The Mech Code

20. Reward



It was the twins’ feeding time again, and they were both apparently starving. Starscream was trying to feed them both, but they weren’t making it easy. Stars was nursing at the moment, with Megs impatiently waiting, screaming at the top of his lungs, nestled in the crook of Starscream’s unoccupied arm. Megatron sat calmly at the table, eating his own breakfast. Gemstone and Thundercracker were at the table, too. Gemstone had been acting a little weird that whole morning, and Thundercracker kept staring at her, even though Starscream didn’t think he was aware that he was doing it. Starscream felt like he was about to black out with a massive headache.

“Can you help me out here for once, Megatron?” Starscream demanded, feeling harried as he tried to keep the sparklings from falling out of his arms. “Get your shiny metal aft out of that chair and get a slagging bottle!”

“Why?” said Megatron. “You’ve got one built in, looks like.”

“We have TWO sparklings, in case you haven’t noticed!” Starscream reminded him. “I can only feed one at a time! So can you please give your son his breakfast?”

“Wish I could, Starscream, but I have more important things to do,” said Megatron. “Taking care of the sparklings is your job.”

“Megatron,” said Gemstone quietly. “When did you last hold the twins?”

“On their Creation Day, I do believe,” Megatron told her. “Why?”

“When a sparkling is born,” Gemstone began, “both parents need to be there. You need to hold them, feed them, and play with them. Otherwise they’ll grow up thinking you don’t love them. They want to be close to you and Starscream.”

Megatron looked doubtful, but when Megs noticed him watching, the little gunformer reached out both tiny arms and squealed hopefully.

“See, he wants you.” Gemstone smiled. Scooping Megs out of Starscream’s hand, she carefully passed him over to his daddy, the one who claimed to have no time for him. When Megatron held baby Megs in his arms, Megs reached out for one of the miniature energon cubes sitting on the table.

“No, Megs,” Megatron told him. “You can only have your mommy’s energon, remember?”

“Freezer,” said Starscream, using his free arm to gesture towards the refrigerator.

It was a little awkward, but Megatron managed to feed Twin Number One while Starscream fed his brother. When Megs’ bottle was empty, Megatron set it on the table.

“Well, you were hungry, weren’t you?” said Megatron, holding Megs up.

Megs made a little whining sort of noise, and then threw up all over his father. Starscream was unable to contain his joy, almost letting Stars fall out of his arms as he burst into laughter; Thundercracker and Gemstone were laughing too.

“Hey, that is so not funny,” said Megatron, red eyes flashing. “Take him back!”

“Well, it’s all part of raising sparklings, Megatron,” Starscream told him, smirking at Megatron as he took the other twin back. “Besides, how was I to know that none of us knows how to take care of a sparkling—much less two?”

Megatron scowled and watched Stars take a couple more sucks and then gently detach his mouth, cooing contentedly as he floated into the air, his signal for when he was full and ready to fly again. Starscream put his lactation cable away, closed his spark chamber, and headed to the refrigerator to get some much-needed energon for himself.

Thundercracker, meanwhile, had invented a game for Stars recently. Thundercracker would wave one finger in the air and let Stars chase it around. It helped Stars develop his budding flying instincts and he never seemed to tire of it, so he could play and learn at the same time.

“Okay, that is too cute.” Gemstone giggled. “Even for me.”

“Do you want to try it?” Thundercracker asked.

“Sure,” Gemstone told him, and started the game. Twitching his tiny wings and chasing after Gemstone’s finger, Stars squealed with baby happiness and flew around surprisingly quickly.

“Listen, all of you, I’ve got to go on a mission today,” Megatron announced, setting his breakfast energon down and standing up. “I probably won’t be home until after dark.”

“You mean I have to do all this sparkling stuff myself?” Starscream cried.

“I’ll give you a reward tonight when I get home.” Megatron gave Starscream a wicked grin, leaving no doubt as to what he meant. “Don’t you three stop being adorable.”

“Oh ha-ha, very funny,” Starscream grumbled.


Megatron was right. Darkness had fallen, and he still wasn’t back yet. Starscream couldn’t wait for him to return, though, for a reward…a reward that Starscream had planned.

Starscream waited in Megatron’s office for him to return, and he felt himself perk up when he heard Megatron walk back into base. Starscream had to wait for a long time, but Megatron finally entered the office.

“I believe you’ve forgotten something, Lord Megatron.” Starscream was sitting on Megatron’s desk, swinging his legs, an asymmetrical grin on his face. “My reward?”

“Oh, yes,” said Megatron, rummaging around in one of the desk drawers. “Hey, where are the handcuffs?”

