Living as Kuromu Dokuro

Chapter 5

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Beep... Beep... Beep...

A constant beeping sounded through the room, dull and slow, soothing her fraying senses. She was in a hospital...?

Her body was heavy, like it was made of lead, and numb, preventing her from feeling pain. There was a faint awareness in her mind that with how labored her breathing was, her lungs were ought to be screaming by now, but she felt nothing...

Nothing wasn't a nice feeling... it was scary, but better than pain.

Her face was fevered, flushed, evidently sick. Something in her was desperate and confused, and all she wanted was to open her eyes and see, but she couldn't, for she didn't know how to. In the darkness, it was quiet, and only the beeping accompanied her, grounding her weak consciousness so that it didn't lose track of itself.

Eventually, the beeping grew softer, and she began to hear a conversation between her parents.

"-Don't joke around! I'm not going to have them cut me open for that girl!"

Mother sounded flabbergasted, as if the idea of saving her biological daughter at all was ridiculous. Nagi could barely register her words, but even so-

"What are you saying?! She's your child, whom you brought with you!"

Father refused to acknowledge Nagi as his daughter, shirking his responsibilities as a legal guardian, a stepfather, but it was understandable, for he had always been distant to her.

"I never understood what that child was thinking." Mother began again, insistently pushing the blame on Nagi. "She couldn't even make friends. She didn't even grow close to you."

Eventually, she said it - the truth, her true thoughts. "It's not just me. No one really wishes for her to keep living."

Their voices were getting smaller and smaller, almost weaker than her own thoughts, too quiet to be actual voices. It was a sign that she was slipping her hold on her consciousness. "-Dear! Stop!"

"I'm busy!-" She barely heard their exchange as staying awake became a struggle, but the conversation was clear in her mind regardless. It was too clear. Too painfully clear. Nagi firmly held on to her hope that Mukuro would save her, that someone would save her, because it was the only thing that convinced her not to fall asleep. She had to last until he saved her. She wanted to live.

She wanted to live...

No matter how tempting unconsciousness sounded like, she wouldn't give. She refused to give in to the pain and hurt, to the blissful calm she might have if she gave up. 'I can't die yet... I can't let this end even if it'd be a relief...'

Void... Inky black filled the voids of her mind, an ever expanding darkness that threatened to consume her consciousness. Even so, there was a voice, reminding her that she had to stay alive.

'It wouldn't be a relief, you'll simply keep wandering.'

Her head was clearing, but it wasn't fast enough... Her thoughts and past memories were in a muddle, messed up beyond comprehension. 'Who are you?'

'Oya? You can hear my voice?'

Mu... Muku... ro... Rokudo Mukuro! Her head had finally cleared enough, but she didn't even have the time to formulate a witty or snarky remark before the darkness behind her eyelids changed into something else. Somewhere else.

"This talk was worthwhile."

In that somewhere else, there was a teenager with purple hair. His pineapple-styled hair looked strangely fitting and complementing to his face, and even though it was a weird hairstyle, he pulled it off with pure charisma and confidence. Suddenly, Nagi could see the reason why Rokudo Mukuro had fangirls within the KHR fandom.

Observing her own form in the illusion world, she was disappointed with her long purple hair that now reached past her waist, for it was limp and lackluster; the complete opposite of what she remembered it to be. Not that she was supposed to be distracted by her hair like this, since she was supposed to focus on Mukuro and continue her startled act.

Come on stutter, Nagi!

"W-Who are you? What are you?" She noted deviously that he had a reaction to Chrome's original touch of 'What are you'.

Mukuro's POV

Ever since I was hauled into that bloody hellhole of a water prison in Vindicare, I had been frequently taking strolls in his carefully constructed illusion world to prevent further insanity. If I hadn't had somewhere to escape, chronophobia would've been the least of my mental problems.

Vindicare was simply that bad. I didn't even care if it was taxing to spend long hours in his illusion or others' unsuspecting minds anymore. It was a much better option than driving oneself to insanity.

So when I felt compelled to take a stroll in my illusions that day, I didn't question it much. It wasn't that strange, since I had nothing much to do with my real body in a somewhat fish tank, but I hadn't felt such a strong pull in my guts since the completion of my six paths.

It was a relatively peaceful and pleasant stroll in others' mind, excluding the usual selfishness in humans. I was used to those, having seen much worse. Indeed, the stroll was relatively peaceful and pleasant if honestly compared to my reality.

That was why, I was rather intrigued when my surroundings changed without warning. I had half expected it when I felt the faint voice tugging at him, but was still a little surprised. Not that I would admit it.

'I can't die yet... I can't let this end even if it'll be a relief...'

It was more of a whim that he actually answered, perhaps slightly interested to see how things would turn out, and maybe curious to know if the owner of that voice could hear him. No one ever heard his voice through his severely weakened illusions, no thanks to the thrice-damned Vendicare, so he wasn't exactly sure what brought his curiosity on.

'It wouldn't be a relief, you'll simply keep wandering.'

Despite having kind of anticipated something, just something from the other voice, he was mildly taken aback when the voice actually replied.

'Who are you?'

Of course, not that he would show his surprise.

'Oya? You can hear my voice?'

No, he didn't specifically focus what little power he had to perfect his image because he was a narcissist. He wasn't a narcissist, nope.

Even though his voice was a weak illusion, it was such an impeccable illusion with all the fine details that it clearly conveyed his curiosity and amusement, or even interest. His interest in the one who could hear him, led him to pull the stranger's mind into his illusion world.

It was still a mystery to him just how she managed to HEAR him, but he decided that he would figure it out later on.

"This talk was worthwhile." He said as his form in the illusion world took on a semblance of reality, so that he wouldn't scare the other person with his previous translucency. (He had to conserve power in some way...)

It seemed like his efforts were somewhat futile, as the voice -the girl- seemed to be startled regardless.

"W-Who are you? What are you?" She stuttered, and he could finally hear her voice as something other than vague telepathy speak. His smiling face refused to twitch, but 'What are you' was a little mean... What do you mean? No, he was not sulking. Hell not.

Mukuro scanned the girl's appearance, and remarked that one of her eyes was bandaged, leaving only one of the two wide, 'innocent' violet orbs for clear view.

Judging by her sickly pale skin and her thin limbs, it wasn't an exaggeration if he said that she was barely alive. But 'barely alive' was doing so much better than many others that he would've envied her if not for her actual situation - a critical lack of important organs.

Despite that only one of her eyes could be seen, he read that she wasn't as innocent as her deceiving appearance suggested. She was cynical and suspicious, seeming to have seen more than a life's worth of experiences. Ah, a pun.

Though she had her guard up when speaking to him, she didn't show it and he wouldn't have known if he hadn't recognized a little of himself in her. He smiled knowingly, a deceiving, attractive smile to those who didn't know better. As expected, her eye twinkled in a way that said she believed nothing but was willing to play along.

"You and I may be alike." More than he knew.

It was that fateful moment with the gentle breeze brushing past them, that Mukuro found himself caught up in the atmosphere, asking the violet-haired girl a question which would change both their lifes for the better.

"Will you make a contract with me and become my vessal, Nagi?"

"I, Nagi Kashiwagi, acknowledge the contract with Rokudo Mukuro-sama as valid and negotiable."

Pain exploded in her blind, bandaged eye, connecting her to him as his soft, purple flames lit something within her right eye. She had no doubts, that when she awoke, her right eye would no longer be hidden from light.

She knew, and had faith, and thus it would happen.

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