Inventions, Supernaturals, Evil Scientist, Oh My!

Attack of the Gnomes

Despite the eventfulness that happened that day, the kids managed to fall asleep after discussing the freaky earthquake. Isabella still didn't think it was a regular earthquake, but she didn't voice her thoughts just yet.

The following morning the Mexican-Jewish girl awoke earlier than her male companions. The sun shone lightly through the gauze curtains and she could tell that dawn had just finished. Knowing she would be unable to get back to sleep she grabbed a set of clean clothes and her toiletries. She carefully tiptoed towards the bathroom, but paused by Phineas' bunk and gently tucked the covers under his chin. Smiling goofily, she headed into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

"He's so cute when he sleeps," Isabella sighed contentedly. She set her clothes on the ground and brought her miniature bottles of shampoo and conditioner towards the shower stall. She paused upon seeing a wet towel resting on the floor beside the stall. "Ugh! Buford! You can be so disgusting sometimes."

She gingerly picked the green towel off of the ground and hung it neatly on the hook with the rest of the towels. She took a hot shower and took advantage of not having to hear Buford bang on the wooden door, demanding that she get out and save some hot water for the rest of them.

She climbed out of the shower stall and dried herself off. She got dressed in her jeans and purple sweater and tied her long raven hair up in a ponytail. She glanced in the mirror and beamed. "Yup, still cute and adorable!"

Now if only Phineas would stop saying that this is a scientific fact.

Isabella exited the bathroom and glanced around the room. She didn't want to wake any of them up and it would be a while before they had to head out for breakfast. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to take a little walk," she mused to herself and headed for the door.


The soft voice startled her. She whirled around and grinned when she saw Ferb leaning over the edge of his bunk to look at her in curiosity. "Hey, Ferb. Sorry to wake you."

"It's quite alright. Where are you going?"

"For a walk in the woods. I'll be back in time for breakfast."

Ferb frowned hesitantly. Isabella waved off his concern. "I'll be fine! I won't stray off and I swear I'll be back by nine."

"Well...alright. If you're not back, the brigade will come looking for you."

Isabella giggled and waved, heading out into the cool morning atmosphere. After that onslaught of words, it was likely Ferb wouldn't speak for the rest of the day.

"I don't know what he's worried about," Isabella laughed as she entered the forest. "It's not like there's anything freaky out in these woods."


A few hours later Phineas awoke with a yawn. He attempted to smooth down his messy red hair as he glanced around the cabin. He frowned in concern upon seeing Isabella's bunk empty. "Hey, has anyone seen Isabella?"

"She went for a walk," Ferb answered. He sat up and removed his watch from where it was hanging on the wooden bed post. He frowned. It was quarter to nine and the girl hadn't come back yet, and she had had plenty of time to do so.

"We better go find her," Phineas said, unknowingly voicing his brother's thoughts as he started to get dressed. "It's almost time for breakfast."

"What's going on?" Buford grumbled, sitting up to stare at the two brothers.

"We're going to find Isabella. She went for a walk and she's not back yet."

"What kind of person goes for a walk this early in the morning?" Buford complained. But he got up and started getting dressed as well. "Hey, nerd! Wake up!"

"I am getting up, I am getting up!" Baljeet sighed and tumbled out of his bunk. He rummaged through his bag for some clothes and scowled. "Buford, give me back my underwear!"


Isabella was reluctant to admit it, but there seemed to be no way out of it.

She was lost.

"Good thing Adyson isn't here," Isabella muttered as she stumbled over trunks and roots. "She'd never let me hear the end of it."

She paused to get a grip on her bearings. She had meant to keep track of where she was going, but she couldn't help but daydream (about Phineas, of course) and that certainly set her off track.

Rustle. Rustle.

The Mexican-Jewish girl whirled around and stared at the moving bushes. She didn't know what kind of animals were in these woods and she wasn't too keen on finding out.

"Hey, she's cute!"

"She'd make a good queen!"

"A better one than Mabel, I bet!"

If Isabella had caught the whispered conversation going on behind the bushes, she would have ran like there was no tomorrow. But she didn't hear a thing, and was slowly backing up in hopes not to disturb whatever creature was behind the foliage.


A tiny gnome jumped out from behind the bushes and scurried up to her. "Don't go! We'd like to ask you something."

