From Puppy to Prince

Where's the Proof?

Before she knew it, his lips were on hers. Her mind had been racing, but with one touch, her thoughts scattered. His lips were soft, and warm, which was expected, and the way he pressed her to him let her know she was safe. She had always thought Natsu was cute, but the more she got to know him, and to see how hard he would fight for someone, sometimes when he didn’t even know them, it made her fall for him. And now that they were finally kissing, there was only one thought ruling her world. “This is too good to be a dream…”

He had never imagined kissing her before, but now that he was, he didn’t think there was any better feeling in the world. He was still shaking from his confession. He had been so nervous. But now that her body was pressed into his, it was near impossible for him to pull away. He couldn’t think of a better feeling than having his hand tangled in her hair at the back of her neck while his lips pressed into hers.

She pressed her lips into his harder when he deepened the kiss. She knew that she was going off the deep end, and if they failed, they would crash and burn, but the fire in her chest, the burn across her lips and tongue, they told her this was right.

He knew they needed air, but he wished so hard that they didn’t. He let their lips part, nipping her lip with his teeth, pulling it a little. When their lips finally broke apart, he rested his forehead on hers, his eyes still closed. “…Luce….” He spoke her name with the utmost care, putting all his feelings into that one four-letter word.

She opened her eyes after a while, staring at him, memorizing his face, even though she would know it anywhere. “Yes… Natsu?...” She brought her hands up, one to tug on his hair just a bit, the other to cup his cheek. They both were panting, but still she kissed him lightly. It wasn’t nearly enough for her, but it would have to do. Her cheeks were a light pink as the whispers from the surrounding onlookers brought her reminded her they weren’t alone.

“We should go somewhere with less people…” It was like he read her mind! She nodded against his forehead, watching as his eyes opened and stared into hers. Neither of them moved for quite a while, just one watching the other.

Finally, Natsu loosened his grip on the scarf around her waist, pulling it up and wrapping it around her neck, and then he kissed her forehead. Cheers and clapping erupted from around them, bringing them both completely back to reality. Lucy turned bright red, and even Natsu was blushing. Together, they walked away, his arm around her waist and hers around his, with her other arm coming across to rest on his chest as she leaned on him.

They walked for a while, and eventually they ended up at the overlook where Natsu had decided to save Lucy from Bora, even though he didn’t know he would be saving her at the time. “So… Luce?”

Lucy giggled, “Yes Natsu, but you’re going to have to ask me to make it official.”

He got down on one knee, making her gasp, “Lucy, would you make me the happiest man in the world and be my girlfriend?”

“Of course, now hurry and get up before someone sees you and thinks something else is happening!” She was smiling from ear to ear, unable to cage the happiness in her heart.

Natsu feigned hurt, “You mean you don’t want to eventually marry me?” he put a hand to his chest, acting as though his heart was breaking.

“You know I do-“ Lucy covered her mouth, a surprised look on both of their faces. Natsu’s eyes lit up and he grabbed her into a hug, dipping her low and kissing her.

While holding her just a few inches off the ground, he brushed some hair from her face and whispered, “One day I’ll propose. But not today.” His lips brushed hers, then he pulled her upright.

Lucy was barely coming out of her head rush by the time Natsu had moved them to a bench and sat her down. He sat beside her and pulled her onto his lap. “You know, we’re going to have to go back to the guild, which means they will eventually find out about us. We should probably tell them when we get back.”

Nodding, she leaned against his shoulder, “Yeah, I guess. I just don’t want them to make a big deal out of it. But you know at least Mira, Cana, Levy and Erza will, and Gray and Gajeel will probably bug you.” She sighed.

“Mmhm… I guess we should get it over with. I probably freaked them out this morning when I rushed in there, holding a book, asking where you were. I’m pretty sure Gajeel knew it was your book though. It had your scent all over it.”

“Why did you run in there?” Lucy looked so confused as she tried to figure out why her friend, now boyfriend, would have been looking for her. A thought clicked in her mind, “Oh! You were looking for me so that you could confess!”

Natsu chuckled and nodded,” You’re so weird Luce. Yes that was why I was looking for you.”

