The Mech Code

2. This Moment of Love

WARNING: The latter half of this chapter is a tad graphic. Don't say I didn't warn you!


Moonbeam was laughing. "Skywarp, why are we walking to the energon smoothie shop? I'm thirsty!"

Skywarp wrapped his hand around Moonbeam's and told her, "We don't have to teleport everywhere. What do you suppose I've got legs for?"

What he wanted to do was take a long walk with her and just savor the evening. Soon they would reach the smoothie shop, go on their date, and enjoy each other's company.

When they finally reached the smoothie shop, they stood outside the entrance before going inside. Skywarp held one of Moonbeam's hands and caressed her cheek. She looked up at him, her red eyes shining, and they walked inside.

"You can get whatever you want," said Skywarp. "I'll pay for it."

"Why, thank you," said Moonbeam, grinning. "Not every mech is so polite."

Skywarp ended up buying two of the same smoothies. Secretly, he was a little suspicious of them (according to Thundercracker, the majority of it was synth-en, which was terribly unhealthy) but she was the one who had asked for them, so how could he have said no?

As Moonbeam drank her smoothie, Skywarp couldn't help but stare at her from across the table (with hope, not too conspicuously). Finally he asked, "So...what's it like being a medic, Moonbeam?"

"I like it," Moonbeam replied casually. "It's kind of calling, y'know? I was happy to help your brother back at base."

"So was he," Skywarp told her. "You wouldn't believe what happened to him. From what I was told, Starscream and Megatron went on a mission to find some unstable energon cubes before the Autobots did. They ended up running into the Autobots, and one of them, I think it was Ironhide, shot the energon cube when Starscream was holding it, so it actually blew up in his face."

Moonbeam's eyes were wide. "What happened?"

"Megatron was planning on leaving Starscream there, but he decided to save him," said Skywarp. "In fact, since Starscream lost all of his energon, Megatron did a transfusion with some of his own. They were supposed to return by nightfall, but they didn't, so the next morning we went searching for them. When we got them home, Megatron told us that he shouldn't have saved Starscream, but he did...and he doesn't know why."

"Starscream was at Megatron's complete mercy," Moonbeam whispered. "And he saved him?"

Skywarp shrugged. "I guess so."

"Strange," said Moonbeam, stirring her drink with her straw. "But anyway, it is interesting to meet you all. I just came to Earth a few months ago, and who would think that I'd run into you at a smoothie shop?"

"Maybe it was meant to be," said Skywarp.

Moonbeam smiled flirtatiously, then slurped up the last of her smoothie. "Delicious!"

"Really?" asked Skywarp.

"Yes," Moonbeam told him. "In fact, if you buy another, we can use two straws and drink from the same one."

"Sounds romantic," said Skywarp. "Just wait here and I'll take care of everything."

Skywarp and Moonbeam finished their drink. Skywarp dumped the empty container in the trash can and the two of them walked outside. The night was completely dark now, and it had started to rain.

"I don't quite understand this Earth weather," Moonbeam giggled, and clasped her hands in Skywarp's.

"I'll keep you warm," Skywarp whispered, taking her into his arms. She felt so small, so delicate; he could hardly feel the raindrops pelting onto his helmet as he slowly slid both hands down to her hips. Moonbeam didn't have much of a figure, but Skywarp still found his hands seeking her natural hills and valleys. She snuggled closer and placed both hands on his chestplate, eyes closed.

Skywarp looked down and placed one hand beneath her chin. She looked up at him sweetly as her lips formed a smile. She traced one finger from the tip of his wing all the way down to his shoulder; he felt himself shiver with pleasure as he closed his own eyes and drew her in for a kiss. It was nothing short of magical for Skywarp and he hoped it was that way for Moonbeam, too. She stood up on her toes, wrapped her arms around his neck, and they melted into the kiss, just the two of them, kissing in front of the energon smoothie shop as the rain poured down.

Finally their lips separated, but they clung to each other still, his arms wrapped around her tight, her head resting on his chestplate.

"Hey!" they heard a passerby yell. "Get a room, will ya?"

"I can teleport us back to base in two astroseconds," said Skywarp. Moonbeam nodded, grabbed his hand, and they disappeared into the night.


"Where are we going to stay, Skywarp?" asked Moonbeam.