Isabella struggled to respond, but her brain was not cooperating. Later on, it would baffle her that she would be stunned by a mystical creature when she herself helped defy the laws of physics every day.

"I'm Jeff," the gnome announced. "And my friends and I have a proposition for you."

Isabella looked around wildly as dozens of gnomes came crawling from seemingly thin air. "Wha-?" was all she managed to get out.

Jeff cleared his throat. "You see, we're in need of a queen. We had one in mind, but she turned out to be way too stubborn...and rather fast. So, we've decided that you should be our queen! You're so adorable it kind of hurts!"

Isabella swallowed hard. " thanks?"

Really, what else was she supposed to say?

Jeff frowned. "How come all the cute ones say no, and all the unattractive ones beg us to be our queen?"

"That's life," one of his friends piped up.

"No kidding. Alright, I guess we're doing this the hard way."

Isabella was quickly lifted up by dozens of gnomes and carried off. She attempted to break free, but their grip was surprisingly strong.

They must really want a queen.

She had never been one to be a damsel in distress, but she was willing to make an exception.



Phineas jerked. "Guys! Did you hear that?"

Phineas, Ferb, Buford and Baljeet had set off in search for Isabella a little bit ago. They combed the perimeter of the forest before venturing deeper within the dense foliage.

"HELP!" the familiar scream came again.

"Come on!" Phineas cried in panic, but he didn't need to bother. They were all in a dead run, following Isabella's shrieks for help. Phineas could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Hold on, Isabella. Help is on the way.

They burst into a clearing and stumbled to a stop. With wide-eyes they took in the sight of Isabella being carried away by an army of small gnomes. They moved pretty quickly, but their tiny legs didn't take large enough strides to outrun the boys.

Isabella craned her neck and beamed. "Phineas! You're here!"

"Uh-huh," Phineas uttered. He shook his head sharply. Really, odder things had happened. He shouldn't be so surprised by this. "Hey! Put her down!"

"Why do our prospective queens always have a rescue party after them?" Jeff complained.

Buford, who was not one for peaceful problem-solving, charged at the mystical creatures and ploughed into them. The gnomes flew in all directions and Buford yanked Isabella away from them. "Okay, you creeps can just get lost."

"I don't think so!" Jeff snapped. "Boys, you know what to do."

The five kids stared in disbelief as all the gnomes came together, forming a giant, robot-like gnome. "Eep," Baljeet whimpered.

"Run," Ferb said calmly.

Phineas grabbed Isabella by the hand and took off running. The kids ran at top speed, screaming in panic.

"What kind of place is this?" Buford demanded.

"That is it!" Baljeet panted. "Crazy earthquakes, weird, psychopathic gnomes-I am writing an angry letter to the travel site for false advertising!"

Something smacked the back of Buford's head. "Ouch!"

A gnome growled and yanked on Buford's hair. The burly boy growled and pulled the pesky gnome off of him. He turned around, reared his foot back and sent the gnome flying towards the giant gnome. It slammed right in the middle of the formation, sending other gnomes flying and knocking the rest of them off balance.

"Yeah Buford!" Phineas cheered as the formation toppled completely.

The five kids made it out of the forest. They collapsed on the dew-soaked grass, panting heavily. Phineas let go of Isabella's hand (much to the girl's displeasure) and wiped his forehead. "You okay, Isabella?"

"Yeah." Isabella smiled shakily. "I'm fine."

"Well. That was..." Phineas paused as he searched for a fitting word.

"Horrifying?" Baljeet asked grumpily.

"Awesome?" Buford offered, still filled with a smug satisfaction from his victory over the freaky gnomes.

"I was going to say interesting," Phineas decided. "This experience was interesting."

"Can we avoid the woods from now on?" Baljeet asked hopefully. "Who knows what other kind of creatures are in there?"

"I think that might be a good idea." Phineas stood up. "I don't know about you guys, but that experience made me hungry."

"Me too," Buford agreed.

Ferb checked his watch and flashed two fingers, indicating they had two minutes before they had to meet his and Phineas' parents at the diner for breakfast.

"I'd say we made good time." Phineas grinned. "And I think we deserve a bit of an easy day today. Just hang out and relax. What do you guys think?"

They all agreed.

That was enough excitement for one day.

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