Inventions, Supernaturals, Evil Scientist, Oh My!

Isabella to the Rescue

The great shaking was not just occurring at the caves. All of Gravity Falls was experiencing this quake, especially the seven kids riding hoverboats.

Large waves tossed them in the air, sending them crashing below the surface. Phineas gripped the edge of his hoverboat tightly, spluttering as water got up his nose. "Ferb! We need to get back to shore!"

Ferb shrugged helplessly. With the water being so rough, it was nearly impossible to navigate back to dry land. Phineas turned to look at Dipper, who was gripping the back of his seat with dear life. "Are earthquakes normal here?"

"I've only been here for a month," Dipper managed to answer. "I've never had to deal with a situation like this before."

"Then it's time to go to the professional." Phineas turned and squinted at the swirling water. He could make out the two other hoverboats being tossed around mercilessly. "Isabella!"

"Yeah?" Isabella screamed back, clinging to the wheel of her hoverboat.

"What does the Fireside Girl manual say what to do for a situation such as this?" Phineas hollered.

Isabella glanced around her. For some reason, this didn't feel like an earthquake to her. But she would dwell on that later. Right now she had use her Fireside Girl training to get them all back to land before they drowned.

"We all need to get into one boat!" Isabella shouted. "Phineas, can you move towards us?"

Determination shining in his eyes, Phineas grabbed the wheel and floored it. The waves knocked him side to side, but he managed to get to the girls without being submerged. Isabella and Mabel quickly jumped into their hoverboat. "We need to get to Buford and Baljeet," Isabella said.

Just as the words left her mouth, a giant wave crashed down upon Baljeet and Buford's hoverboat. The vehicle was dragged under the surface, and after a few seconds it did not come back up. Isabella dove into the water instantly and swam towards her endangered friends.

"Is she crazy?" Dipper cried.

"She's a certified lifeguard," Phineas assured him, but he too felt uneasy.

"Dipper," Mabel whispered to her brother, "this isn't a regular earthquake."

"I've thought that too," Dipper muttered back. "We'll investigate if we get to shore."

"When we get to shore," Mabel corrected, punching him lightly in the shoulder.

Meanwhile, Isabella had managed to reach the spot where Buford and Baljeet's vehicle had gone under. She popped above the surface for some air before diving back below the surface. She could see the hoverboat sinking slowly to the bottom of the lake floor and kicked her way towards it.

When she got closer, she noticed Baljeet trying desperately to remove the seatbelt from Buford. She swam to him and noticed his face was turning blue. She motioned for him to get to the surface and he obeyed. Able to hold her breath longer, Isabella managed to get the seatbelt unstuck and lugged the burly boy to the surface.

Baljeet was taking large gasps for air when she popped up beside him. "Phineas!" Isabella screamed. "Over here!"

Phineas drove in their direction. Ferb helped pull Buford aboard and Isabella and Baljeet climbed in. Phineas threw the hoverboat into full speed and raced for shore. "How's Buford doing?"

"He's not breathing," Isabella said seriously. "I'm going to give him CPR. Ferb, I need you to hold his head for me and do what I say."

Isabella performed CPR and Phineas navigated as gently as he could so nothing went wrong. Ferb tilted Buford's head up when Isabella ordered him to do so.

"We've reached shore," Phineas called.

At the same moment Buford jerked, coughing up water and gasping for air. Ferb quickly tilted Buford's head to the side and waited until the boy had finished coughing the water from his lungs. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yeah," Buford said hoarsely. "Stupid seatbelt."

Phineas let out a sigh of relief. "Good going, Isa."

"Yeah, thanks," Buford croaked. "I might have been fish food if it weren't for you."

"I wish I had recorded that," Isabella teased gently, immensely relieved.

Baljeet helped Buford climb out of the hoverboat and onto the docks. The kids raced to the grassy slope where they waited for the rumbling to stop. "I can't believe we were in that," Baljeet said, staring at the tossing water.

"I can't believe we survived," Dipper muttered.

"Whoa! Look at the sky!" Mabel exclaimed.

Everyone followed her gaze to the blood red sky. "You guys got some freaky weather," Buford commented, rubbing his sore chest.

"We've seen freakier," Mabel remarked. Dipper shot her a warning glare.

The rumbling finally stopped. Phineas started to walk towards their bank of cabins. "We better go see if everything's alright. We'll see you guys later."

"Bye Mabel!" Isabella called as she hurried after Phineas. Ferb waved to the twins and the group left.

"So, what was all that freaky near-death stuff?" Mabel asked. "Think it could be a supernatural creature?"

"Probably," Dipper said tiredly. "I'll have to research the book tonight. We better go make sure Grunkle Stan knows we're alive."

"You know, in strange way, that was kind of fun," Mabel commented as they started towards the Mystery Shack.

"You're strange," Dipper said flatly.

"Thank you!"


When the kids got back to their cabins, it was to see the windows shattered and Candace's door hanging off its hinges. Linda and Lawrence were standing outside with the redheaded teen, and they all let out a sigh of relief upon seeing them. "Are you kids alright?" Linda cried, running over and hugging them.