Another thought struck the blonde, so she turned to face the young man next to her. “Natsu? Why are you so sweet and romantic? How are you? You’re normally so aloof to romance and women.”

He scratched the back of his head. It took him a minute to find the words, “Well…. I’ve always been like this, felt this way, except that I never knew you felt this way. If I had earlier, I would have acted like this more. Yes, since Igneel raised me, I didn’t have very much knowledge about girls, but being in the guild for almost 15 years now has taught me a thing or two. It’s not that hard to compliment someone, even though I don’t completely understand why they would enjoy it.

“For instance,” Natsu brought his hand up to her hair, taking out the side ponytail that it was in, letting it fall around her shoulders, “you focus on your looks, so if I told you that you look beautiful and should wear your hair down more often,” her cheeks flamed at his words, knowing he meant them and that this wasn’t just a demonstration, “your cheeks blush just like that, and you would probably wear your hair like this more. But the problem for me is, I’ve said things like this before, and all this happens, but you generally only would wear your hair down when you were trying to impress a guy, and not just around the guild. Now that we are dating, I bet you will wear your hair like this more!” He smiled his big toothy grin, and Lucy realized that he made up the entire speech on the spot. Natsu was proud that he now had a way to get her to listen to when he complimented her.

“Wow… I’m sorry for never realizing that you were complimenting me. I guess I just got so used to you joking with me that it never registered as a compliment.” Lucy frowned at her ignorance.

The salmon-haired boy ruffled her hair, “Don’t worry about it! Now that we’re dating, I can finally act how I want around you!”

Giggling, she nodded and pecked his cheek. “Let’s get back to the guild before they start to worry. It will be well past midnight by the time they get done interrogating us if we leave right now.” Natsu nodded and the two walked to the train station.

On the way back, Natsu laid his head in her lap, and she ran her fingers through his hair out of habit. “Ya know Luce, the reason I have you do this is more because I liked feeling this close to you.”

“I know…. But if it isn’t working I can stop!” She stilled her fingers, acting like she wanted to push him off her lap.

Natsu wrapped his arms around her, looking green already, “No, please! It works! Keep doing it?” Lucy smirked and went back to massaging his scalp.


When Natsu finally kicked the guild doors open, shouting his customary greeting, this time with Lucy joining in, the entire guild turned towards them. Happy made a beeline to Natsu, knocking him back a step with the force. “Natsu!!!! I missed you so much! Why did you leave me here?!?!”

Hugging Happy, Natsu laughed, “I’m sorry, I just had something I had to do on my own. But I’m back!”

The guild was still staring at the two mages. Lucy realized why and blushed brightly. When they had left the Magnolia train station, Natsu had taken her hand in his and hadn’t let go since. They were still holding hands, and while she was embarrassed at all the attention they were getting, she didn’t attempt to separate them.

In an instant, the guild erupted into a barrage of questions, “Why are you holding hands?” “Where were you?” “Did you kiss?” “Did you go on a job?” “Are you dating?” “When is the wedding?” “How many kids are you going to have?” and many more. Most of the more invasive questions were voiced either by Cana or Mirajane, both of which had a running bet on the two partners.

Through the inquisition, Lucy moved behind Natsu, her face a shade of red that rivaled Erza’s hair. She squeezed his hand, and he understood. “Guys! One at a time! Yes, we are dating!-“

“Prove it.” Gray’s voice overpowered the fire dragon slayer’s, “Show us, no show me, proof that you two are really dating.”

Without missing a beat, and not wanting to back down from his rival, Natsu pulled Lucy beside him. He cupped the back of her head, pressing his lips to hers, much like the kiss he used to confess with. He dipped her back, the tips of her hair brushing the floor. Murmurs and cat calls echoed throughout the guild, and when the kiss kept going, a few onlookers, namely Erza, Wendy, Romeo, Carla, and Juvia, blushed profusely. Gray cleared his throat and after a moment more, the two love birds separated.

Gray was now blushing a bit as well. “Ok, I believe you, now will you two get a room?”

“You looooooove her!!!” Happy called through the guild.

Natsu chuckled and looked into Lucy’s eyes, “You bet!”
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