From Puppy to Prince

Music in My Ears and a Song in My Heart

“Hey Happy, I’m gonna go home. You can stay here, ok?” Happy nodded, knowing form the look in his eyes that he needed some alone time. Natsu stood from the bar, waving to the rest of the guild. “See ya guys!” A chorus of mismatched goodbyes echoed throughout the guild as the fire dragon slayer left. A certain blonde mage watched, curious as to why Natsu was leaving without Happy. Those two rarely went anywhere separately, so seeing him tell Happy to stay and Happy actually listening, well that was nearly unheard of!

After Natsu had left, Lucy turned to Mira, “Hey Mira, do you think Natsu has been acting a little different? I mean since we came back this morning.”

“Now that you mention it, he has been a bit quiet. Maybe the job took more out of him than he wants to let on?” The white haired woman smiled at Lucy, “I wouldn’t worry. He will be back to normal in no time!”She then went back to wiping off the counter with a rag. A few minutes later, Mira noticed that Lucy was still preoccupied with thoughts of the fire mage. “You know, you could always just go to his house and see what’s up…”

Lucy’s eyes lit up as she got up quickly. “You’re right! Thanks Mira!” She ran out of the guild, making her way out of Magnolia to Natsu’s cottage-like house. Watching the blonde girl leave, Mira smirked. Her plan for the two partners seemed to be coming together nicely.


Panting, Lucy made her way up the slight hill to the little house at the top. As she neared, she thought she could hear someone’s voice. Her footsteps slowed, wanting to be quiet, as she realized it was Natsu, but he wasn’t talking. For a moment, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Lucy crept up to the window and peeked in.

There was Natsu, sitting in the middle of the floor, with papers strewn about him. That wasn’t what was most odd. In his hands was a guitar, and he appeared to be singing while playing it. “I didn’t know he could play…” Lucy murmured.

She sat there watching him strum his guitar lazily as he looked around him. He shifted some of the papers, changing the melody to whatever was written. It took her a minute to realize he must have written the song himself, because it wasn’t one that she had ever heard of before. Lucy watched as Natsu took a breath, then opened his mouth to start singing again. It took her a moment to realize he was singing about the guild and their adventures. In her head, she commented every now and then, eventually settling to just listen.

When you´re ice-makes cold,” That’s Gray… “Tarot cards all fold,” And that’s Cana. “And these doors stay locked, With the keys we hold,” She figured out that line was about her. “When your ship sets sail, And your stomach fails,” She giggled a bit at that, watching Natsu make a face. “You can find your balance in Fairy Tail, You cannot hide from me, Cause we´re a family,” Lucy nodded at this, smiling slightly. “Just let the beast inside, Take over don´t you cry, If you stay close to me, Remember you´ll, Be freed, The evil king will call, Dorma Anim will fall.” Lucy frowned, remembering the Edolan creation.

Now these, Oracion Seis, Will bring the, Darkest days, But I´ll stay by your side, During this, Demon fight, I´ve got a, Fire in me, And I know inside, I can feel it burn, The dragons will return!” Lucy realized this was the chorus, and while she frowned again at the mention of the six demons, the next line had her thinking. Who was this written for? Not for the first time since the Puppy Potion job did she get butterflies because of thoughts of Natsu.

You´ve aching bones, And you´re out of home, And you´ve lost your way, You're not alone, Hold your hand up high, To the light of day, Though there’s miles, Between us, I´m looking your way, Why do you always frown? When the rain comes down, They say you just bring gloom, I´ll stay here next to you, If you stay close to me, Remember you, You´ll be freed, Zeref even Jellal, The darkest guilds will fall.” Lucy couldn’t get the butterflies to stop, and they just got worse the more Natsu sang. His voice was in tune, nothing like when Gajeel sings. She felt that she needed to hear the rest of the song without the pane of glass between them, so she stood and slowly opened the door, walking inside, standing just out of eye sight. It amazed her that Natsu hadn’t noticed her yet. Normally his dragon senses would’ve alerted him to her presence by now.

Now these Oracion Seis, Will bring the darkest days, But I´ll stay by your side, During this demon fight! I´ve got a fire in me, And I know inside, I can feel it burn, The Dragons will return!

Lucy walked a little closer, and when Natsu started singing the chorus for the last time, she joined in. “These Oracion Seis, Will bring the darkest days, But I´ll stay by your side during, This demon fight! I´ve got a fire in me, And I know inside, I can feel it burn, The Dragons will return!” When Lucy added her voice to his, Natsu jerked, his strumming faltering a bit, but he quickly fell back into rhythm.

With the last chord dying in the air, Natsu and Lucy were silent. Neither one wanted to break the silence, but they both wanted to speak. Eventually, Lucy broke the silence. “That was beautiful…”

Natsu nodded and slid the strap of his guitar off his shoulder, laying it beside him. “Thanks Luce…” His cheeks were just a tad red, as if he was embarrassed.

“W-who was that for?” Lucy mentally scolded herself for stuttering. For some reason though, it was just so hard to think straight around him right then.

He looked puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“Well, in the chorus, one of the lines was “but I’ll stay by your side,” and all throughout the song, the phrasing is as though the writer is talking to someone. I’m going to go out on a limb, but I’m guessing you wrote it, right?” Lucy sat beside Natsu, moving a few papers out of the way.

