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Pop Rocks (A Kiribaku Story)


Bakugou: King of the Forest lands stumbles upon an injured dragon, the two begin to bond as Bakugou realizes that the dragon is just as alone as he is... Kirishima: King of the Flamed Dragons is torn down by his own people and left to suffer in a dragon trap, begging for help-or death- a mortal soon finds him and begins to heal him-in more ways than one- the two become inseparable as the journey continues onwards........

Romance / Fantasy
Female Aizawa♥
Age Rating:


DISCLAIMER: The story cover does not belong to me.

This is a Kiribaku fanfic, with some Tododeku mixed in, if you do not like that, you are free to leave, no one will stop you

Mineta will NEVER make an appearance in this book, don't hate me for that!(If he does appear, its to be a scapegoat or a human punching bag)

This is my story so of course it won't run with the actual storyline.

I will try to update 3 chapters a week, but keep in mind that I do actually go to school and have a personal life


~Female Aizawa♥

Post A/N: please don't write hateful comments as my self-esteem is already dangerously low, my self-depreciating mind doesn't need any more fuel to bring me down. Have a lovely day

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