Inventions, Supernaturals, Evil Scientist, Oh My!

The Book With No Title

Baljeet bounced across the cabin with his knees pressed together. With every bounce the floor creaked loudly. Buford growled in irritation and glared at the Indian child. "I'm gonna slug you if you don't knock it off."

"I cannot help it!" Baljeet whined. "I have to go to the bathroom! Isabella! Could you please hurry it up? I really have to go!"

There was no answer. Baljeet assumed that either Isabella couldn't hear him over the noise of the shower or was completely ignoring him. "Oh..."

"There are trees outside, nerd." Buford yawned and got up, deciding a few more minutes of rest wasn't going to happen. "Ugh, my back is killing me. This is what I get for being nice."

"It does not suit you," Baljeet muttered under his breath. Just when he was getting desperate enough to go outside Isabella emerged from the small bathroom. She was dressed and her wet hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

"Whatcha-?" Isabella started but Baljeet raced past her and slammed the wooden door shut. "-doing," she finished, eyebrow arched.

"Nerd has a small bladder," Buford said as he removed a sweater from the small chest of drawers that the cabin came furnished with. "Now how about waitin' outside so we can get dressed?"

Isabella rolled her eyes and complied. Soon the four males joined her in the cool early morning wearing thick sweaters and jeans. "You boys ready for some hoverboat racing?"

"You wimps are going down!" Buford proclaimed.

Baljeet rolled his eyes. "And yet, every time you say that, Isabella always wins."

After Buford punched him in the shoulder Phineas removed the blueprints from his pocket. "Ferb, your folding skills never cease to amaze me. Alright, guys. I found a little shack that has a bunch of cool supplies that can help us out for the next two weeks. There's also a boat rental place by the lake that should have some spare parts for us. Buford, you and Baljeet can check that place out. Isabella, you can come with Ferb and me."

Isabella grinned happily. "No problem!"

Phineas checked his watch. "It's five in the morning. We have to meet Dipper and Mabel at the lake in an hour. I'll see you two at the docks at that time."

Buford and Baljeet saluted Phineas and took off. Phineas clapped his hands together. "Okay guys. Let's get moving."


"What sweater do you think I should wear?" Mabel asked, surveying her massive collection of handmade sweaters. "I want to make an impression."

"You already have." Dipper yawned. It was the second day in a row where he had to get up early and his body didn't like him for it.

"This is perfect!" Mabel picked up a pink sweater with a rainbow on it. "It says I'm cute, single, and ready to mingle!"

"Uh-huh," Dipper drawled. "Well, you have the morning to mingle before we're forced to take the afternoon shift."

"I like the afternoon shift." Mabel yanked the sweater over her white T-shirt. "That's when the sweet old people come in with pockets full of hard candies."

"Okay..." Dipper shook his head. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yup. I'm ready to snag a boyfriend!" Mabel smiled and skipped out of the attic. Dipper rolled his eyes and followed her through the Shack and out the door.

"You know, you can't hit on all four of them. It's just not right," Dipper said as they walked to the docks.

Mabel scoffed. "I'm not going to hit on them. I'm going to flirt with them. And then I'll see which one I have the strongest connection with."

"Isn't flirting the same thing as hitting on someone?" Dipper asked.

"Of course not!" Mabel laughed. "Dipper, you are so clueless about the art of romance."

Deciding not to press the matter further Dipper stayed silent as they approached the docks. "No one's here."

"No kidding, Sherlock." Mabel rolled her eyes. "They're just fashionably late."

"But...they invited us here!" Dipper pointed out.

Before his sister could argue her Mabel Logic a voice called, "Hey guys!"

The twins turned to see Phineas, Ferb and Isabella walking towards them carrying large cardboard boxes. "Hey, Isabella!" Mabel called cheerfully. In a lower, more flirtatious voice, she said, "Hello, Phineas and Ferb."

Isabella's brow furrowed. Phineas was, of course, oblivious. Ferb simply blinked and waved.

"So, what are we doing?" Dipper asked.

"We're building hoverboats," Phineas answered, setting his box down.

At first, Dipper didn't think he heard the redhead correctly. But as he stared into the box he was shocked to discover that they were filled with a variety of mechanisms. "Uh...I don't know how to build a hoverboat."

"That's okay." Phineas removed the blueprint from his pocket and spread it out on the dock. "We have everything written down."

As the three started organizing the parts (with Mabel hanging over Phineas' shoulder and Isabella shooting her glares) Dipper studied the blueprints.

And he couldn't make any sense of it.

