Inventions, Supernaturals, Evil Scientist, Oh My!

And So It Begins

As Phineas and the gang recovered from their adventure by stuffing their faces with eggs and sausage, Dipper and Mabel were taking advantage of their morning off. Stan was still a bit freaked out by the fact his great-niece and nephew could have drowned, so after they had cleaned the Mystery Shack Stan told the twins they could have the following day free.

"Find anything, bro?" Mabel asked. She was hanging upside down from the edge of her bed with the idea that the blood rush to her head would bring a solution to yesterday's odd occurrence.

Dipper flipped frantically through Three, scanning the pages. "Nothing. There are no creatures in this book that have the power to cause earthquakes or turn the sky red."

"Well, you're only halfway through," Mabel said optimistically. "Maybe there's something in the other half!"

"I doubt it," Dipper muttered.

"See, there's your problem. You're too much of a pessimist," Mabel chided. "You can't expect things to go your way when you're a pessimist."

"Uh, Mabel? What you just said is pretty much the definition of a pessimist," Dipper pointed out. He sped through the rest of the pages and went to turn the last one. "Whoa."

"What?" Mabel asked, rolling over onto her stomach and allowing her face to turn its normal colour. "Is it some weather monster that caused the earthquake? That'd be so cool! We can make friends with it and we could have snow whenever we want-"

"That's not it," Dipper interrupted. "Someone tore out the very last page."

Mabel frowned. "That's a jerky move. The last page is always the best part!"

Dipper studied the jagged edge of the paper where it had been ripped. "I have a feeling it was the author who did it. He-or she-put a lot of effort into making sure this book didn't fall into the wrong hands. I think they tore the last page out because it held something really important-so important that whatever information that was on it would have been dangerous if the wrong person read it."

"Decent theory, bro," Mabel congratulated. "Too bad it doesn't help us find the answer to our question."

Dipper closed the book and put it inside his jacket. "I think the only way we're going to find the answer is if we find the last page."

"Ooh! I love scavenger hunts!" Mabel clapped her hands excitedly. "Where do we start?"

Her twin rubbed his chin in thought. "Maybe the library. It would be an obvious hiding spot, but at the same time the perfect one."

Mabel pumped her fist in the air. "Let's do this thang!"

His sister tore out the room, all pumped up. Dipper let out a sigh and followed after her. Finding the last page of Three will be like finding a needle in a haystack.

But he had a feeling that it was imperative that the last page was found. He wasn't sure he wanted to know what would happen if it wasn't.


"So, what are you kids going to do today?" Linda asked, pouring some maple syrup onto her pancakes.

"We're just going to relax," Phineas answered.

"I bet," Candace muttered. She stabbed a sausage with her fork and shoved it in her mouth.

"What about you, Candace?" Lawrence turned to his daughter. "Any big plans?"

"I'm probably going to go for a walk in the forest."


The shout of the five kids startled Candace and her parents. "What's wrong with you dweebs?" Candace demanded, wiping up the ketchup she had spilled due to the outburst.

Buford coughed. "Uh...I don't think you're much of a hiker. Why not go for a swim or something instead?"

"I don't know." Linda frowned. "After that earthquake yesterday I don't really want any of you near the water."

"I'll just sunbathe near the shore," Candace compromised. "I could use a tan."

"Alright, but put on sunscreen. You burn to a crisp when you're out in the sun too long," Linda warned.

"Yeah, yeah." Candace wiped her mouth with her napkin and stood up. "I'm going to get a prime spot before the tourists flood in. I'll see you guys later."

"Bye, sweetie. Have fun!" Linda called.

Phineas popped the last hash brown into his mouth. "I'm stuffed. How about you guys?"

Buford let out a burp of satisfaction. "Excuse me," he said, patting his stomach.

Isabella rolled her eyes. "That was Buford's way of saying yes, he's stuffed."

"I am done as well." Baljeet pushed his plate away. "Thank you very much for breakfast, Mr. and Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher."

