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Lore of Myrefall

After Heinz got settled at an old rustic inn (Perry made sure that his nemesis was as far away as possible from the cabins his family was staying at) the duo went straight to the library, not wanting to waste any time. Finding the mythology section, the two dove into the stacks, scanning old and worn spines and reading the titles printed on the spines. They ignored everything that didn't have anything to do with demons, which made their job a little easier.

Heinz flipped through a torn hardcover, scanning the table of contents. But while it had information on the lore of demons, it was on demons in general. "You know, maybe we're not doing this right."

Perry snapped his book shut and glanced at the scientist with a raised brow. "I mean, maybe we shouldn't be looking in the general mythology section," clarified Heinz. "There's tons of lore about demons and the like, coming from all over the world. I doubt a Glossary of Celtic Mythology is going to have anything related to what we're looking for."

The platypus gave a slight nod, indicating for Heinz to go on.

"Well, this fire demon I unleashed, it was hidden-for whatever reason-in the caves of Gravity Falls. Sure, some sort of reference might appear in one of these books. But from the looks of it, not a lot of attention is paid to this sleepy, small town. But at the same time, you can't go so many reasons being completely oblivious to the weird stuff that happens in this place. Someone had to have noticed it."

Perry thought of the journals and gave another nod.

"What if someone did record all this magic stuff, whether as truth or myth, that part doesn't really matter. Maybe we should take a look in the local section-maybe they have a heritage collection or something."

And once more, the man proves he is not as clueless as he seems, thought Perry with an impressed expression. Heinz might be a complete dunderhead now and then, but he definitely wasn't an idiot. He gave the scientist a thumbs-up and Heinz grinned.

"Great! I'll go ask the librarian. I'll be right back!"

He disappeared from the stacks and Perry turned his attention to the row of books in front of him. He never thought much of the creatures from mythology. He never ruled such a phenomenon out. How could he? His owners were known for defying the very laws of physics. He knew better than anyone that nothing was impossible.

But he certainly didn't expect to be thrust in a place where things like demons were real. Gravity Falls was a stark difference from Danville. There were no caves harboring magical energy in Danville, of that he was pretty certain.

'Here's hoping some light will finally be shed on this situation,' he thought, slipping his book back where he found it. He browsed a few more titles and was about to take a look through one of them when Heinz returned, a triumphant grin on his face and a small, yellowed, stapled collection of papers in his hands.

"Found it!" he cheered. "Look!"

He held it up and Perry squinted at the worn blue ink on the cover page.

Lore of Myrefall
Compiled by Sir Garratt Reeve

'Myrefall?' Perry thought, shooting Heinz a quizzical look.

"Way back in olden days, Gravity Falls was called Myrefall," he explained. "It was a small village, smaller than what it is today. Apparently, it was just as weird then as it is now." His brow furrowed thoughtfully. "Wonder if they had dragons here." At the exasperated look the platypus sent him, he defended, "What? There's a bunch of stories of knights and dragons during those days, though maybe not so much in America... I mean, this crazy place had to at least have one dragon."

Rolling his eyes, Perry indicated for Heinz to follow him. They crossed the carpeted space and reached a low, square wooden table in the back of the building. Heinz sat in a creaky wooden chair across from Perry and set the collection of papers in the middle of the table. He took care in flipping the pages, as they were worn with age and fragile to touch.

"Fairies that live in trees, water sprites that dance across lakes…" muttered Heinz as he scanned through the inky script that snaked across the crinkled paper. "Never thought I'd ever live to see actual records of stuff like this, you know?"

Perry nodded. I wonder if this Reeve guy knew what he was recording was more than just myths…they seem to be pretty detailed. Maybe it's a medieval version of those mysterious journals.

Heinz's hand suddenly froze, his eyes sharpening as he read the words in front of him with more care. Perry tensed and craned his neck, trying to see what caught the scientist's attention.

"Perry the Platypus, I think we found it," said Heinz, a bit breathless. "Here, I'll read it to you." He pulled the collection of lore towards him and cleared his throat. "The following tale has been under much debate of whether or not it is fact or fiction. I myself cannot pass judgement, for I was not a witness to the events that unfolded in this quiet, sleepy little nook of wood I've known for much of my long life. But I've heard grand tales, and as such I will allow you to draw your own conclusions…"

Myrefall (Exact Timeframe Unknown),

Long raven hair cascading down her back, the lithe woman walked leisurely down the dirt path that wound through town, a secret smile on her lips. She played with her fingers behind her back, nodding politely to the villagers that greeted her with bows of their head as they passed.


Pausing, the young adult peered over her shoulder to see her sister waving at her from the end of the path. Letting out a soft breath, Lavernia turned around and went to meet her eighteen-year-old sibling, whose sapphire dress glinted in the sunlight.

"Rose," she greeted, tilting her chin up slightly. "You summoned me?"

"Lord Ivan is waiting for you at our estate," informed Rose. "He is rather vexed. You were meant to meet with him early this morn."

Lavernia's emerald eyes immediately lost their glow at the mention of her betrothed. Her lips fell into a thin line. "I had personal business to attend to. Ivan can stand to wait a moment or two."

Rose shook her head in disbelief, raven curls bouncing against her shoulders. "Sister, many a woman would leap at the chance to meet with Lord Ivan."

How I wish they would, thought Lavernia bitterly. But she only sent her sister a look before moving past her and towards their estate. Rose took a moment to follow after her, hands folded in front of her. "Lavernia, do you not love Lord Ivan?"

Though such bluntness was frowned upon, the Arderne sisters did not tend to follow the societal norms, despite their privileged upbringing. They could be rather outspoken, though Rose managed to restrain herself when the occasion arose. As of late, Lavernia was finding difficult to hold her tongue, especially when she knew her brash nature angered Ivan so.

"Of course not," replied Lavernia scornfully. "I've only him for less than an autumn season. And he has not given me much to admire during that length of time."

Rose did not respond, but she did cast her sister an odd look. Lord Ivan was tremendously wealthy, even more so than they were. Her sister's future was set with her engagement to the lord.

They reached the bricked estate and entered the great hall, where Ivan was waiting. Rose gave a curtsy and a polite greeting before ducking into the kitchen. Lavernia inclined her head and said, "I believe you wanted to see me?"

Ivan, a strapping, clean-shaven man with cool coal eyes frowned sharply at her. "Lavernia, I have been waiting for you."

"I apologize," said Lavernia, though she made no attempt to sound sincere.

Ivan clenched his jaw. "Lavernia, our wedding is approaching. We must start on the preparations."

Feeling sick to her stomach at the mention of the upcoming ceremony, Lavernia managed to keep her expression composed. "I understand. But I'm afraid I am not yet-"

"Then you will have no say," Ivan cut in. "Preparations must be made and if you are not willing to make them, I will." He leaned close to his bride-to-be, dark eyes flashing. "Whether you are willing or not, this wedding will happen, courtesy of your parents. You will be my bride. I suggest you get comfortable with the idea."

He straightened and left in search of Lord Ysac and Lady Ismena, Lavernia's parents. The pale-skinned woman was tense, mouth in a hard line as Ivan's words rattled around her brain. Emerald eyes welling with tears, she turned on the heel of her black boots and rushed from the estate, burgundy dress swaying out behind her. She fled, desperate to leave her unwanted fate behind, and seeking the familiar arms of comfort.

The arms of comfort that were deliciously forbidden, and would cast them both in a severe punishment if they were discovered.

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