From Puppy to Prince

A Fairy Tail Fairy Tale Wedding

Lucy Hearfilia, now Dragneel, sat in the Fairy Tail guild hall. Today had been her wedding. It had been magical, and that’s saying something considering it was filled with mages! Currently, the young, 20 year old bride was sitting at the bar, sipping some champagne, watching her friends and family dance, while she took a break for a song or two. Her feet were killing her. As she watched all the happy people smile and dance and celebrate, she reflected on the events that had brought her to this day.

All of her friends had been in on everything, including Natsu’s proposal. Apparently Natsu is even more of a romantic than she had previously thought. It was only after she had said yes, and Natsu stopped kissing her for two seconds to let her breathe, did she see that most of their friends were on the ship with them. It still boggles Lucy how they all remained hidden on the ship, save for Erza, before Natsu popped the question.

Gray had actually been dressed up to help Natsu. Everyone had been, but Lucy only noticed Gray, probably because he was actually dressed for once. And Mira was actually the one to rent the ship for the day. Natsu, who had been the mastermind behind everything, had specifically asked for that ship, because it resembled Bora’s ship from the day they met. Happy, Carla, and Lily were the ones who got everyone onto the ship before Lucy and Erza arrived, using their Aero magic.

Returning her attention back to the party, Lucy smiled. When she and Natsu had come back from Hargeon, the entire guild celebrated the impending marriage. During the excitement, Makarov pulled Lucy and Natsu aside. He had been thinking about something ever since Natsu had told him that he was going to propose to Lucy. He announced to them both that if they so chose, they could have their wedding be in place of the Fantasia Parade. The guild master explained that since Natsu was infamous in Magnolia, let alone Fiore, and their wedding would be just the thing to announce Fairy Tail was back for good after their war on Tartaros and disbandment. At first Lucy was against it vehemently, she didn’t want a big spectacle, but Natsu won her over by begging.

So here she was, on October 15th of the year X794, in a wedding gown, now a married woman. Natsu insisted that they held the ceremony inside the guild hall, mentioning that the next place they had gone on their first day as partners and friends was to the guild. Lucy then pointed out that he forgot about how she had treated them to food at the little restaurant in Hargeon. He shook his head, adamant that he hadn’t forgotten it. They argued for a few minutes, till Happy broke them up by explaining to Lucy that he and Natsu had gone to look for the restaurant just before he proposed, but it had closed down.

The ceremony itself was grand. Makarov let them hold the actual ceremony on the second floor, so that the main floor could be used for the reception afterwards. The entire wedding party gathered up there, which made it slightly cramped, but what wasn’t in that guild? When it came time for the vows, Lucy’s were about how Natsu had saved her countless times, not only from death, but from loneliness and fear. Natsu’s vows were more about how Lucy cooked the best food he had ever eaten, then he apologized to Mirajane, and then he told her about how no matter where he was, as long as she was by his side, he was at his strongest. They each then placed a ring on the other’s hand, and then Natsu, in true Natsu fashion, grabbed Lucy and jumped from the balcony onto the bar, yelling to get the party started.

Because it was replacing the parade, the event was open to anyone in Magnolia, and since the guild hall couldn’t hold everyone, Freed had set up lacrima cameras in the guild, and lacrima screens outside so everyone could see. So the streets of Magnolia were filled, and every now and then, someone would be brave enough to enter the guild hall and give a gift to the happy couple.

Everyone else in the guild had many gifts for the two. Erza gave them a silverware set that looked like weapons, the knives were swords, the forks were tridents, the spoons were made to look like whips that were coiled. Mira gave them bed sheets, a knowing look in her eyes that made Lucy blush brightly, which made Natsu confused as to why she was blushing. Cana’s gift was a year’s supply of alcohol from her personal stash.

Happy’s gift to the two was a brand new fishing rod, saying he saved up money by not buying fish so he could get it for them. Gajeel and Levy combined their gifts, giving Lucy and Natsu a giant metal bookshelf that was half filled with books for Lucy. They told Natsu the other half was for his treasures that he had collected from various jobs over the years.

Gray told them in private what his gift to them was, which as Lucy reflected back on it, his gift was probably for the whole guild, not just them. His gift was that he would ask Juvia out during the reception, figuring that it was payment for all the years Juvia had claimed Lucy was her “love rival” even though it was so evident who Lucy liked. Wendy’s gift was a romantic massage retreat for them, though mainly for Lucy, and for Natsu, she gave him a book on edible plants, mentioning a story she had been told where he ate random mushrooms and a mushroom grew out of his head.

