Living as Kuromu Dokuro

Chapter 6

"-a miracle..."

Nagi could faintly hear voices as she faded in and out of consciousness. The voices overlapped with some sort of a rhythmic beeping sound, but she didn't take notice of it, not even conscious enough for her to hear it.

"...still alive?" She couldn't help but note the disappointed tone. "-a fucking idiot..." "...worthless." "What a waste of time..."

Nagi was exhausted, but a familiar and detested voice prevented her from falling back to sleep. It was an ugly, high-pitched voice, that belonged to a woman no longer her Mother, just her maternal DNA contributor.

Her head was still muddled from inactivity, craving silence. She needed to obliterate whatever or whoever was causing these noises, but was too sleepy to get up. She just desired peace and a moment of silence... and sleep.

When the ugly, high-pitched voice filled with insults and demeans finally started to recede, her head was clear and alert enough to know that she couldn't return to her sleep. Nagi therefore forced her eyes open, bringing moisture to her eyes as they adjusted to the light. Her throat croaked as she thought aloud, "I'm... alive?"

When the noises were gone along with sounds of high heels stomping away, Nagi at last registered the constant beeping. She thought that she must have really been out of it if the first thing she have had the pleasure of hearing was NOT the annoying beeping.

It had been and still was a repetitive sound, making her fingers twitch repeatedly in annoyance. It was irritating as it interfered with her wish of absolute silence, but she supposed she could tolerate it for a while. Her only comfort was that she wasn't staying in the room for long, since she would no doubt destroy the machine that gave out those persistent beeping.

Dismissing her new-found dislike, Nagi jerked forward, swinging herself up to a sitting position. She looked around, and noticed that she was in a very basic hospital room, seeming to have gotten out of the ICU. Similar to the last time she woke up in a hospital, everything was white sans the flowers in a plain vase. The bloody red was unsurprisingly easy on her eyes, contrasting with the distasteful dull white.

There weren't any personal belongings, cards, or visitors, but that had obviously been because no one would've cared if she had died. Her classmates would only have moved on to another target and subjected them to bullying, hopefully this time the victim could teach them a bloody lesson. -literally-

Her maternal DNA contributor had visited, judging from the things she had heard in her sleep, but it hadn't been a visit out of concern or anything remotely similar. And that was all who bothered. No one else.

She let out a little noise of distaste, and carefully removed any tubes or whatever hospital stuffs off her, taking particular satisfaction pulling off the eye patch on her right eye. Blinking, she allowed her right eye to get used to the light, and found that courtesy to Mukuro, it was functioning nicely like before. She mentally gave thanks to him, knowing that he could hear her.

Standing up slowly to avoid possible cramps, she stretched out her joints, feeling and hearing them crack from stiffness. It felt satisfying. Extremely.

With a few more steps, Nagi yawned, and stepped into the bathroom to freshen up. Cold water splashing into her face sounded heavenly to her. Only a single step into the bathroom before a bloodcurdling scream was let out.

Weirdly, no one was alarmed even though the room's soundproofing was nonexistent. Nagi didn't question why no one came running, too stunned to react immediately.

Staring at the mirror in horror, it took her a few seconds before the obvious dawned on her. A dark scowl crossed her face, marring her previous gratitude with anger.


The edges of the poor mirror cracked visibly at her expression, affected by the dangerous aura she was radiating. From the undamaged part of the mirror, her enraged face could be seen reflected. Despite how entertaining her distorted expression could have been, her attention was silently focused on her hair. Specifically, the hairstyle.

The long, silky violet strands she came to know as her hair appeared shortened and tied up to form a short, spiky 'ponytail'. It matched Mukuro's pineapple hairstyle, and she refused to look like that. However, it was not just the fact that it matched Mukuro, but that she had always wanted long hair even in her previous life and had not had the privilege to grow it out. She had once resented her past life's father for that exact reason.

Nagi knew that her hairstyle was a mere illusion, but remained pissed that Mukuro didn't tell her beforehand.

She didn't need to deal with this when she just woke up to insults, damn it!

