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A Cinderella story magically Living the Dream


it’s a Teenager version of the story of Cinderella Of That

Fantasy / Children
Lauren Breaux
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A Cinderella story magically living the Dream

Once upon a Time at a Place there was a girl named Susie Who Dreamed Of Being with a cute boy a cute guy who’s the prince to her Of That She Didn’t Like Working for her Wicked stepmother and her two evil stepsisters Doing Chores For Them in her House Of That Her Wicked stepmother was a business Women at her job she treated her terribly in her House her making her to do chores and hard work in her house of that she disliked Doing Chores in her house of that She got out a photo scrapbook that had photos in it of her mother who passed away and Died And was Gone In a sad way that she said in a sad way as she was crying in a sad way mother I wish you wore here with me but your not here with me though that your gone that outside her House out there She met the cute guy who’s the prince to her that he went to her he gave her a invention to invite her to a Dance Party To it that he said to her your invited to it that she said to him thanks wait what time do I show up there to be with you and Dance with you there that He said to her Anytime is great of that she called her best friend who’s her fairy helper to her she said to her I am going to the Dance party to be with him and Dance with him there that my Wicked stepmother and my evil stepsisters They shouldn’t know that the story of Cinderella is great Everyone Likes the Story Of Cinderella That her fairy helper friend showed up she magically put a Flawless Modernized Cinderella Dress on her and magically put two glass slippers on both of her feet that she held her makeup stuff by her that she said to her Remmber When the clock strikes 12 o clock midnight everything will the same as it was before that She said to her have fun time there that she said to her I will That

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