Carla’s gift was a premonition. She had been practicing and could now, to an extent, voluntarily predict things.


A little girl, about 3 years old, with medium length, spiky pink hair and hazel eyes, was tugging at Lucy’s hand. She was pointing to where a little boy, about 8, dark blue hair was throwing water balls at a young boy, also 8, with golden hair and sharp teeth, who was using a sword to slice them in half.

“Mama! I wanna go play with Gavin and Lucas! It looks like fun!” The little girl was positively adamant on getting to the two boys.

With a sigh, Lucy let go of the girl’s hand, “Don’t terrorize your brother too much!’

“Okay Mama!” The girl sprinted across the guild hall to the two boys, and when she got close enough, she jumped on the dark haired boy’s back. “Get him Lucas! Call out Loke! We’ll win for sure!”

Juvia walked up to Lucy, “Hey Lucy! You’re kids sure do take after Natsu, don’t they? I mean, their ganging up on my Gavin!”

Lucy chuckled, “You know he started it by getting Lucas’ hair wet.”

“True…” Juvia watched the kids spar with Lucy.

“So are Natsu and Gray still on that mission? I know it said it’d take at least two weeks, but I would have thought that with those two, it’d be only about four days!” Lucy turned to Juvia, smirking.

Juvia giggled and looked to her friend, “It’s probably taking so long because our husbands can’t seem to figure out that the jobs they take would go smoother if they worked together, and saved the fighting for once they got back. I guess that ‘s what they get for wanting to take the job together.”

“Well you know Erza is expecting, and Jellal is busy with the Crime Sorciere. So unless they want us to go on jobs, they have to either go alone or work together.”

Juvia sighed, “I just wish they didn’t pass on their rivalry onto our kids.”

“Me too, Juvia, me too…” Together, they turned to watch the two Dragneel children form a dogpile on the Fullbuster child. The girl was punching the blue haired boy beneath her with mini flaming fists, and he was matching the attacks with watery shields, when the male Dragneel began to tickle his sister.

*End of Premonition*

When Natsu and Lucy heard Carla tell how they would have two kids, and that they would have their magic, but switched, they both smiled and blushed. They each couldn’t wait for that future to come about. Juvia and Gray on the other hand were both blushing brightly. Now they knew for a fact that they would marry eventually.

Now that she knew she was going to end up with Gray, Juvia couldn’t look at him. She was so embarrassed at how she had dogged him all those years, when there was no need. Gray, deciding there was no time like the present to begin the future, turned Juvia to him and kissed her hard, making everyone present stare. It certainly wasn’t how any of them had imagined the wedding to go, but it was a pleasant surprise.

As Lucy smiled, lost in her thoughts of how Juvia had looked when Gray had asked for a date with her, someone in front of her cleared their throat. When she looked up, she was met with dark eyes that danced with excitement, a wide smile with sharp teeth, and salmon pink hair. “Would you like to dance, my Princess?”

“Why yes I would, my Prince, I would love to!” Lucy laughed as Natsu pulled her up from her chair and spun her onto the dance floor.

Natsu looked to the band that was playing and nodded, and a certain song began to play. Lucy gasped with surprise, “I remember this! It’s… It’s your song!” In all the time since she had first heard him play it, Natsu had never sung that specific song for her. The only time she had ever heard its beautiful melody was the first time, when she had gone to his house to find him. It was then that she realized that the song, while when Natsu sang it to her, was for her, it was also for all of Fairy Tail, all of Magnolia. It was Fairy Tail’s anthem to the world.

Softly, Natsu began to sing. “When you´re ice-makes cold, Tarot cards all fold, And these doors stay locked, With the keys we hold, When your ship sets sail, And your stomach fails, You can find your balance in Fairy Tail, You cannot hide from me, Cause we´re a family, Just let the beast inside, Take over don´t you cry, If you stay close to me, Remember you´ll, Be freed, The evil king will call, Dorma Anim will fall.” His voice became louder as his confidence grew. By now, everyone had their eyes on the two, everything silent except for the music and the singing.

Now these, Oracion Seis, Will bring the, Darkest days, But I´ll stay by your side, During this, Demon fight, I´ve got a, Fire in me, And I know inside, I can feel it burn, The dragons will return!