"We're fine, Mom," Phineas assured her.

"Speak for yourself," Buford muttered.

"Why are you soaking wet? And where have you been this whole time?"

"We were boating when the earthquake hit," Phineas answered. "But we're fine, really."

"Get inside and get some dry clothes on," Linda urged. "Then we'll go see if we can find a restaurant to eat at. The owner of these cabins promised that the repairs will be done tomorrow, so we'll have to bear with the damage for the night."

"I think we can handle that," Buford said and they all entered their cabin to get out of their soaking wet clothes.

"Boating! Lawrence, when I think of what could have happened-"

"But nothing did," Lawrence soothed. "They're fine. We're all fine. No point in speculating on what could have happened. Isn't that right, Candace?"

Candace nodded. "Dad's right." Just then, Perry waddled up by her feet. "There you are, Perry. Nice to see you didn't get hurt in the freak earthquake." She picked him up. "You know, I think this is a good time to go home."

"Now, one little attack from nature isn't going to ruin our vacation," Lawrence said. "We'll all go get something to eat and then we'll rest up. Tomorrow will be a better day."

Perry wished he could agree.


"Grunkle Stan!" Mabel hollered as she slammed the door open to the Mystery Shack. "We survived the violent wrath of Mother Nature!"

"Geez!" Dipper exclaimed as he surveyed the interior of the tourist trap. "I guess this place didn't."

Souvenirs were scattered all over the floor. Snow globes had broken open, leaving puddles of water and shards of glass all over the place. A few shelves had fallen off the walls and one window had broken. Wendy glanced up from where she was sweeping lazily. "Hey, little dudes! Stan is going nuts looking for you two. He thinks you're dead or worse."

"Worse?" Dipper echoed.

But Wendy did not elaborate. "He's in the kitchen. You probably want to let him know you're alive before he has a conniption." She noticed their appearance and laughed. "Why do you guys look like drowned rats?"

"Long story," Dipper muttered and dragged Mabel to the kitchen, where their great-uncle was pacing up and down the tiled floor. Stan looked up when they entered and gawked at their wet clothes.

"Were you swimming or something when that freak earthquake hit?" he asked in disbelief.

"Close. We were boating," Mabel said cheerfully. "And we survived!"

"Barely," Dipper snorted. "Wendy says you were worried, so we thought we'd show you we're not dead."

Stan scoffed. "I wasn't worried! I was just wondering where you were so you could help clean up the shop."

It was a poor excuse, and they all knew it. Dipper grinned. "Whatever you say. But I'm not doing anything until I get out of these clothes."

"My shoes make funny sounds!" Mabel announced, doing the moonwalk. Her shoes squeaked with every step she took.

"Okay, okay, go get some dry clothes on before you catch a cold and pass it on to me." Stan gave them both an affectionate noogie as they walked past. "I'll see you twerps in the shop. There's a lot of cleaning up to do and I'm too lazy to do it."


That night Perry couldn't sleep. He was too concerned with the spell Doofenshmirtz had recited and what it had done. He had a feeling the strange rumbling and red sky was not all what the spell was supposed to do.

His watch beeped, the small screen lighting up in the dark cabin. Perry made sure Candace was sound asleep before answering.

"Ah, Agent P! Doofenshmirtz gave us the book and we've tried finding out what it does, but we can't seem to decipher it. Only he would be stupid enough to say a spell that he doesn't even know."

"You know what, I was under pressure!" Heinz's voice yelled from off-screen. "And do you know how hard it is to try and understand those spells? It takes a lot of research!"

"What was the spell?" Carl's inquisitive voice asked.

"Will you two be quiet? I am trying to have a conversation here!" Monogram snapped.

Heinz ignored him. "Uh...I think it was releasacus thy daemon of inferna."


"Wait, what uh-oh?" Monogram asked anxiously.

"Well, according to all the science-fiction movies and fantasy games I've played, Doofenshmirtz released an evil fire demon," Carl answered.

Perry chattered in disbelief. He had to be kidding!

"Nice going, Heinz!" Monogram snapped. "You've doomed Agent P, and probably the rest of the world. How does that make you feel?"

"Lay off, man! I can fix this!"

"You are not fixing anything! Agent P, if the spell did release a demon, then it's up to you to find a way to get it back wherever Doof freed it from," Monogram ordered. "Be careful, Agent P. Keep us updated. I'll send the book right away. Maybe it'll help."

Perry saluted his superior and turned the watch off. He looked back at Candace, who was oblivious to the danger approaching.

He would do everything he could to protect his family.



Deep in the forest, a red mist hovered. The mist breathed heavily, and it thought.

Host...must...have...a host.

Yes, after so many years imprisoned, the demon was not strong enough to wreak havoc. It needed a body to possess, to take over.

The red mist began to travel through the forest. It needed a host, and soon.

And then all of Gravity Falls was up for grabs.

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