the roof is a huge scandal, and for someone of my career, it's worse! Isn't it enough that you are utterly useless?! Why do you still have to cause trouble?!" The girl who was being yelled at winced at the increasing volume, and was just about to slap the self-conceited bitch for her tone before she managed to put a name to the strange feeling.

'Nagi was referring to...?' It couldn't be, but she was more convinced by the moment.

"Wasting my time like this, do you really think that you're that important?"

The girl would have wrapped that sentence in gift wrappers of sarcasm and decorated it with ribbons of profanity before she returned the favor, but oh, if only the enraged girl could speak then, but she couldn't.

"At least die in a fucking corner, away from prying eyes and not in school, you little ingrate!"

The girl bit her lip. She felt murderous, but the girl was too weak to move, much less subdue someone physically stronger and hide the body. Nonetheless, she would have her way one day, she swore to herself.

"NAGI! Are you even listening to your Mother?! Show some respect! I should never have given birth to you, ingrate!"

She closed her eyes, and tried to block out the noise... Yes... Just tune out...

Gradually, the noise became a soothing background hum, and more and more was she reluctant to open her eyes. She swore that they weighed like lead at that moment, but as her head too, grew heavier and heavier until they drooped forwards, she had to admit that exhaustion finally caught up with her.

Tuning out everything else, she- "Wake up! I'm not done speaking!" -fell into a deep sleep.

When she finally woke up, it was thankfully to peace and quiet, much to her relief. However, the peace made her hypothesis catch up with her confused mind.

The stupid woman, whom she now knows as her Mother, called her Nagi.


She decided to confirm her suspicions with a simple mirror. A very simple, basic mirror that surely could reflect the appearance she knew as her own, right? Apparently not. Violet eyes, violet hair. Wide doe eyes... Girly and blasted innocent features... "Nagi" was definitely Chrome!

Her headache had subsided while she was asleep, so she was able to quickly remember the conversation she heard while she was dying. Something about paperwork? There were two voices, a boyish one and another higher pitched, feminine one. (Must be angels, her mind sarcastically supplied, but she agreed wholeheartedly.)

Apparently, 'Chrome's death can be avoided now'. Chrome jumped off the school roof, or so she concluded from what Chrome's Bitchy Mother said, and according to Mister and Miss Angel, she was the solution to their problems.

'Wait, if Nagi was the 'Chrome' those voices mentioned... Oh my fucking gaawwd... I can't have gone into the KHR universe right? Our personalities are so different! W-What about the plot?!' She appeared to have freaked out, but was in truth too excited for words. (She looked forward to further messing with this universe!) Then, she took a deep breath to calm herself down. For now, she would address Canon!Nagi as "Chrome". It certainly made things less confusing if people were going to address her as "Nagi".

A sudden flash of the old hag's face then reminded her of how the bitch refused to save Chrome. It gave her goosebumps, out of sheer disgust at anyone who left family dying. She then decided that she'll make the same choice Nagi did if it came down to Mukuro.

Anything to get away from that hag, even if she had to deal with a pineapple.

It was a year since she was dropped into her favourite anime series by two unknown higher beings, and she couldn't say that she liked it a lot.

"You! Nagi, what is with your test scores?!" 'Mother' demanded. She hadn't yet got used to referring to the annoying middle-aged brat as her Mother. It didn't help that 'Mother' never really acted like a mother, but it DID help that she had no idea how a real mother acted like since hers had left ages ago back in her past life's childhood.

Therefore her first thoughts to her current Mother's accusation was, 'The fuck, eighty-two is not good enough for you?!'

"You cheated didn't you?" Oh, so that was the problem.

"I didn't... Fuck you." She swore inaudibly. More like she hissed under her breath.

"Well, I don't really care if you did or not but since the teacher says otherwise, I warn you, do not get caught again. You would do best not to ruin my reputation!"

Was it really that hard to believe her scores? Just because poor Chrome when she was alive was too traumatized by her dear Mother's face to study doesn't mean that 82% is impossible right? Who was she kidding.

She sighed. When will pineapple head take her away from... this? Even though her circumstance was extremely undesirable, she knew that she had no choice but to put up with it for a few more years.

After all, she wasn't all that anxious to break away from KHR's Canon!Timeline. Not now, at least... Yeah.

Only years later, did she start to get used to her situation. It wasn't a great situation, but it was the only situation she was in, and accepting it (somewhat) helped her to adapt.

Years of putting up with Cinderella's stepmother -the bitchy edition- brushed up her nonexistent acting skills. Her facade of Chrome being antisocial was too convincing, even though perhaps seeming more bored and aloof than friendless and lonely. She almost felt sorry for Chrome. It must've been hell for her past years. No wonder she committed suicide.

She was the only 'Nagi' now however, and on her side of things, she grew from resenting into adoring her studies. She'd coop herself up in books with all her free time, conjuring those fantasy worlds in class one after another in her imagination. They call that, daydreaming. And yes, it helped with her studies... not.

Although it was never enough whether in her past or present life, her grades never did drop once. But that wasn't the topic either.

Books, were the only one thing Nagi appreciated her Mother for. It kept her going without snapping even once through the verbal abuse Mother gave on a daily basis, and she was thankful for it. Mother should most definitely be thankful too, since a Nagi-imitation that snapped wasn't pretty.

Mother loved showing off to her friends, and thus they had a beautiful book collection. More like, a whole room dedicated to books and bookshelves. Yes, they had a somewhat library. From mystery to horror to romance novels, the selection of books were never ending, each one enchanting in their own way. But since no one ever read the books aside from Nagi, most of them went to waste, a thick layer of dust on whichever surface was exposed. It was a shame...

In that library, Nagi also found the one thing that incited her curiosity about Chrome. That one thing, was a diary and a thin, shiny piece of metal wrapped in cloth, hidden away from view. Hidden away in manga. What an odd, but sensible hiding place – her Mother certainly wouldn't chance upon this no matter the occasion.

Nagi flipped the diary open while her other hand fiddled with the metal. Chrome's diary was quite entertaining for Nagi, considering the colourful language used to describe her Mother. It certainly was unexpected, at least for an apparently submissive character such as Chrome.

How expressive, Nagi thought as she lazily flipped opened another page. What shocked Nagi after that, was how Chrome wrote about her dying will flames when she wasn't supposed to know about their existence. She wrote about the mysterious piece of metal that allowed her access to the "violet fire". But what was even more surprising, was that Chrome wrote about having volatile violet flames.

Violet, not indigo. Cloud, NOT Mist...Once again, Nagi thought to how Chrome jumped off the school roof. It's no wonder she tried committing suicide, suppressed to that degree for her whole life must have been painful for someone so strong-willed on the inside.

Clouds can never be restrained or controlled.

And then, she did an experiment. Holding on to the piece of metal, she tried summoning her resolve, focusing on her determination -hatred- with a glint in her eyes. With a sudden flare of weak indigo flames, illusory spiders appeared, further confirming that those are Mist flames. The spiders crept out of the room, heading to her Mother's room on Nagi's wishes.

Nagi smiled sweetly like a cat with cream, her violet eyes twinkling.

Since Clouds cannot be restrained or controlled, and Mist cannot be grasped, how fitting it was for the Mist to replace the Cloud.

(And for once feeling special, she savored the feeling. Because, how many else ended up in their favourite anime with powers that told them they more rightfully own this life than the original, which they have replaced? Nobody. She could not help feeling self-satisfied.)

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