The Mech Code

11. Three Seperate Worlds



Moonbeam chased happily after Skywarp as they both soared through the sky. They were having fun playing; Skywarp was winning, but he slowed down a little to let the femme he loved catch up. Once he slowed down, Moonbeam sped up, zooming ahead of him and doing a perfectly executed barrel roll.

Skywarp heard Moonbeam laughing as the two of them kept flying. Now he was glad he’d invited her to go flying with him today. They both loved it and were having fun.

Once they’d been flying for a little, they both turned to robot mode again and sat down. Skywarp opened some energon cubes he’d brought from base so they could refuel...and have something to talk over, of course.

“Flying is much more fun with you, kissy-wissy,” Skywarp told Moonbeam. “Everything is."

“I know,” Moonbeam giggled. “I’m an interesting femme.”

“You’re really the only femme I’ve ever thought about the future with,” Skywarp continued. “I don’t know how you do it, but you touch every place in my spark. I feel so happy when I’m with you, like nothing bad could ever happen to me. You make me feel vulnerable and strong at the same time. I love when our eyes meet and I can feel the love pulsing throughout both of our bodies. When we make love, that’s the best feeling in the world for me…and I hope it is for you too. I would do anything for you, even if it meant risking my own life. I want you; I need you; I will never, ever stop loving you.” Moonbeam, to Skywarp’s surprise, had a few little tears leaking out of her eyes as she whispered, “I love you too, sugar daddy.”

One soft, gentle breeze blew across the two jets as Skywarp gently took Moonbeam's small black hands in his, then pulled her into a long and passionate kiss.


Starscream was sitting in the main monitor room, watching Seeker Daily Drama on the Seeker Channel. Normally, he hated that soap opera, and everyone else he knew hated it too, but he was having one of his "off" days again, and he felt that watching something inane and cheesy was just the thing for him right now.

To be sure, he was feeling downright lonely. Skywarp had invited Moonbeam on a flying sort of date, and who knows where Thundercracker was off to; he had been gone all day. The only thing keeping Starscream company was a huge stack of energon cubes, many of them empty, as he had been consuming them all day long. The fuel aversions were long gone, and Starscream's appetite had returned in full swing. Indeed, it was actually much more forceful than he remembered; instead of being never hungry, now he was always hungry, oftentimes craving things he never even liked before his pregnancy.

So he was surprised when he heard a familiar voice behind him: "You've had enough energon for now, don't you think?"

"Slag off, Megatron." Starscream took another long swig of energon, regardless of the warning. "I'll tell you when I've had enough."

Megatron looked at the TV screen. "What are you watching?"

"Seeker Daily Drama." Starscream scowled darkly at him. "Who wants to know?"

"Can't I ask you a simple question?" said Megatron, frustrated; he pushed several of the empty energon cubes aside and sat down.

"No," said Starscream angrily. "Why would you want to talk to a disgusting little whore like me?"

"Starscream..." Megatron let out a deep sigh. "Have you talked to Moonbeam lately?"

"Not since I had my last sparkling appointment," said Starscream. "Why?"

"Stop asking me why," said Megatron. "It's none of your business."

"It is too my business!" Starscream felt infuriated. "I'M the pregnant one! Not you! So you can shut the slag up! You're the one who doesn't want his own sparklings!"

"Whatever is inside of''s alive, isn't it?" Megatron asked, a little awkwardly.

"Of course they're alive," said Starscream. "They've been alive for 21 weeks. What kind of stupid question is that?"

"I was just asking," said Megatron. "Primus. What's going on in your body is one thing, but what's going on in your head is even worse."

"So what's going on in my body is a BAD thing?!"

"Well..." Megatron looked down at Starscream's cockpit; Starscream self-consciously pulled his knees up. "No."

"No?" Starscream asked, shocked.

"Soundwave showed me the sonogram," said Megatron.

"What?!" Starscream screeched. "I didn't tell him he could do that! Give it here!"

"Relax," said Megatron. "Soundwave gave me my own copy. Now listen. They looked a lot more like sparklings than I thought. I remember how they had little feet and hands and everything...Soundwave told me that you cried like a sparkling."

"I'm going to slagging kill him," said Starscream. "I did not cry, not one bit. Soundwave is just trying to make me look stupid."

"Well, no offense, but I'd believe him before I believed you," said Megatron. "But when I was watching it, I thought...I mean, I know how this works and everything, but that this could actually be going on inside of someone for real...and that you cried...Tell me, were you crying out of happiness or sadness?"

"I told you I didn't cry."

"Shut up and answer, liar."

"Fine," Starscream grumbled. "I'm not sure, okay? I just felt kind of...overwhelmed."

"You were what?" Megatron asked.

"Overwhelmed," Starscream repeated. "I was fine one moment, then I see them moving around like that, and then I remember that someday they'll be actual sparklings...and in my arms. There was that one with wings, and one of them had his thumb in his mouth, I didn't even know unborn sparklings could do that. Mine will do that. So I tried not to cry, but I couldn't help it."

