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This Could Be It


What happens when you see your childhood best friend and you both start hanging out again? Will you both end up together or hate each other? Read to find out.

Other / Erotica
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Y/N's P.O.V:

I can't believe she would do this to me. She said she would never hurt me like that or even say those things to me. I thought she was my best friend. I guess not. So here is the run down of what happened. My so called best friend Sophia had sex with my boyfriend Devin. I found them in mine and his shared house. The most fucked up part is that this supposedly wasn't the first time they have done it. My sister Carla told me she caught them a few times. I just didn't want to believe it. I mean like why would they do that to me you know. Then I catch them and she had the guts to say, "Y/N it's not what it looks like I promise. He came onto me and I was already depressed so I caved in." I started crying things got out of hand and we started yelling at each other. I told her she needed to leave or I will make her leave. She called me a fat bitch saying I never gave him any and that's why he went to her. Devin then told me and I mean he literally told me straight up that she was the best he has ever had. He took my virginity and this is what I get. Nope it's not gonna happen again. I just found out Devin is out of state thankfully. But he moved in with Sophia. I was so depressed when I caught them. Well I still am. Why wouldn't I be? Me and him were together for 4 fucking years. 3 years in high school and one out of it. I just need to move on and just probably work on me. I don't need another jerk. I refuse to be with another guy like him. So that's what happened let's get back to today. I'm a YouTuber. To be completely honest with you I do covers of songs that my fans want to hear. It's been a year or 2 since all that shit went down but I'm kind of better. I have 3 million subscribers and it's kind of scary. I don't normally sing songs and post it. Well I use to never do that cause I hate my voice. A lot of people love it and yes there are some people that don't. I've noticed that my friend from a long time ago has been commenting on my videos. His name is Craig. He is the famous YouTuber. The one that hangs with Vanoss Terrorizer and all them. Yup he has been a friend of mine since I was a baby. We grew up together. Sadly we don't hang out anymore. Ever since 9th grade. I've had the biggest crush on him since I was 14. Things went the opposite way for me though. He got a girlfriend and I don't know if he still has one to this day. I miss him tons. Well it's time for me to head to bed but tomorrow should hopefully be a good day.
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