mak zukerborg


mak sukorberg make myspace and get all girls. thank u based god <3

Erotica / Adventure
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mak was an edgy kid

he had 2 animayz as kid

he walk around and talk 2 gurlz askin 4 kik

they say "no u looz3r, u hardscope and liv with ur mum xD"

so he got sad :/

he went home

started typing super sanic speed, coding at the speed of light

he was the eagle scout of html

as soon as he wuz dun coding he made le website

he made it to where he can catfish gurls by pretending to be a FaZe clan member

he would be like "tip tip xD trickshotz!"

and then he would dround from puss water

he then knew he cood step it up on his website myspace

he made it to where u can put songz on ur profile

he put j bieebz song call me maybe on his account

he caused hurricane katrina

he is bush

he did it

he did 9/11

ea sports, its in the memes.

the end fgts

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