"I hear instinct has something to do with it," Megatron said.



"Oh...right." Starscream shrugged. "Well, maybe. Seekers are wonderfully made, aren't we?"

"Wonderfully made, bah," said Megatron. "Seekers are slagging arrogant, that's what they are."

"We have much to be arrogant about," Starscream told him, then paused. "Oh, Primus...that's such a weird feeling."

"What is?" said Megatron.

"I...I don't know." Starscream leaned back on the couch and almost subconsciously reached for another energon cube. "It's something I've started feeling recently. At first I thought it was some kind of internal malfunction, but Moonbeam said I was feeling the sparklings kicking. But it doesn't feel like kicking. It feels more like fluttering. And I do wish it wouldn't happen so much when I'm around you."

"They're already kicking?" Megatron looked surprised. "Already?"

"What do you mean, already?" Starscream snapped. "I told you, I'm at like 21 weeks! That's like what, halfway through?! Why haven't I felt a real kick yet?!"

"You can stop being hostile to me, Starscream," Megatron said sharply. "It just kind of caught me off guard."

"It caught you off guard?" Starscream mumbled sarcastically. "Slag you. I don't even know what to think."

"Any movement is a good thing," Megatron told him. "It's just that...the sparklings...they came from me. Real beings came from me."

"Beings? Real intellectual choice of words."

"You know what I mean," said Megatron calmly.

"It's different for you, Megatron." Starscream could feel tears welling up in his eyes now, even though he was trying to fight them back. Stupid tears. The worst possible thing, he knew, would be to cry in front of Megatron again. "You've got the easy part. All you had to do was shove your spike into me one day and that's it, you're done, your contribution is over! I have to carry these sparklings for another five months! How do you suppose I feel?!"

"How could it possibly be so hard?" Megatron yelled. "You've got sparklings inside of you! So what?!"

"What the actual fuck?! I can't believe you just said that!" Starscream slapped Megatron and then he broke down sobbing, falling backwards onto the couch. It was like he didn't even notice his head landing on the energon cubes, even when some of the half-full ones spilled onto the floor. "This stupid pregnancy is EXTREMELY hard on my body! My back hurts, my wings hurt, my head hurts, I've lost my contacts, I keep craving things I didn't even know I liked, I always feel upset and angry and awkward and I don't know why, this is so stupid! I just want this over with!"

"Starscream," said Megatron, but his SIC didn't hear him.

"I hate being pregnant! I hate you! I hate everything!" Starscream was living up to his name and screaming; Megatron was thinking that he really must have set Starscream off this time, because he was literally throwing a tantrum.

"Stop crying!" Megatron didn't know if he was angry or desperate. "Crying never solves anything!"

"Well, so far, nothing else has either!"

This is beyond words, Megatron thought, and peeled Starscream off the couch. Maybe he just needs to cry himself out.

Megatron held Starscream and stroked his wings until his tears subsided. It gave him the opportunity to check Starscream out, even if it wasn't intentional. Of course, as was to be expected, his body had changed a lot. By now his wings were no longer perky and instead pointed downwards; it was partly because they were in constant pain, but it was a well-known side effect of Seeker pregnancy too. It was around this time that he'd be developing a nursing cable, whether he was planning on using it or not. And there was also, of course, Starscream's swollen cockpit. At only 21 weeks, he wasn't huge, but a sparkling-bump was certainly there, beginning to put considerable strain on the rest of his lightweight body. But he was as beautiful as always...Why is this turning me on? Megatron thought, sliding his hand onto Starscream's aft. As usual, that body was giving him a major hard on. Oh great...if his interface panel opened Starscream would kill him.

"Are you...are you still feeling their movement?" Megatron asked awkwardly, trying to think about something other than pounding that red aft into the ground.

"Why do you have your hand on my aft?" Starscream said in reply.

"Oh, um, I didn't realize." Megatron snatched his hand away like he'd just laid it on a burning grill. "Sorry."

Starscream turned around and sniffed, adjusting his glasses. "Do you still think I'm...y'know...attractive?"

"Don't tell me you're worried about that, Starscream," Megatron said quietly, stroking the insides of Starscream's thighs. "You could never be unattractive, even if you tried."

"But I'm...I'm so different, now." Starscream separated himself from Megatron and rubbed the sparkling-bump.

"Different," Megatron said, "but nothing has detracted from your appearance in any way."

"Thank you," Starscream whispered, wiping a tear away. "I'm sorry I said I hated you."

"It's okay," Megatron replied. "You didn't mean it. Or, I hope you didn't."

"I didn't," said Starscream. "But to answer your question...I am feeling their movement, still, a lot. I hope I didn't make them upset."

"May I?" Megatron said softly, holding out one hand.

