Inventions, Supernaturals, Evil Scientist, Oh My!

Perry's Suspicions

There was little activity going on in Emergency, so someone was able to see Candace almost immediately. Perry snuck out of the car and into the hospital, using his stealth training to avoid detection from his owner and the hospital staff, who would be less than pleased to discover an animal in the sterile environment. Perry crouched beneath Candace's hospital, waiting patiently as the doctor on call performed a few tests, checking the teen's blood pressure and vital signs.

"Has this ever happened before?" the doctor asked, gently feeling along Candace's glands.

Lawrence shook his head, wringing his hands fretfully. "No, never. She's had the flu, of course, and she gets the common cold about twice a year."

"You're on vacation, right?"


The doctor rested a hand against the redhead's forehead. There was no sign of fever, and the violent shakes had stopped completely. "Did this bug just appear out of nowhere?"

"No," answered Lawrence. "She hasn't been feeling well since we got to Gravity Falls, actually."

The doctor nodded. "Her illness most likely just peaked. The symptoms I noticed when she arrived seem to have gone. She might have a few more spells like the one she just had. They're not threatening, just severely uncomfortable. I'll give you a prescription for some medication that'll help with the fevers and the headaches."

"Thank you," said Lawrence gratefully. "Is there a pharmacy in Gravity Falls?"

"Not directly in town, no. There's one about ten minutes from here." The doctor consulted his clipboard and made a few notes on his form. "If you fill out the forms at the front desk, I can monitor her while you go pick the medicine up. Sometimes the spells can happen close together."

"That would be lovely, thank you." Lawrence pressed a kiss to Candace's hair. The contact caused the girl to stir and slowly open her eyes.

"What happened?" she asked groggily.

"Darling, I'm glad to see you're feeling better!" Lawrence clasped her hand. "Doctor Smith will watch over you while I go pick up some medicine for you, alright?"

"Okay," she said, carefully sitting up, supporting her back against a stack of pillows. "Sorry to worry you."

"Don't be silly." Lawrence patted her hand. "I'll be right back."


Lawrence departed with a nurse, and the doctor looked at the girl. "How are you feeling?"

"Better," she answered honestly. "My head doesn't hurt and my stomach feels a lot better."

"Good to hear. The bug you acquired should go away soon, and the medicine I prescribed will help. I need to fill out some paperwork of my own, so if you need anything just press that button on your bed."

Candace nodded and the doctor left. Alone in the room, she sighed contently and laid her head back, eyes closed.

'I feel better.'

'Of course you do,' replied Lavernia. 'You're out of the cold. It's under the heat where we thrive.' She could the strength returning rapidly, and it felt wonderful. 'Sleep now. It'll help with the recovery.'


It took only a few minutes for Candace to pass into slumber, and when Perry felt it was safe he emerged from his hiding spot and hopped onto the cot. The platypus watched the rise and fall of the girl's chest, his brow furrowed deeply.

He had seen Candace's condition during the drive to the hospital. Her body had been completely limp, her complexion deathly pale and her body constantly trembling. She was very sick, sicker than she had been in the early days of their vacation.

It was a spell that shouldn't have gone away as quickly as it did. But after five minutes of sitting in the hospital, she recovered rather remarkably. Her skin colour went back to normal and she stopped shaking. All signs of her illness disappeared.

It shouldn't have been something that bothered him. But after learning of Lavernia, he couldn't help but be suspicious. He thought it was odd that a fire demon could roam Gravity Falls and not be noticed by anyone.

But maybe Lavernia had shown her face. Not her own, but the face of an innocent redhead with a penchant for stumbling into trouble.

Gears in his mind turning, Perry slipped out of Candace's hospital room and crept through the Emergency waiting room. Lawrence was at the desk, filling out the required forms, and Perry knew he would leave for the pharmacy soon.

He ventured outside and looked up at the sky. It was still cloudy, and the rain had softened to a steady drizzle. The sun was completely hidden-not one ray peeked through.

Now that he thought about it, this was the first day of their vacation that the weather has been so dismal. Any other day the sun was bright in the sky, bathing the land below in warmth. This was the first day it was cold and rainy.

'Lavernia transformed herself into a fire demon. I bet she doesn't do so well in this kind of atmosphere.'

Heinz released the demon's spirit. And from what he remembered from all the fantasy movies he'd seen and fantasy books he'd read, spirits often needed to manifest in a host in order to get their deeds done. Candace hadn't been feeling well since the beginning of their vacation-right around the time Lavernia was set free.

It was no coincidence, he knew it in his gut. The symptoms Candace displayed were not from some illness, but were the effects of the demon trying to take full control. This spell of rainy weather was just a temporary setback. The heat and bright, intense fluorescent lighting of the hospital ensured a quick recovery. When the sun emerged, Candace would no doubt feel better, and the demon inside her would utilize her power.

Perry stared out the car's window, expression grim. It was something he should have noticed before, especially since he spent so much with her in her cabin. He felt rather idiotic, having spent time searching for the enemy, an enemy which had been right under his nose the whole time.

'At least now I know where the demon is. But now what do I do?'

His urgency has increased tenfold now that Lavernia was directly threatening his owner. But he didn't know what move he should make next. He certainly couldn't tell Heinz, not without putting his secret in jeopardy. He would have to make a report to Major Monogram, but the man definitely wouldn't have a clue what to do. Danville was home to math geniuses, gifted inventors and clever children. Not fairies, gnomes and supernatural creatures.

This was far from his area of expertise. But he knew of a pair of twins who were probably more equipped to deal with this. First, he needed to do a little observing of his own, to make sure there was no question that Candace was the host to Lavernia.

He couldn't help but wonder why Lavernia had not been able to take full control of the redhead after a full week. Then a wry smile crossed his beak as a thought struck him.

Stubbornness could be quite an effective defense. And Candace Gertrude Flynn was the most stubborn person he knew.

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