Living as Kuromu Dokuro

Chapter 3

A dream... She was in a dream, the first fully conscious dream she had.

She found herself running after little black cat, following as it leaped past numerous houses, turning into yet another corner. This one led to an alley.

At the end of an alley was a pavement by the main road, where many cars whizzed by in a flurry. Tall skyscrapers were everywhere, making the place look a lot more modern and similar to the girl's past life than her current estate.

Nagi got distracted for a moment, before darting her gaze back to finding the cat, only to witness it sprint across to the middle of the road. She was confused at the cat's sudden action, and didn't even move when she saw a black car head straight towards the cat, closing in on the cat like unsuspecting prey.

Time slowed in on a particular scene. And from that moment, Nagi forgot that she was in a dream.

The car sped through the road, running the cat over. Its tyres squashed the cat's small body into a red mess, staining the road and car tyre. The car then stopped for a moment before speeding off again, escaping the scene like a coward. Even as the car all but flew away, Nagi's attention remained on the cat.

Bones could be seen sticking out of her little friend in weird places, but even more prominent was the deep crimson splattered out on the road. But as she watched the scene from metres distance, Nagi couldn't speak to comment on it like she usually would have.

A splitting pain invaded her head as the particular scene replayed itself in her mind. She felt the bile rising up her throat, but she knew that it was just a reaction ingrained in her as a human.

A familiar voice appeared, and the scene faded into a mere echo in a corner of her mind, but the pain remained. It was a painful reminder of the horror seconds ago.

"Mogami... You didn't have to show her that! She doesn't need dreams of the possible future..."

"The Law stated that she doesn't have to follow the plot, but you know what happened the last story! You know I had to-"

RIIIING! The familiar sound of her alarm shocked her awake.

Nagi had planned to sleep in for the morning, so it was already 3pm in the afternoon when her alarm rang. She could only say it was a fucking miracle that her Mother hasn't thought to bother her yet, though she knew better than to say it out and jinx herself.

Nagi would usually expect to find herself in a relatively pleasant (if possible) mood with extra sleep, but that morning just didn't start right. She yawned and stretched out the kinks in only her arms, too lazy to do a full stretch.

It took a while before the scenes of her nightmare replayed themselves to her, bringing back the fear and utter horror. She then took a small moment to comprehend that everything was a mere nightmare. And that was when she realized that even with understanding, the small nagging feeling telling her it wasn't just a dream didn't go away.

Then hearing a shrilled voice, she groaned. It was her Mother again.

"NAGI, where the fuck are you?! Fix the damning lunch, you useless girl! Why the fuck did I NOT fucking abort you?!" Mother's voice could be heard throughout the house. The woman was THAT loud.

Nagi needed more than a moment to calm down, but regardless, luck didn't spare the poor girl a single glance. Guess fortune loves me, as usual...

She growled. She didn't understand why she agreed to make the lunch for that goddamn bitch of a Mother.

But she could definitely say that the alternative of letting Mother cook... is not exactly healthy for Nagi's sanity. It wasn't that the food itself was disastrous since Nagi had never seen any before, it was more of 'the kitchen is burning!' thing.

Nagi sighed, then got up and headed to the kitchen. She pushed away her thoughts of her dream temporarily in favour of thinking up simpler things like how the hell is she supposed to cook. Because when she told her Mother she would cook, she said it in desperation - she didn't know how to cook.

Nagi was always more of an consumer than a creator. Her love for food only extended to the 'eating' aspect of it.

Though instant noodles she could do, she thought. Added with the touch of illusion, no one would differentiate between the noodles and the supposed lunch!

At least not visually, she hoped. Her illusions weren't THAT lousy, even without flames... She hesitantly nodded to herself.

"This thing tastes kind of weird... Are you sure you didn't poison me?!" Of course it tasted weird! Spaghetti wasn't supposed to taste like instant noodles... Ahem.

And she won't even mention that under the illusion of spaghetti, the instant noodles are... blue in colour. COUGHCOUGH.

Nagi tuned out the criticisms and random insults. Resting her hurting head on her palm, she shook away her remaining fear from the nightmare. Although, her uneasiness still lingered.

It was just that... the nightmare was too realistic for her preferences...? Nagi tried to justify her fear, but even she herself couldn't really believe her excuses.

She was disturbed and still felt uneasy, but she did her best to convince her paranoid self that it was only a dream. Only an over realistic nightmare.

Tch, a stupid nightmare did not just scare her!



Okay, it just did.

Taking a step out the house -not home-, Nagi decided to take a stroll like in the shows when people needed to clear their minds.

It didn't work. It really didn't work. The movies were a fucking lie.

She continued walking through the streets of her snobs-filled neighborhood, ignoring the odd glances people sent her as she cursed and muttered to herself.

Fuck this... Fuck that...

Then, throwing them an irritated glance, Nagi shoved their brains an illusion so that they'd just stop bothering her with stupid sideglances.

It appeared as if Nagi was returning home, while in actuality, she walked off to the opposite direction.

Now to prove that the cat won't appear...

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