Living as Kuromu Dokuro

Chapter 4

With the illusion still hiding her from gossipers, Nagi searched around town, hoping NOT to find the cat she was looking for. She strolled along aimlessly, staring at the ground and digging her nails into her palm painfully.

She inwardly cringed each time she spotted a cat (that more than often was only a random cat), and bit her lip. Tch, I'm pathetic...

With the gore part of her nightmare being the only memory still painfully fresh in her mind, she could only try -fail- to convince herself that the cat won't appear.

Nagi slightly quickened her pace (still staring downwards) as her mind took to an unpleasant turn, wanting to get this done and over with before her resolve fades. Her resolve which was already thinning fast.

Nagi barely registered where she was heading until she reached a foreign part of her town, which really wasn't much of a nosy neighbourhood unlike hers. She didn't remember walking anywhere remotely near the street she was currently walking in at all, but why was she feeling a sense of deja vu?

Nagi scrolled through her hazy memories from morning... then... afternoon, and found nothing, if not reminding herself of the clearer and more gruesome part of her memory.

She remembered nothing at all like the roads or buildings, nothing of help. It made her feel horrible.

That day, even the weather seemed to be out to get her.

Okay, the weather wasn't bad. It was just... slightly gloomy, with huge chunks of those shadowing clouds eating up the surface of the pretty azure sky. She was feeling enough of the looming gloom on her own already!

She growled and muttered under her breath. This day was definitely not going her way at all, alright...

Vaguely, a sound of a cat's purr could be heard. Nagi clenched her fists tightly, with enough force to turn her knuckles white. This wasn't happening...

Breathe in, breathe out... CALM DOWN.

Nagi gritted her teeth, and followed the subsequent meows.

When she finally caught sight of the cat, she found herself utterly lost in that unfamiliar part of town, left with no choice but to continue following the cat.

Of course she was curious too, even if she had a choice to not follow.

'Curiosity won't kill the cat... Not on my watch.' She thought.

Nagi's greatest fear was that the gruesome death of the cat in her -all too realistic- dream would happen for real because of her. She knew she would hesitate to save the cat, and she didn't want to be the cause of the cat's death since she grew fond of it.

After the nightmare, she realized that it wasn't a matter of if she wanted to get away from Mother, or if she really wanted to save the cat, or whatever reason at all. It was that she wanted reassurance that she wouldn't die, not a second time.

The fact that Mukuro MIGHT NOT save her second life in time did NOT help with her fear. Mukuro wasn't exactly... reassuring.

It was a fact that she was traumatized by her first death ever since her reincarnation, even though she only just discovered her trauma.

She sighed... and damn it.

Nagi really had to stop thinking about stuff like these, or she was going to get old really fast... Ugh.

Banishing her thoughts, she followed the cat into a dark, narrow alley.

[At the end of an alley was a pavement by the main road, where many cars whizzed by in a flurry. Tall skyscrapers were everywhere, making the place look a lot more modern and similar to the girl's past life than her current estate.]

Buildings were everywhere around her, with roads weaving in and out between them. Tall, familiar buildings that were rarely found in her part of the neighbourhood, since most people lived in terraced houses or some other shit.

Those were skyscrapers. They surrounded her as she lived in her past life, but ignored by her even as she passed by them everyday. She never really liked those modern, meticulously designed structures in the first place. They made her feel stressed about nothing.

Those space-wasting skyscrapers blocked out what remaining sunlight that passed through the grey, shadowing, ominous clouds, making the streets seem gloomier around her. The prospects of this affair ending well didn't look good to the troubled Nagi, especially not with the atmosphere and her thoughts burdening her mind.

She felt suffocated, strangled by a bundle of lukewarm air.

Nagi pulled herself out of her thoughts, and directed her attention back at the cat, who-


-who was halfway dashing across the road, just like in her nightmare.

No. This wasn't happening, this wasn't. Itwasnthappeningitwasnthappeningitwasntha-

But it was, she stopped her thoughts halfway as tears overflowed. Maybe this time, she should save it...-

[Nagi got distracted for a moment, before darting her gaze back to finding the cat, only to witness it sprint across to the middle of the road. She was confused at the cat's sudden action, and didn't even move when she saw a black car head straight towards the cat, closing in on the cat like unsuspecting prey.]

-...But she didn't want to die again! No, no, she didn't want to die. She didn't want to die!

Even like this she had to save the cat! Besides, if it went as per predicted, Mukuro would save her, right? Right?!

"Nagi, the time has come, for a life-changing decision to be made... Calm down, calm down, calm down... It's no use- CALM DOWN!" She told herself.

She had a few more seconds to figure this out before the car even came in fucking view, so she HAD to calm down, not waste time panicking.

Yes, she's definitely taking the chance to get the screw out of her current life with Mother. Now if only she had reassurance that Mukuro will definitely save her... Dying a second time would just be downright fucking lame, not to mention painful.

Nagi peered at the road. Yep, the car could be seen, and it's nearing the cat at a fucking ridiculous speed THAT-IS-ILLEGAL!

It was time for a leap of faith. Mukuro... You'd better appear...

"To six hells with YOLO... I'm gonna live thrice!" She sprinted forward at top speed, muttering inane matters to slow her racing heart.

The chased-after cat abruptly stopped, as if awaiting the car to spill its innards. -Damn, that idiot-

Nagi increased her speed while silently cursing the cat for suddenly stopping in the middle of a road.

Passersby have varied reactions as they watched the girl dash across the main road like that, putting herself in danger for a mere cat. To them, she was stupid, and she thought that she probably was, if Mukuro wasn't saving her.

It was a bet with her life, a leap of faith as she told herself.

Despite having mentally prepared herself for it, the impact left her with no time to even scream. As her eyes widened in fear, her violet pupils only dilated while her guts twisted in horror.

Then, it was a distant loud crash accompanied by an excruciating, intense, unbearable pain. Blood splattered everywhere, giving out the sickly, repelling scent of blood. It created an eye-catching red spectacle for those onlookers -passersby- who never bothered to call the ambulance.

Just like the other time, passersby became spectators, observing her body as it laid motionlessly in the growing blood puddle. A crimson puddle that ruined her clothing in the same way it had when she first died.

Whe Nagi realized it, she stopped feeling pain -anything- at her abdomen. Her consciousness was fading fast, but she still wanted to mock those gossiping spectators.

-Pitying glances, disgusted gazes, curious looks, bored faces, amused expressions-

'They are all the same self-centered bunch even in this world. Disgusting...'

Unlike when the cat was killed in her dream, the driver jerked to a stop and hurriedly got out the car to check on her. 'It was because she was a human, not an 'insignificant' cat.'

The driver then dialed the ambulance, much to her satisfaction with him looking distressed.

As she slowly stopped smelling the metallic scent of her blood, her vision blackened and her consciousness disappeared.

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