Inventions, Supernaturals, Evil Scientist, Oh My!

Rejection of Gideon Gleeful

Running a brush through her long raven hair, Isabella made sure to get out the knots before tying her pink bow securely at the top of her head. She was just zipping up her dark pink sweater when Phineas returned.

"How's Candace?" Ferb asked, glancing up from the book he was reading.

Phineas dropped down on his bunk. "She's still sleeping," he informed. "But she looks a bit better." He looked over to his female friend. "Are you going somewhere?"

Isabella nodded. "I'm going to take a walk through town, check out the sights." She smiled. "Want to come?"

Phineas looked torn. "Gee, Isa, I really would, but I don't to go too far from Candace today. Mom and Dad still don't know what happened, and I don't want to break my promise to her. But I also want to make sure she doesn't get worse. If she does, then I'm definitely telling them."

Though slightly disappointed, Isabella understood. "It's okay. We can do something later."

"You can go, Ferb, if you want," said Phineas.

Ferb shook his head. "As tempted as I am, I would like to keep an eye on her as well."

"I'll go with you, Princess," spoke Buford. He got up from the floor and stretched. "Maybe there's a candy store or something."

Isabella tapped her chin in mock-thought. "I don't know. You're not exactly my first choice."

"Too bad," he returned, hardly fazed. "I'm your only choice."

Isabella glanced at Baljeet's bunk. Her Indian friend was sleeping soundly, buried deep within his sleeping bag. It was still early, and with no concrete plans set for the day Baljeet was taking the rare opportunity to sleep in.

"Point," she agreed. "Come on, then. But if you embarrass me I'm totally declaring I don't know you. Bye, guys. I'm sure Candace will be fine."

"Thanks, Isa. See you later!" said Phineas, and Ferb waved as the two departed.

The morning air was cool, but the sun was shining brightly in the sky. Isabella soon had to shed her sweater as sweat started to run down the back of her neck. "Not as cold as I thought it would be," she remarked, wrapping the sweater around her waist.

The duo entered the town, which was pretty lively considering the early hour. "Guess these people don't know the meaning of sleeping in, either," muttered Buford. He squinted around at the small signs located above the shop doors. "You see a candy store?"

Isabella pointed down the dirt road. "Down there. Don't spend all your money. We still have over a week left of vacation."

"Yeah, yeah," said Buford dismissively. "I'll be back."

He jogged off down the street and Isabella rolled her eyes. She tucked her hands behind her back and searched for a store that caught her interest.

"Why, I don't believe I've ever seen you around these parts before."

Isabella turned slightly and smiled at the white-haired boy that was speaking to her. "I'm on vacation," she informed. "I'm only a tourist."

"May I just say you are the prettiest tourist we've ever had," he said charmingly.

"That's sweet," she said politely. "I'm Isabella."

"Oh, excuse my horrible manners. Lil' Gideon, at your service."

The smile almost fell off of her face, but she managed to keep it up. She recalled the warning of Dipper and Mabel, of how she should stay away from Gideon at all costs.

But why would a little boy like him try to hurt them?

The twins never really gave reasons for Gideon's atrocious behaviour. But from the way they spoke, it seemed to be a deep feud, one that went beyond rivalry and into something more serious and personal.

"Nice to meet you," she managed to get out. "Listen, I must be going-"

"Oh, please wait a moment," exclaimed Gideon, latching onto her arm. "I'd love to show you around Gravity Falls, perhaps take you to dinner."

"I appreciate the offer, but I'm pretty booked up." Isabella gave a tug and flinched when his grip only tightened.

"I must insist-"

"The lady is making it pretty clear, dork. She's not interested, and I must insist you back off before I pound you one."

Gideon turned around, eyes narrowed and cheeks turning red with anger. All bravado immediately faded when he had to crane his neck upwards to meet the steely eyes of the burly, pale-skinned boy.

"Buford," breathed Isabella in relief. "This is Gideon."

The narrowed eyes sharpened and Buford was quick to detach his female friend from the blue-suited boy. "You get one warning-leave her alone. Or else."

"Please," added Isabella.

Buford slung an arm over the girl's shoulders and the two departed, leaving behind a speechless and silently fuming Gideon Gleeful.

