Living as Kuromu Dokuro

Chapter 7

In a hazy state of mind, she found her existence seeping into a past memory... Another dream...?

She hovered above the memory as it played out, vague silhouettes overlapping one another. Could she have forgotten? She knew the girl ahead as her past life, but why couldn't she remember what she looked like?

Trailing after the figure, she pulled on the muddled threads in her bundle of memories, before the scenario changed significantly. She felt a tug on her existence, before she now occupied the girl's space, losing her hold on reality to take the girl's place...

I opened the door and she was just sitting there, arms folded, features contorting into a dark scowl as I entered the living room. I trembled, fingers tightening on the door knob almost desperately as I pulled the wooden door close cautiously, and winced when the door creaked. Biting my lip, I eyed my mother worriedly, fearing for the worst.

As Mother abruptly whipped her head around to glare at me, I jumped in fright, nervously retreating a few steps.

"So you finally decided to return home, Lily." Her voice was laced with anger, making me grimace as I was painfully reminded of the curfew I broke. A displeased furrow between her brows complemented the stern expression on her visage, intimidating me into breaking the silence.

Stammering out my pathetic excuses, I was rewarded with an icy stare and an equally piercing reply, "Is that so?"

To my surprise, Mother did not reprimand me or speak any further, merely sighing, a disappointed frown on her weary face. My heart clenched, guilt twisting into my guts instead of relief.

I parted my lips to speak again, but soundlessly closed my mouth again. An apology felt awkward on tongue.

'I should have kept watch on the time…' My thoughts trailed off, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste. I was sorely tempted to escape the situation altogether by retreating into the confines of my room, but it felt unwise to simply leave without doing anything. There had to be a way to salvage this situation.

I gulped. 'She's my mother after all, and she does deserve an apology from me,' I tried to convince myself, taking a hesitant step forward.

Fidgeting, I mentally encouraged myself to swallow my strange pride and apologise. It could not be too difficult to say 'sorry'. I choked on my attempt, flushing red as I tried harder to form a coherent apology.

"I'm sorry, Mother…" My voice faded near the end, but at least I did not stutter. Peeking out under my eyes to catch any reaction from her, I found myself staring straight into her exhausted eyes, a dull shade of [?] similar to mine. (What was this? I couldn't tell the colour... of...?)

She sighed, as if she truly did not know what to do with me. I instantly regretted my actions, while a small, wilful part of me continued to protest that I did nothing wrong.

I squashed the evil voice in my head, and silently promised to never lose track of time again. It had not been pleasant to face my mother's disappointment in me. That had done much greater damage to me than Mother's cold fury ever would.

The idea swam in Kuromu's muddled mind as she felt her thoughts regain its separate will from Lily's. To have experienced her past life again confused her, and she had to remind herself that she was Kuromu Dokuro currently.

She sorted her mind out a little more, before she was forced to wake up to two startled and suspicion filled faces. Familiar… faces…?

She grunted and sighed. "You guys are Ken and Chikusa right?" They nodded, and disappointment became evident on her features.

She so wanted to surprise them with a badass entrance… She thought dejectedly. Was that what the dream was about? Losing track of time due to sleep? During sleep?

Regardless, it had been too late. Memory-trip not helping here...

Running a hand through her tangled locks, she frowned, before attempting to speak. She parted her lips and froze, quickly formulating what to say.

"Who the hell are you?! What are you doing here -byon?" Ken growled, narrowing his eyes threateningly.

"Ken, don't just bare your fangs like that. Mukuro-sama might have sent her." Chikusa said, albeit on guard too.

As the two began bickering, although it was one-sided from the blonde, Kuromu thought that self-introduction might have just gotten a tad too troublesome. She brushed her bangs aside, and began speaking.

"I am-" She was interrupted by a yell from Ken. She hissed, displeased. That was seriously rude.

Taking comfort in clenching down on a fistful of her clothes, she focused her dissatisfaction on the creases by her fingers. She counted down from ten as the school counselor once needlessly advised.

"Shut up, Kakipi! I shouldn't have to listen to you! That ugly girl is probably-"

"I came here on behalf of that pineapple, so would you two please cease your lovers' quarrel?" She stated icily, fury lacing her crisp clear voice. "Yes, now sit!"

Honestly, the imbecile... To have sent her here knowing full well how that animal is without him!

She then stood, and shakily stepped out. "I'll get some food before I explain anything to you guys."

Leaving the two behind, more confused than otherwise, she went out for food. Most importantly, she needed time to convince Mukuro to get his ass here.

Convincing the two probably took more than words, with how jaded they are. Their experiences, she would most likely never be able to understand fully. (Added to the fact that Ken is somewhat slow in comprehension...)

Now, she needed food. In her defense, she was fresh out of hospital, not yet recovered!

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