Natsu sighed, looking nervous. “Yeah, it’s for someone. And yeah I wrote it. You better not tell anyone at the guild! They’ll treat me like Gajeel, and I’m not half as bad as he is!” He chuckled at this. “As for who, I can’t say. I just felt the need to write this. I know it’s for someone though.”

Lucy felt butterflies fill her stomach, and her chest felt warm. For some reason, she felt as though Natsu had written it for her. What seemed odd to her though, was that she almost wanted it to be for her. After a minute or two of silence, she looked at him to see him watching her. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone about this. Only if you promise to let me hear you sing again in the future.” He nodded, smiling a big toothy grin. “Now, I’m sure your starving, and I’m hungry, so what do you have to eat? Please don’t say fish.”

Natsu and Lucy spent the rest of the night enjoying each other’s company. Unfortunately for Lucy, all Natsu had to eat was fish, but she enjoyed cooking it anyways. Not long after, Happy came home and made it a point of making fun of Lucy, calling out every time he saw her blushing, which would result in Lucy objecting vehemently and chasing the flying cat around the room.

At some point, when Natsu was watching Lucy chase Happy for what seemed like the hundredth time, he realized something. Lucy never blushes this much. It made him think, yes think, about what could be causing her rosy cheeks so much.

Late into the evening, Lucy bid farewell to the two and made her way to her own home. When she passed the doorway, she shut the door and just leaned on it. She had been thinking about her night with her best friend, and now that she was alone, her heart was pounding. With a gasp, she knew she needed to write to her mom, having forgotten to write for the entire time that she was avoiding her friends.

She rushed to her desk and pulled out a fresh piece of paper. Grabbing her pen, she took a breath and started writing.

Dear mom,

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing you lately, so much has been going on! Well I guess I can’t actually say a lot, but it feels like so much has happened.

I guess I should start from the beginning. Well a little more than a week ago, Natsu and I took a job that was so mysterious! All that was on the request was the location of the employer and the reward. It wasn’t much, just 50,000 Jewels, but Natsu thought it was mysterious, and since it was his turn to pick, we took it. Happy had eaten a bad fish the day before, which earned him a case of food poisoning. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t immediately eat a fish and carry it around!

Anyways, the job was in Shirotsume town, the town where that Duke Everloo was. It turned out that the person who hired us was this little old lady who made potions. She wanted us to test a potion she had been perfecting that turned the drinker into an animal. I was hesitant, what if you didn’t turn back, ya know? But Natsu threw all caution to the wind and drank it!

It took a minute to take effect, but when it did, he turned into a salmon colored puppy! He was so cute! The lady had me and Natsu go and sight-see, and the townspeople loved to see Natsu. He would play with the kids and drag me around. That night he changed back, but I was so scared he wouldn’t, because the six hours were almost up on the drink and he wasn’t human yet. I started crying, and he changed back then and comforted me. He was so sweet and kind. And the look in his eyes! I felt so bad for crying in front of him. Well we got paid, and went home, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how I might have lost him.

Over the next week, I sorta avoided everyone, foolishly thinking that if I avoided them, it wouldn’t hurt if something happened to them. Then Erza forced me to go on a job, or else face her wrath. You know about her, so of course I went with them, Team Natsu that is. On the job I tried so hard to avoid Natsu. I couldn’t take seeing the hurt in his eyes because I was ignoring him. I know, how stupid of me to think it would help if I ignored him more.

All we did on the job was escort a lord to Oak town. On our way back though, Erza, Happy, and Gray left me and Natsu to walk home. I suspect Natsu asked them to. He confronted me about my silence and avoidance of him, and I broke down and told him. I couldn’t keep doing that to him, especially when he stopped calling me “Luce.” You know how much I like it when he calls me that.

Once we got back, which was this morning, it was like nothing had happened. I noticed that for the first couple hours though, whenever someone called to Natsu, even if it was Gray or Mira, he would wince. Just slightly, but I caught it. I feel so bad for what I must have put him through. I think the whole guild had turned on him just a bit because they thought he had hurt me, which he kinda did, but not intentionally!

The guild sort of threw a miniature party for my “return” to the guild. Sometime towards the evening, Natsu left, but he looked preoccupied. He also told Happy not to come with him. Those two go everywhere! So I followed him. Mom, did you know he could sing? AND he can play the guitar! Waaaaay better than Gajeel can, might I add. He was singing this slowish song, called Dragons. He wrote it. It was beautiful, and his voice was melodic and smooth…..

I am literally pinching myself! Well anyways, I ended up singing with Natsu, and then cooking for him (what’s new?), and then Happy came back and we goofed around a bunch. Happy kept making fun of me because I was blushing so much, but I couldn’t help it! Every time I looked at Natsu, my cheeks would burn! I couldn’t help it, not with him in his waistcoat, which he had unzipped and taken the belt off so I could see his chest. He was just sitting there watching me and Happy, and his infuriatingly cute grin was on his face the entire time! Oh dear… I just called him cute…

Mom, I think…

I think I’m in love with Natsu.


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