Three hours later, Buford and Isabella returned to their cabin, laden with bags of purchases. "We're back," said Isabella cheerfully. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Playing cards," answered Phineas, looking up from his hand with a smile. "Ooh, what'd you guys get?" he asked curiously, noticing the plastic bags his friends carried.

"Candy!" Buford shook his bag enthusiastically and colourfully wrapped sweets rained down on the three males playing cards.

"Sweet. Literally!" Baljeet said cheerfully.

"How about you, Isa?"

"Clothes!" she said happily, removing a new outfit; white leggings, a violet short skirt and a light pink shirt with flared sleeves. "It was on sale!"

"Cute," remarked Phineas, and he missed the dazzling smile that crossed her face as he returned to studying his cards, planning his next move.

Baljeet smirked. "As clueless as ever."

Isabella snapped out of her lovesick daze to glare at him. "Like you're one to talk."

"You will not believe who we ran into in town," spoke Buford, flopping down on his sleeping spot on the floor.

"Oh, yeah!" exclaimed Isabella, returning her new clothes to the bag.

"Is it someone we know?" asked Phineas.

"No, not really. Only someone that was mentioned to us." Isabella paused for dramatic effect. "Lil' Gideon."

Ferb furrowed his brow. "Did he give you any trouble?"

"Little bit," Isabella admitted. "He wanted to show me around and take me out for dinner. When I refused, he pretty much put a vice grip on my arm. I don't think he likes hearing the word 'no'."

Phineas frowned, a serious expression crossing his normally cheerful features. "Did he hurt you?"

Isabella felt her heart flutter at the concern in his voice. "No, Buford showed up and used his tough guy image to scare him off."

Relief flooded across the redhead's face. "Thanks, Bufe."

"Don't be stupid," grumbled Buford. "I wasn't gonna do nothin'."

Isabella smiled. "I could have dealt with it myself, but I do appreciate you stepping in."

"Guess Dipper was right," mused Phineas. "It's probably in our best interests to stay away from him."

"He looks like a nice kid," said Isabella thoughtfully. "But there is something off-putting about him."

"The fact that he's not Phineas?" asked Baljeet innocently.

Isabella shot a frantic look at the triangle-headed boy, but as usual, he was completely clueless. "Shut up," she snapped, blushing. "You know what I mean."

"Are you going to play, or what?" Ferb directed towards his brother.

"Oh, right. Sorry." Phineas selected a card and laid it down. As the game resumed, with Isabella and Buford watching, they were completely unaware of the white-haired child sitting outside their cabin window, having heard their entire conversation.

Burning with rage, Gideon crept away. "Curse you, Dipper Pines," he growled. "Tarnishing my name with the tourists! I'll have my revenge for this, just you wait. But first, I will seize the affections of Miss Isabella."

He removed Two from his jacket and flipped through it, in search of something that would bring the raven-haired beauty to his side, and perhaps work in making Mabel Pines jealous.

Night fell, and with the mask of darkness Gideon decided to make his move. He stole through town and towards the tourist cabins, Two held protectively against his chest. He had located a spell, buried within the pages, which would allow him to take temporary control of someone. It would be enough to get the girl in his clutches, and he would figure out the rest of his plan accordingly.

"Perhaps I'll use her to humiliate Dipper Pines," he said to himself. "The possibilities are endless."

Gideon reached the bank of cabins. It was difficult to find the cabin Isabella and her friends were staying in in the dark, but he eventually found it. He carefully eased open the wooden door and slipped inside. "Now to cast the pretty gem under my spell," he whispered, turning to the desired page. He looked up-and froze.

There was only one occupant in this cabin, which made him realize right away that he selected the wrong cabin. But what caused him to freeze to the spot was the fact the girl (a redheaded teenager) was sitting upright, blankets gathered around her waist, eyes glowing a dull blood-red.

"Fresh meat," she purred, her voice soft and raspy.

Gideon could not move. He was frozen in place, unable to look away from the red orbs locked on him. The girl was out of bed and on top of him with lightning speed, and before he could utter a scream, her hand reached straight through his chest and wrapped around his very soul.

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