The mother-to-be nodded. With more gentleness than Starscream knew he had in him, Megatron placed his hand on the Starscream's lower cockpit, right where the sparklings lived. For a moment, nothing happened; then suddenly Starscream jumped.

"Did you feel that?" he gasped.

"What?" said Megatron.

"I swear I felt them...kick or something," Starscream said breathlessly, falling backwards onto the couch and placing his own hands over the sparklings protectively. "I mean, it was a real kick."

Starscream grabbed Megatron's hand and pressed it on top of the sparklings again. After some waiting, there it was, the sensation of the twins' first kick. This time, the tears that shone in Starscream's eyes were those of joy.


"This sure is hot, ma'am," Thundercracker was mumbling as he enjoyed the feeling of his spike getting energetically sucked on. The femme's tongue was roaming everywhere, driving his nerves wild, setting them on fire, while her smooth hands stroked his cockpit and wings. "You must be an old pro."

Of course, the femme didn't answer, seeing as her mouth was "occupied", but Thundercracker felt her stifle a giggle. Just before he was about to release, she stopped her blow job and threw herself over him.

"I'm being paid by the hour," she cooed, running her fingers down one of Thundercracker's wings, the other hand still exploring his southern regions. "Don't you think I'm going to try my best?"

Thundercracker felt himself release a little but not fully at her words. He let his hands slither down her legs to in between her thighs; she squirmed happily then hoisted herself up, pulling him into a kiss.

"Your lips are like energon goodies, hon," Thundercracker moaned.

"If you overload more than twice tonight, sweet-spark, I can cut my prices in half," she whispered, then started to run her tongue up and down his wings; her metallic hands squeezed his spike and he forced himself to hold his transfluid in. Surely it didn't count as Round One if he hadn't even entered her yet.

Thundercracker had been at the Cybertronian Gentlebots' Club for most of the day, leaving his brothers and Moonbeam at base. Around dusk, when he was watching the dancers, this hooker had waltzed up to him, introduced herself only as “Gemstone”, and offered him a good frag…at a modest price. Thundercracker, a little high on energon and yearning for some action anyway, had readily accepted.

At Gemstone’s urging, Thundercracker let her sit on top of him, then pushed her back and eased himself in. Her legs were wrapped around his body and her soaking port was wrapped around his spike; his hands were both flat on the floor.

“Good job, Thundercracker,” she moaned. “But let me show you how an old pro does it.”

With this she shamelessly flipped him around without him even having to pull out so that she was on top. Her thrusts were fast and satisfying; it wasn’t long before Thundercracker felt himself release completely inside of her.

Even so, he wasn’t finished. This cheap thrill was perfect. It was helping to rid him of his irritating, unrequited Moonbeam fantasies, albeit temporarily. He pulled out for a little then sat back as she ran her tongue all the way down his body, from wings to cockpit to interface panel.

“Isn’t it my turn now, hon?” Thundercracker asked in his deep voice, and he spread her legs; she squealed at the sensation of his tongue in her southern regions; when he felt himself getting pressurized again he lifted her head up and drew her into a kiss. She grabbed for his spike and shoved it in by her own means, to which Thundercracker let out a yelp…a very pleasured yelp.

“How did you get so, shall we say, fulfilling?” she teased. Since he was on top this time, it was Thundercracker’s job to do the work—not that he really minded…

"That's for me to know and you to find out, hon," he said huskily as she squeezed her legs around him tighter.

"Faster, sweetie, faster," Gemstone moaned, jerking her hips up and running her hands down Thundercracker's back.

Thundercracker completed his second overload and pulled out, then looked into Gemstone's gleaming red eyes. Almost all of her was a pearly white color, in contrast to the black-and-gold Moonbeam; Gemstone was clearly a grounder, and although she was attractive in her own way, it was different than Moonbeam's kind of attractive. She waited with a rather bewildered look on her face as Thundercracker's mind filled with thoughts of how it would be if he was doing this with Moonbeam instead of a random hooker. The familiar feeling of pressurization he could only get for her was coming back, and he asked, "Gemstone...would you mind it if I called you 'Moonbeam'?"

Gemstone laughed. "Who's Moonbeam? Your wife?"

"Not even close," Thundercracker grumbled.


"In my dreams."

"Lover? Friend-with-benefits?"

"I wish."

Gemstone sat up and gave him an asymmetrical smile. "So is she just some random femme you have a crush on? Because that's okay, y'know? We can still do whatever you want tonight. After all, you're the one paying!"

"Moonbeam is...well, she's my brother's girlfriend," Thundercracker admitted.

"Oh wow!" Gemstone gasped. "I bet he'd be angry if he knew you loved her too!"

"And I can't do anything with her, no matter how much I want to," Thundercracker added. "That's the Mech Code."

"So what does this lovely Moonbeam act like?" Gemstone cooed. "Because you'll find that I'm also a pretty good actress if I want to be."

"You'll see," said Thundercracker, preparing to enter Gemstone yet again. "Let me show you some fun...Moonbeam."

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