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Baby Steps // vkook


"So you want me to teach you how to be gay, we'll take it in baby steps." Taehyung was a famous Kpop idol. Every girl in the world has fallen in love with him. He hates everything about this. After an interviewer questions him on his female fans he lies and says that he is gay. Now he has to convince the world that him a straight boy, is gay. With the help of the "love for everyone" website be finds his true sexuality through the owner of the website a man in his early 20's already making millions out of the website. (He sets his username as a guy called James, but little does he know that people already know who he he is). Taehyung cannot deny his feelings anymore. BTS fanfiction with Taekook focus.

Humor / Romance
A ray of sunshine
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"So Taehyung that was an amazing performance how are you feeling?" The reporter asks.

Taehyung has just performed an amazing concert in Seoul in front of 20,000 fans. He loved performing to them. He had his own army of fans that consisted of around 15 million people around the world, 6 million of which lived in Korea.

The next part of his concert was the final interview with an American interviewer in her thirties.

"I am feeling great after that performance," He responds looking straight into the camera with a boxy smile.

"That's great to hear Taehyung, your fans really do love you." She responds showing her smile to the camera.

"I am so great full of them." He answers, "I love them so much."

"I'm pretty sure they love you more." She laughs before placing the mic back in front of Taehyung.

"Awwwh that's sweet," Taehyung coos as he giggles at the reporters comment.

"I really enjoyed your concert and sung along to every song along with the other 19,999 people," she continues.

"I still can't believe the ticket sold out in the first hour," he pulls a shocked expression as he faces the camera.

"It's no surprise sweetie your worldwide known everyone's in love with you," she continues.

Taehyung's expression dropped he hated that people were more in love with him than his music, he wanted to be more than just a pretty face.

"Are you okay Taehyung?" The reporter urges.

"Yes" Taehyung halfheartedly responds.

"Have you ever fallen in love with a fan." She continues her personal questions to the boy completely switching her concerned persona to a nosey one.

This was the last straw for Tae.

"No I'm gay," was the only words that come out of his mouth.

In all honesty, he didn't know if he was gay or not he'd never fell in love with a girl or boy he had told himself to focus on becoming an idol and once he retired from the industry he could try to find love.

"Oh I didn't just mean your female fans, even though majority of your fans are female." She continues not acting at all shocked by Taehyung's last statement.

"I've never been in love." Taehyung hastily speaks.

To his look he spots his manager who quickly walks over to the boy anger on his face.

"Excuse me Miss, we need to end this interview." He says before pulling Taehyung into a black limo.

Once Taehyung was securely seat belted the car started to leave the concert stadium.

His manager, Bang Si-Hyuk, checks to make sure they had driven far another away from the stadium before talking to Taehyung.

"What were you playing at. Gay?" He shouts.

"I'm sick of people being more in love with me than my music, I can't date millions of people sir." Tae defends himself, "I'm not gay, i don't know my sexuality but i think I'm straight."

"You know everyone's gonna use this against you." He sighs.

"I know I was just mad." Taehyung continues.

"You're not even gay, what are we gonna do?" Bang thinks, "you're going to have to convince the world you are actually gay."

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