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Springtrap x mangle 13+


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Warning this is 13+

In the dark where mangle sat alone wishing all of her friends have died or where her friends. Strange rabbit walks in he looks a bit like Bonnie mangle see the rabbit in the corner of her eye "umm hello?" She says not even going to look at the rabbit. He sits down by her "hello." He replies "he doesn't sound like Bonnie" she thought to her self the rabbit puts his hands on her shoulders "what's Wrong?" He asks mangle looks to the side "do you know Fazbear's pizza?" She asks looking him in the eyes. "Yeah?" He replies confused "well days ago while we where all performing they where all treated well by the kid but for me I was torn apart. I felt like trash no one would bother to help me so I left the pizzeria and came alone with Fantime , foxy and Flint. Who had the same feeling`s about every one their and we where found by Tangle and Lolbit. And they took us here they promised they would find a guy who could fix me and they are still looking..." She explains Springtrap looks at her "I can fix you" he says mangles eye`s widen. "Really?!" She asks "yeah come with me!" They both pass Fantime as she sees them run into the other room she looks confused untill Flint Calls her name.

After he fixes her

"Uhhhhh mangle?" He says as mangle puts her shirt on "yeah?" Springtrap gose to kiss her put it's stopped when she grabs his collar and pulls him to her then kisses him springtrap is Surprised but doseint move or even struggle. Springtrap grabs her and leans her to the table and pulls half of her shirt down As he takes his shirt off and mangles pants. As he plays with mangles female zone mangle didn't exactly know what was sex so she didn't complain or even push him away. As springtrap took off his boxer's he stroked his finger against mangles cheek and made mangle grin at his soft touch. He sat mangle at the very end of the table he puts his hands around her waist mangle holds on to His shoulders as he shoves his member in. Mangle puts her head on his Shoulder her eyes widened mangles hands has a grip on his Shoulders As he kept going mangle was trying not to make a sound. Soon he shoves the hole thing in then soon made mangle moan. After a few more bounces mangle felt herself reach climax then mangle cummed all over Springtraps member. After a few more slamms springtrap shooted a warm sticky seed into mangle he cummed so much it some even came out if mangles entrance. Mangle moaned and collapsed on to springtrap he hugged her then sat on the ground with mangle against the wall. Mangle cuddled into him feeling comfortable with his soft touch.

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No Hate comments please

I'll do another one with any ship but none with mangle or springtrap

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