“Looking for something?” Starscream sneered, lifting up the handcuffs.

Before Megatron could react, Starscream tackled him and threw him back onto the floor, fastening the handcuffs around his wrists.

“This time,” said Starscream, letting out an evil laugh, “Starscream will be dominant!”

“NEVER!” Megatron hollered. “I will never take the submissive role!”

“Is that right?” Starscream reached one hand down, in between Megatron’s thighs, and stuck his fingers deep inside, one by one. To his satisfaction, the old mech was already getting wet. Tonight, Starscream would own him.

Just to get started, Starscream lay back on the floor, released his erect spike, and said, “Give it to me, Megsy.”

“I will never suck your filthy spike,” Megatron snapped.

“What’s the matter?” Starscream sat up and grabbed Megatron’s cheeks. “Afraid of a face-full of foam?”

“Megatron knows no fear,” said Megatron. “I just will not reduce myself to this level.”

“No ‘facing till you do.” Starscream gestured downwards.

“All right, I’ll do it,” Megatron mumbled. “And you are going to enjoy it.”

It went without saying that Starscream didn’t get blow jobs from Megatron very often. Usually it was the other way around, but Starscream wished he was the receiver more often because…wow. That actually felt good. Really good.

Starscream collapsed into the wall and moaned with pleasure, which just encouraged Megatron. It got better by the second; Starscream’s spike felt hot, tingling, like a volcano about to explode. It felt almost like an inviting, form-fitting, juicy valve, with Megatron’s tongue massaging the shaft to a fault, working its way up to the tip, and then snaking back down.

“Oh, I-I’m g-gonnaco—augh!” said Starscream, his overload streaming into Megatron’s mouth.

Megatron swallowed with a look of disgust. “How was that?”

“That was amazing,” Starscream told him sincerely, then sat up again, bringing Megatron into an impromptu kiss. They kept making out for a long time, during which Starscream waited to get pressurized enough to penetrate. Yes, he would penetrate Megatron instead of the other way around! Normally, he wouldn’t have been so bold…but he had pretty much fully recovered from his pregnancy by now; he was feeling better and, needless to say, his libido was at an all-time high.

Megatron was handcuffed, but Starscream grabbed one of his Master’s hands and moved it up and down one wing, causing a feeling of ecstasy to pass throughout his entire body. How good it felt, to have wings that didn’t hurt anymore! Having his slag buddy handling them was making it even better.

Once the time had come, Starscream quickly crawled out from under Megatron and kneeled in front of him, and then (not without some difficulty) managed to pry his legs apart.

“What are you doing?” Megatron demanded. “Just returning the blow job, I hope.”

“Not a chance,” Starscream whispered, tugging a little at the shackles that bound his boss’s hands. “I’m the giver this time, Megatron, and you’re the receiver.”

“I will never—yaahh!” Megatron let out a yelp of surprise as Starscream shoved himself in, as deep and as hard as he could.

“Oh, was that a little painful, Megsy?” Starscream cooed sarcastically (as if Megatron would know anything about pain in that location!). “I’ll try to be gentle.”

“No one plays gentle with Megatron!” yelled Megatron.

“If you say so,” said Starscream, setting a slow pace then getting steadily faster and harder as the session went on. It felt exhilarating to be the dominant one for once, to be in control, to be on top—literally and figuratively. Megatron was letting out hybrid grunt-moans, and Starscream was laughing wickedly between wails of pleasure.

“WHO’S the leader?” Starscream continued his fast thrusts, loving the feeling of filling Megatron up and watching him squirm.

“Y-You are,” Megatron mumbled, raising his hips to adjust to Starscream’s speedy pace.

“I can’t HEAR you!”


“Yes, yes, that’s right!” Starscream cried, and kept riding the gray mech, who was moaning even louder now. Megatron was handcuffed, but Starscream might as well have lassoed him, because he really was getting his reward the way he wanted.

Their steamy, raw animal-sex session kept going. If Cybertronians could sweat, they both would be covered in it right now. No matter—they were both soaking by now anyway. Flames of passion were licking their bodies. Starscream heard himself screaming as he felt his overload hit, his hot, sticky transfluid flowing out into his lover shamelessly. Megatron overloaded too with a howl; Starscream collapsed on top of him and drew him into a sloppy kiss.

“Did it feel good?” Starscream whispered in Megatron’s ear, snaking along beside him and taking the handcuffs off. Megatron just grunted again and tried to lift up his head. Starscream nuzzled his cheek. “I guess you’re a little wore out, then, huh? Maybe I have done this right.”

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