Mathematical equations lined the right side. A diagram of the hoverboat was in the center with arrows depicting the different parts they would need to use. "There is no way they can actually pull this off," Dipper whispered to himself. They were only ten! And if this was the kind of stuff they did each day...then it was really impressive.

"So, Phineas," Isabella spoke up. "These hoverboats seat two, right? Maybe-"

"Ooh!" Mabel squealed. "Phineas, would-?"

Now absolutely certain that Mabel was indeed trying to move in on Phineas (although the Mexican-Jewish girl was unsure if Mabel had also been hitting on Ferb), Isabella made a quick decision and spoke overtop Mabel. "Actually, I was wondering if you would ride with me, Mabel."

"Sure thing!" Mabel chirped. She figured she could flirt with Phineas (and Ferb) later, and Isabella figured she could use the private time to set Mabel straight.

Isabella caught Ferb's gaze and he arched an eyebrow. Isabella blushed slightly and continued to help with the sorting. Dipper was still too baffled by the blueprints and hadn't paid much attention to the short exchange.

"Here come Buford and Baljeet," Phineas said as the two boys came down towards them.

"Sorry we're late." Buford set his box down. "It took a bit to convince the owner to give us these unwanted parts." He cracked his knuckles.

"But I believe we have gotten everything we need." Baljeet did a quick check of inventory. "Yes, we are ready to go."

And so they did.

Dipper was amazed as the structure of the hoverboat was slowly developing in front of him. Blowtorches hissed and hammers pounded against metal. This was something he never thought possible-and he saw supernatural occurrences almost every day.

"Hey, Dip Stick!" Buford hollered, catching his attention. "Are ya just gonna stand there or are you going to help?"

"I'm not much of a builder-"

"You can learn." Buford tossed Dipper a hammer and the boy looked at it for a minute.

"I'll try," Dipper finally agreed and knelt down beside Buford.

As her brother cautiously helped form the structure of the hoverboat Mabel alternated between Phineas, Ferb, and Baljeet. She had yet to feel a connection with any of them but was not discouraged.

"You're really good with that blowtorch," Mabel told Baljeet.

"It is nothing." Baljeet shrugged.

"Can I try?"

The Indian child paused in his work. Against his better judgement he nodded. "I suppose so. But be careful."

He slipped the mask off of his face and helped Mabel put it on. "Do you even know how to work a blowtorch?"

"Nope," Mabel said cheerfully. She turned the flames on full force. Baljeet yelped and dove out of the way.

"Hold it! Hold it!" Baljeet managed to grab hold of Mabel's arm. "You are going to burn someone's face off!"


"Not cool." Baljeet put her hands in the correct position. "Okay, now do it slowly."

Mabel tried again and this time she did it correctly. Baljeet let out a sigh of relief, but backed up a few paces just to be safe. Isabella wandered over to him, eyeing the girl with a frown. "I don't like her."

Baljeet grinned. "You liked her just fine yesterday."

"That was before she started flirting with Phineas," Isabella growled. "She can flirt with the rest of you for all I care, but Phineas is mine."

Baljeet arched an eyebrow. "She is not flirting with the rest of us."

Isabella snorted. "You're almost as oblivious as Phineas when it comes to these kinds of things. I don't know what her game is, but she's been flirting with all you guys."

"I do not know if I should be flattered or creeped out," Baljeet muttered.

"Hmm. Jeet, she's burning a hole through the structure."

"Ai-ya! Mabel! Turn it off!"


Beep! Beep! Beep!

Perry chattered in irritation and opened his eyes tiredly. The little red light on the side of his watch lit up the dark interior of the cabin. His eldest owner was still sleeping soundly, her chest rising and falling gently. Perry carefully crawled out of the small bed and hopped to the floor. Certain that nothing would wake up the teen, Perry answered the Major's call.

"Agent P, I assume you made it to Gravity Falls without incident?" Major Monogram asked.

Perry nodded.

"Good! Carl found out that Doofenshmirtz is exacting his evil plan in the caves on the other side of the lake. But from what we can gather, the only thing Doofenshmirtz purchased in the past few days is some old book. We only have a surveillance picture taken from a second-hand book shop, and we can't find any information on it...and it doesn't even have a title. So...good luck!"

Perry rolled his eyes and squinted at the small picture. He could make out a leather-bound book with a gold hand on the cover. In the middle of the hand was a large black number one. The platypus frowned in puzzlement. It wasn't like any book he had ever seen, and he didn't have a clue why Doofenshmirtz would be interested in it.

'Well...I guess there's only one way to find out.'

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