The Mech Code

7. Just Let Go

WARNING: Very graphic chapter ahead. No likey no ready...


The anger burning in Starscream's spark slowly turned to sadness, great sadness, as he left his room, looking for somewhere to go. The only place he could think of was the med bay, which had been deserted ever since he'd recovered enough to leave it. As soon as he'd hopped up onto the repair table, Starscream miserably covered his face with his hands and tried to slow down his breathing, slow down his thoughts, but he could think only of Skywarp and Thundercracker, his brothers, his friends.

When they were younger they used to do everything together. They were in a school play once in Seeker School; in fact, they might still have the tape somewhere. Starscream remembered how, when they were younger and he’d just learned to teleport, Skywarp would sneak up behind them at the top of the stairs and push them down. At home, they played in the sky for hours on end; at night they went downtown and hit the clubs; they’d even won the “Best Friends” award in the school yearbook one time. Was all that worth nothing? Was a crafty, scheming femme really all it took to break apart the loyalty of the Command Trine?

Apparently so.

Feeling lost, with nobody to love him, Starscream lay down on the repair table, letting tears stream down his face and onto the table's hard metal surface. Then he heard someone clear his throat.

"Typical...hiding from your fears again, aren't you, Starscream?"

"Megatron?" Starscream sat up. "Why are you here?"

"From what I have observed, your Trine has separated," Megatron said shortly, ignoring the question.

"Don't remind me," Starscream mumbled, closing his eyes, turning away.

“You know,” said Megatron, “there’s really only one way to cope with loss.”

"What's that?" Starscream was interested now.

"Let go," Megatron told him. "If you don’t get close to anyone, you’ll never mourn his demise.”

"But...but they are my brothers," Starscream whispered.

“You must let go,” Megatron repeated. “And to be honest with you—not that I’m too big on honesty—it’s not that difficult.”

Starscream pondered it for a moment. As much as he hated to admit it, Megatron might be on to something. After all, if Starscream hadn't cared about his Trine in the first place, there would be no place for them in his spark...and thus, no empty space when they were gone.

"It's too late," said Starscream. "Nothing can mend this sorrow."

"Just let go..." Megatron whispered, pulling Starscream into his lap. "That's all you need to do."

"Really, Megatron, I'm not in the mood for this right now," Starscream told him, squirming.

"Well, I am," said Megatron.

Losing the Command Trine's friendship had basically put a dent in Starscream's libido, but when he saw his boss hold up the handcuffs, he couldn't help but feel a twinge of excitement down there all of a sudden.

Starscream felt the handcuffs snap onto his wrists as Megatron slid one hand in between his thighs, working its way up to his interface panel, trailing his fingers down Starscream’s wings with the other. By the time Megatron’s hand got there, Starscream had pressurized enough that, when he felt Megatron handling his “equipment”, he sighed and leaned back contentedly, not feeling the need or even the desire to struggle any longer.

No one else knew they did this, at least they couldn’t prove it; Starscream had interfaced with both femmes and mechs in his lifetime but the pain and humiliation he felt every time he did the deed with Megatron gave him an exhilaration that he just couldn’t find anywhere else. Most of the time, he protested at first, but when the goodness kicked in, he just sat back and basically let Megatron do whatever he wanted with his body. This was the only time he enjoyed being submissive to Megatron, and as far as he could tell, that was the way Megatron liked it too.

Megatron let out a quiet laugh as he opened Starscream’s interface hatch and teased, “Looks like I didn’t need to turn my little pleasure drone on after all—you come built to run, don’t you?”

"I can't help it," Starscream told him, feeling a little embarrassed, but he forgot all about it when he felt Megatron slowly stroking the insides of his thighs. "Enter me, please enter me."

"Well, you're MY pleasure drone, aren't you?" said Megatron, his voice low. "So you need to pleasure ME first."

With that, Starscream found himself flung around so that he was now on top of Megatron, who grabbed him and hoisted him up so that they were face-level. Starscream flinched as he felt Megatron nibbling his wings slightly.

"Please, don't...don't do that," he whispered, shaking his head.

"What I say goes," said Megatron shortly, slapping Starscream hard on the aft, and continued his biting as he worked his hand all the way down in between Starscream's legs again. When Starscream felt Megatron’s large fingers letting themselves in, one after the other, he just closed his eyes and let himself enjoy it…

It didn’t last very long, though—Megatron soon pulled his fingers out and picked Starscream up by his armpits, easily lifting him off of the repair table. Starscream was on the floor, on his knees; Megatron sat up on the repair table and spread his own legs, leaving no doubt as to what he wanted. Starscream nodded solemnly and gave Megatron head, trying his best but getting cut off all of a sudden as he felt Megatron grab his helmet, yanking him backwards, Megatron’s massiveness slipping unpleasantly out of his mouth.

"Just a little bit more, pleasure drone," Megatron said wickedly, "and you shall get your reward."

"What do you hunger for, Master?" Starscream whispered as Megatron lifted him back onto the table.

Megatron grabbed Starscream’s hand and told him to pleasure himself. It still felt a little awkward to masturbate in front of somebody else, especially Megatron, but not so much that Starscream was unwilling to do it. Besides, what choice did he have? By now, he had been waiting a long time for what he wanted, too, and when he felt Megatron’s warm tongue running up and down his wings, he felt release and knew that his transfluid was all over Megatron’s lap.

"So you've gone and done that already, huh?" Megatron hissed. "Well, I certainly hope you'll be able to hold off a little longer…next time.”

"No, Master!" Starscream begged, landing on the floor when Megatron stood up. "Don't leave yet! I can do it again!"

"You don't get your overload before I do, pleasure drone," Megatron told Starscream, knocking him aggressively backwards onto the floor. "Your overload is mine alone.”

“Here,” Starscream whispered, pointing towards his literally soaking valve region.

Starscream sighed with relief as Megatron climbed on top of him and then forced his legs apart. Starscream felt a sudden jolt of sharp pain as the well-endowed Megatron shoved himself in.

“Yes, yes, that feels wonderful,” Starscream moaned. The pain was now accompanied by pleasure; he was beginning to enjoy the sensation of being completely filled as his Master reached the maximum point of pressurization.

“Quiet!” said Megatron, grabbing Starscream’s hand, which was still handcuffed, but delicious waves of pain were still coming, and even though Starscream couldn’t move and Megatron was so deep inside of him that every intense thrust brought stinging tears from his eyes, he was loving every minute of it…but before he knew it, it was over as he felt his master overload inside him, his slag buddy's warm seed filling him up, slightly messy but amazingly intimate.

After Megatron finished his release he pulled out and stood up, with Starscream there, still on his aft, legs spread. Knowing he’d be walking funny for the rest of the day and maybe even tomorrow, Starscream quickly pulled his knees together and felt himself blushing.

Megatron removed the handcuffs and as he left the med bay Starscream heard him say, “Well done, pleasure drone.”

“Anytime, Master,” said Starscream, nodding, dazed from the experience. His wings were stinging with pain from being bitten and slammed into the floor—actually, most of him was hurting, and his eyes were still blurred with tears, but it was a good kind of hurt. It always was. Megatron had given Starscream what he’d wanted most; the mixture of physical pain and pleasure that could distract him, albeit temporarily, from the fact that his world was crashing down around him.

But as soon as Megatron was gone, Starscream broke down and started to cry softly, just thinking of the fact that he was now more alone than ever.

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