"You're very welcome, Baljeet." Lawrence smiled. "Say, why don't you kids give fishing a shot? It's quite relaxing."

Phineas grinned. "That's a great idea, Dad! Whatever we catch we can fry up for supper."

"Brilliant!" Lawrence agreed. "It'll be a good old fashion fish fry."

The kids got up and left the diner. They stopped by the cabins for the fishing rods before going to the docks. As there were only three fishing rods, Phineas, Ferb and Isabella sat down at the edge of the docks while Buford and Baljeet stood ready with the buckets.

"I wonder what Dipper and Mabel are doing today," Phineas said thoughtfully.

"I saw the two heading for the library when Buford tricked me into looking out the window while he stole my eggs," Baljeet informed, shooting a glare at the burly boy.

"Who goes to the library these days?" Buford grumbled, sprawled out on the wooden dock.

Isabella grinned. "Smart people."

"I'm dying of hilarity, Princess," Buford snapped.

Phineas smiled. Sometimes it felt good to take a break from inventing and relax, especially if you were with your best friends in the whole world.


Perry stood at the edge of the forest, his eyes scanning the cloudy sky. After a moment of waiting Agent E flew into view and swung into a graceful landing beside the platypus. "Special delivery!" Agent E joked, dropping One in front of Perry.

"I wish." Perry smiled tiredly. "I don't know what the idiot unleashed, but I have a feeling it won't be easy to get rid of."

"Best of luck to you, buddy," Agent E said sincerely. "If anyone can fix this, it's you."

"Flattery will get you nowhere." Perry grinned and waved as the eagle took off into the air. He watched his friend until he disappeared from his sight and then turned his attention to the book by his webbed-feet.

He carefully picked it up and started flipping through the pages. He could decipher most of it, but there were some Latin words that stumped him. After a while Perry closed the book in frustration. If One was going to help him do anything, it would be to protect those that he cared about. There were many useful spells in the book but there was nothing on the supposed demon Heinz had released.

'Well, that was a bust.'

Perry sighed. He studied the cover of the mysterious book and a realization hit him. The book had to be titled One for a reason. Maybe there were other volumes, and just maybe one of those volumes would have the information that he needed.

'But where would I find them? Heinz came upon this thing at a second-hand bookstore. For all I know, the other books (if there are any) could be in Iceland.'

But Perry knew he really didn't have any other leads to follow. And his gut told him that he was on the right track, and he didn't become the best agent in the O.W.C.A. without listening to his gut feelings.

'I guess the practical place to start looking would be the library. If the demon was trapped in Gravity Falls, then there's probably more to this place than meets the eye.'

With sudden determination Perry tucked One under his arm and started off.

He had a lot of searching to do.


But even though Perry had the right idea and the twins were quickly realizing that the last page of Three was not in the library, the demon had already found a suitable host.

The red mist floated a few yards away from the sunbathing Candace. The girl had her eyes closed and was not aware of the supernatural presence. There was no one around to alert her, as she was the only one on the shoreline. The tourists and natives had gotten spooked by the earthquake and were staying far away from the water.

Unlucky for Candace, but lucky for the demon.

Resentment...lovely resentment... the demon breathed. It could sense repressed anger and envy in the girl, but the amount of resentment she held overpowered the other negative emotions. The redhead would make the perfect host-the resentment would speed up the demon's recovery.

The demon floated over to Candace, hovering by her head.

And it immerged itself into the girl's body.

Candace rocketed upwards, her sunglasses flying off her face. She clutched her stomach as a sudden sick feeling overwhelmed her. She struggled to breathe and she broke out in a cold sweat. "What's...what's going on?"

Relax, the demon cooed from within. The discomfort will end once I've fully taken you over.

Before Candace could freak out about hearing voices in her head, a great blast of pain struck her and she passed out.

It would only be a matter of time before Candace became the demon's puppet.

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