"Well, since Starscream doesn't have to stay in the med bay anymore, we can go in there," Skywarp suggested, leading her down the hallway towards the med bay.

"I think we might get caught," said Moonbeam.

"You don't have to worry," Skywarp told her. "Megatron is the only one who can override the locks, and he doesn't give a slag what we do."

"But what if somebody gets hurt, or sick?" Moonbeam insisted. "Won't they need the med bay?"

"You're the medic, Moonbeam," said Skywarp, slamming the door to the med bay behind him, locking it, and scooping Moonbeam up into his arms, bridal-style. "You tell me."

"Well, okay," she giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck as he carried her to the repair table. "Maybe we need this place more than anybody else right now."

Skywarp sat down on the repair table and pulled Moonbeam up so that she was lying on her front, in between his legs, with his hands on her cheeks, gently turning her head up to look at him. Skywarp had never before encountered such a romantic feeling, and he was very well aware that he'd been becoming increasingly erect ever since that kiss outside the smoothie shop. Now here she was, in between his legs, her beautiful face staring up at him.

Moonbeam smiled, looking flirty again. Skywarp pulled her up a little further and they started making out furiously. Skywarp let his fingers roam; they started out caressing her black-and-gold wings, to which she mewled with pleasure and collapsed against his chestplate helplessly.

"Your body is like a temple," Skywarp whispered as they separated for a split second.

"Lucky for you, the services are open tonight," she whispered back, and that was enough. Skywarp felt his interface panel click open by itself as their lips met again. They let their fingers wander as they pleased, accompanied by unbridled shivers, moans, and squeals.

"Oh, baby, you've caught me in heat," Skywarp moaned.

"We Seekers are always in heat," she giggled, then reached her hands down to his southern regions, wrapping her fingers around his rock-hard spike. "Do you want me to take care of this for you?"

"Please." Skywarp nodded and bit his lip, hoping he wouldn't have his overload right into her mouth.

Moonbeam gently spread Skywarp's thighs apart and started giving him his blow job, which seemed to send static electricity all over his body, feeling amazingly good but a little painful at the same time as he tried to hold it in. One small hand reached up and started stroking his wing repeatedly. Skywarp thought Moonbeam might be teasing him now, and he liked it, but the stimulation of her handling his wings and sucking his spike at the same time was too much and Moonbeam found her face covered in transfluid.

"Oh, um...sorry," said Skywarp, sitting up, his face feeling a little warm.

"Don't worry, it's okay." Moonbeam wiped off her face and crawled right back into Skywarp's arms, stroking his cockpit as they began to make out again.

Skywarp kissed the top of Moonbeam's helmet as she ran her fingers up and down his inner thighs, this time teasingly avoiding the most sensitive areas. While driving him insane in this matter, she let him explore a bit more, his hands wandering down from her wings to her chest and then her hips, and then eventually between her thighs. With a kind of whimper, she spread her legs a little wider, letting him insert his fingers one by one. Hmm...she was pretty wet too. Skywarp could only hope that she was enjoying this as much as he was (a lot).

Because his race tended to be the most fertile (and horny), Skywarp was capable of overloading up to four times in one session. Before he knew it, he found himself ready for the main event, so to speak.

"Are you ready?" he whispered into her ear. She nodded excitedly.

So he picked her up again and swung her around, then pushed himself in. She squealed and placed her ankles on his shoulders as he kept going, his lips kissing hers, his hands flat on the cold metal surface of the repair table.

"I-I'm not even close," Skywarp moaned. Moonbeam only answered with happy-screams; by now the rest of the world was blacked out, and all they knew was their 'facing and their love. Skywarp felt his systems overheating, too fast for his cooling fans to kick in yet, stroking Moonbeam's wings and helmet and kissing her lips and then...With a feeling he couldn't describe as anything but euphoria, Skywarp finally felt the rush of overload inside of Moonbeam, letting his warm transfluid release itself for several long seconds, until finally he pulled himself out and collapsed next to her, panting, eyes shut.

Skywarp's cooling fans eluded him for a few seconds, but he soon felt himself starting to reboot. Weakly, he turned his head to look at Moonbeam, who was leaning up on her elbow, a little smirk on her face.

"So, how was that?" she asked cheekily.

"Perfect, baby," he whispered, turning over and drawing her into his arms. "Just perfect."

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