"Kufufu... Nagi, you shouldn't be so angry. I let you have a hairstyle that matched me only because you will need to represent me as my vessel." Nagi gritted her teeth, and decided to compromise a little.

"Kuromu Dokuro." She stated plainly.


"Kuromu Dokuro is an anagram of Rokudo Mukuro. Would that be appropriate for your vessel? Now, Mukuro-sama, remove the illusion..."

She didn't want to have the same name as the one she replaced, but at least Kuromu and Chrome had different spelling. And that the name sounded cool...but that was not the point.

"Yes, that would be nice but-" Before he could protest that the pineapple hairstyle looked cute on Kuromu, she cut him off with a roar.

"REMOVE the goddamned illusion! Like, NOW!"

The illusion immediately disappeared, returning her hair back to its original state with long violet strands reaching her waist. He then wisely shut his trap, letting her cool down before trying anything. Stress did wonders on Kuromu's scariness, really. Mukuro's instant reaction calmed Kuromu down considerably, significantly lightening the atmosphere into one suitable for a peacefulconversation. She then brushed her bangs to the right, and sighed as if reaching a conclusion.

"Fine... If you so insist, I will put on the illusion of that pineapple hair-" The illusory presence was hopeful but dubious. "Wait! I'm not done."

Only when she hurriedly added her opinion, that Mukuro seemed convinced. "That is only when I am representing you or other forementioned exceptions, alright? In return, I shall be given the right to call you 'Mukuro' without the honorific!"

She said, because she really did not want to sound like Chrome... The 'Mukuro-sama' part was one of the parts she really disliked about the Canon!Chrome.

Sounding amused, he replied, "Kufufufu... You're turning out to be more entertaining than I thought... That's fine, I agree to your conditions, Kuromu. Provided, you don the Kokuyo Female Uniform on those specified occasions you referred to."

"Of course~ Mukuro." Inwardly, she was celebrating, but accidentally let slip her smugness on her visage. "Mukuro Mukuro Mukuro!"

She repeated his name in childish glee. Victory!

"Now, I would like you to meet my other subordinates in Kokuyo. Kufufufu..." He found it funny, Kuromu noted, frowning a little. "Seek them out and introduce yourself. Be sure to get a map... Kufufufufu..."

Yep, he found it funn- WAIT. What?! Nagi was flabbergasted. How in themother of pineapples did he know that she was bad with directions?

She hissed, not all that threatening as she meant it to be.

Well, seems like this trip would be enjoyable... Be warned, Doggy and Chikusa!

Now, time to start her new life~

When Kuromu thought of "starting a new life", she did not expect literally having to forge her own death certificate with illusions. Well, the real "Nagi" -Chrome- had already been dead long since the suicide attempt...

It took minutes of scrutinizing before she was sure no civilian would be capable of seeing through her flame-less illusion, since she was paranoid that way. Afterwards, she used up what little savings she had, only to buy an apple- She wanted a pineapple! -plus a stupid train ticket to Kokuyo. Even then, she had to conjure an illusion of a bus ticket just to get to the damn Kokuyo Street.

Kuromu cursed at Mukuro the entire way, and shouted profanities the moment she stepped out of the bus. She honestly lost her way like he knew she would!

It was frustrating, and not to say infuriating that he was right about her. The map was no use either ways, since it belonged in decades before. Damn pineapple fairy...

Nagi walked and walked and walked until her leg was sore. Looking around at the remote area she was in, she figured that she wasn't anywhere near the Kokuyo shopping district. That was her conclusion because she saw nothing alive besides plants and animals in that area. The ground she was stepping on was clearly not counted as a "street". Which meant that with where she was, she would probably reach either the Kokuyo Junior High, or Kokuyo Land. Or at least, she fervently hoped she would.

She limped the rest of the way, until she almost passed Kokuyo Land. She went in, wanting nothing more than a place to rest and a place for her to stop moving in general. That's when she threw her worn out shoes into the f*cking theater.

Nagi sat on the abandoned grounds, legs up, and curled her head into folded arms.

Let her rest... She had no money so she definitely needed the energy to conjure illusions...

(No, that wasn't illegal. The law said nothing about illusory money!)

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