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Read My Lips // Yoonmin


"I will love you, despite you never being able to say you love me back." Jimin was prematurely born, as a result of this his tongue had never formed properly meaning he couldn't speak. After joining a new high school Jimin meets a boy who understands his silence. BTS fanfiction!! Jimin grabs his notebook again and starts writing another note. 'How can we be friends if we can't even talk to each other?' "Jimin, I don't care. I like your silence, in fact i love that you are silent." Yoongi hopefully implies to Jimin. Jimin looks at the older before pulling him into a tight hug wrapping his arms and legs around his hyung.

Romance / Drama
A ray of sunshine
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"Why isn't my baby crying?" A woman screams.

"Mrs Park, he seems to be breathing." A doctor replies trying to calm the woman down, the baby was smiling at the doctor as he picked the tiny baby up in his arms. The baby slightly opens into mouth revealing a small piece of muscle at the back of his throat.

"Can i have a second opinion on this?" The doctor asks showing the baby's mouth to a female nurse.

"I've seen this before, sometimes premature baby's can have some parts of them not fully formed, we are lucky that it's his tongue and not something more vital." The nurse whisperers to her colleague.

They both walk towards an exhausted Mrs Park. With the small baby rested between the doctors arms.

"It's a boy!" He smiles at her.

"Why wasn't my baby crying?" She worriedly questions opening her arms out as the doctor lowers the tiny baby into the woman's arms.

"We have realised that he, your son, due to being premature has not fully developed his tongue." The kind nurse replies to the worried woman's question.

Mrs Park suddenly gasps as she takes a look into her baby's mouth.

"How can i communicate to him, i will never know whether his first word is mum or dad." She sighs looking into her baby's eyes.

"It's 1995 miss, he will probably have to attend multiple sessions here at the hospital, we will find a way to communicate with him. As well as working here in the maternity section of the hospital i also am head of speech and language, i will help you raise your son in every way that i can. My name is Kim Namjoon and i am here to help."

The doctor was a young man in his early 20's and was extremely enthusiastic about his job.

"I'm Lalisa Manoban, and i will also help your son, my grandad is deaf so i know sign language and when he is old enough i will teach both of you sign language." The nurse gestures towards the baby and Mrs Park.

"Thank you." Mrs Park responds, "what now?"

"I guess we are gonna have to check your son for any other problems that his premature birth could of caused, he will probably have a hard time swallowing food so we will have to assess how we are going to treat him." Namjoon says to the now calmer woman.

"Do you have a name in mind?" Lalisa asks.

"Jimin, Park Jimin." Mrs Park smiles at her baby.

Mrs Park raised her child like a normal boy, Jimin moved around schools a lot due to bullying. He could never stand up for himself, even if he wanted to.

Jimin's dad left Mrs Park, now she was Miss Lee. He left due to not being able to 'deal with Jimin' due to Mr Park's lack of bother to learn sign language.

Jimin also had a problem with his left lung, which had also not developed properly. He was often short on breath and the smallest bit of panic would leave him gasping for air.

Jimin attended his weekly sessions in learning sign language with Miss Manoban. Along with his communication therapy with Namjoon.

He learned that Miss Manoban was an extremely clever woman. She was from Thailand and was on a short trial period in South Korea during Jimin's birth, she decided to stay in South Korea specifically to help Jimin have a better quality of life.

Jimin and Namjoon became extremely close. Namjoon was like a father to Jimin and looked out for him and on days when Miss Lee couldn't pick her son up from school: Namjoon would be the one waiting by the gates for Jimin after school.

Jimin went through schools like most people would go through trainers. He was so used to moving schools every couple of months that he never really made friends and instead would sit on his own.

Namjoon and his mum were they only people he would communicate to.

Little did he know that the next high school he went to he would never want to leave.

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