Lucy joined in, adding her voice to his. “You´ve aching bones, And you´re out of home, And you´ve lost your way, You're not alone, Hold your hand up high, To the light of day, Though there’s miles, Between us, I´m looking your way, Why do you always frown? When the rain comes down, They say you just bring gloom, I´ll stay here next to you, If you stay close to me, Remember you, You´ll be freed, Zeref even Jellal, The darkest guilds will fall.

Now these Oracion Seis, Will bring the darkest days, But I´ll stay by your side, During this demon fight! I´ve got a fire in me, And I know inside, I can feel it burn, The Dragons will return!” Together, they smiled, their voices growing soft as they sang the last chorus. They pressed their foreheads together, staring into each other’s eyes.

These Oracion Seis, Will bring the darkest days, But I´ll stay by your side during, This demon fight! I´ve got a fire in me, And I know inside, I can feel it burn, The Dragons will return!

The music faded, and for a moment, all was still. It was as if the song had cast a spell. It was broken when everyone began clapping. Lucy blushed and whispered in Natsu’s ear, “Look at this. You went from puppy to prince.”

“I only wanted to give you a Fairy Tail fairy tale wedding. I think I did pretty good!” He grinned at her.

Lucy smirked and kissed his cheek, “I’ll be the judge of that…”

Natsu pouted, “I’ll remember that!”

They danced for a few more songs, then it was time to cut the cake. Natsu of course got it all over Lucy’s face, so she smooshed her piece into his hair. As they laughed, Erza glared at them. “How could you two waste perfectly good strawberry cake?!?!” They both quickly cut her a piece, which calmed her down immediately.

The two served cake to everyone, then went to their respective bathrooms to clean up. When they came out, everyone was at the buffet table, getting dinner and laughing and having a good time. Lucy slipped away ad got a plate of food for both of them, then dragged Natsu outside. Most of the citizens of Magnolia had gone home, as it was getting late.

They ate their food together in silence, just enjoying each other’s company. “Ya know Luce, I think this has been the best day of my life.”

She nodded, “Aye. It seems like not only this was our best day so far, but also other people’s.” She turned around and gestured to Happy and Carla, who were sitting together on the balcony of the second floor inside, eating cake together, their tails entwined. She then pointed to Levy and Gajeel, how Levy was in his lap and they were laughing. Gray and Juvia were in a corner, locking lips. Even Mira and Laxus were sitting alone together, each blushing a bit.

“I see what you mean.” Natsu turned to Lucy, “Luce, do you realize how much you did for this guild? How much you still do for it? When you came into my life, the whole guild got better. I gained a partner, me and Gray, surprisingly, fought less, and I actually started earning money on jobs, because I didn’t totally destroy things anymore. And without you, we never would have gotten that guy, the guy with the book, Daybreak, his closure about his father, or the guild never would have made it back from Edolas. Without you, we would have died on Tenrou, or lost the Grand Magic Games. I never would have survived losing Igneel. If you didn’t join Fairy Tail, Tartaros would have won, and we never would have gotten the guild back together two years ago. You are at the center of this guild.”

“Natsu, it was you who wanted to get the guild back together, not me. If you hadn’t crashed the Games from two years ago, I never would have gone looking for you all.”

Natsu shook his head, “No no no, Lucy! If you hadn’t kept track of us all, we would have had nowhere to look! Look, Luce, just accept this ok? You are the glue that kept Fairy Tail together.”

Lucy grumbled, but consented. “Fine…..” Natsu smiled at her and kissed her.

“Come on, we have one last adventure to go on.” He winked at her, and it took her a minute to figure out what he meant, but when she did, she turned a bright red and followed him. Lucy looked back at the guild and waved to Erza and Levy, getting their attention to let them know they were leaving.

The newlyweds walked all the way to their house, making idle conversation. Just when Lucy was about to enter the front door, Natsu scooped her up and carried her inside and all the way to the bedroom. Once there, he threw her onto the bed, a wicked gleam in his eyes.

“Now Luce, remember how you said you were the judge on whether I gave you the perfect wedding?” She nodded, her eyes wide. She tried to straighten her dress which had fallen askew when she was thrown, so now it showed quite a bit of her legs. Her hair, which she had taken out of its bun hours earlier, was now splayed around her.

Just then, there was a poof, and Virgo appeared beside Natsu. “Well I’m the judge now.” Natsu leaned over her a bit, his vest and shirt open so she could see his chest.

Virgo smiled at Lucy, her eyes reflecting Natsu’s, as though they had planned this. “And it’s time for punishment, Princess.”

The end.
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