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❝ i have my own persona and i'll use it to get you. understand? ❞

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Kim Taehyung looked at his right, before he turned to his left. He was searching for somebody.

Then, his sharp eyes caught a small figure who was sitting on the bench near the school garden, enjoying her recess time.

Smirk appeared on his face before he made his way towards her. Grabbing away her sandwiches, he teased.

The girl eventually looked up in surprise.

" S-sunbae, that's my food.. "

" Eo? Ah, your food, I see.. " Said him, playfully before he purposely let go of one sandwich until it fell on the ground.

He stepped onto it and squeezed it with his shoe.

" S-sunbae! "

She stood up and looked up at him in disbelieve.

" What? "

" B-but, it's my food.. "

" I don't care. What I care, my Mathematics exercises will be hundred percently completed by tomorrow morning. "

Taehyung threw his exercise book to Saera before he continued, " You know what will happen if you disobey me. "

He turned away and ready to leave before he remembered something and turned to her again.

" Take this. "

He also threw the pack of sandwiches left towards her but luckily she managed to catch it or else she will back to class with empty stomach.

Her eyes went to Taehyung's figure who was walking so proudly not so far from her. She then looked down, down to her lap where his book was.

Saera sighed.

" Why he must bully me this often? "

— ♡♡♡

Choi Saera finished her recess and went back to her class, all sadly. She entered her class and sat down next to her seatmate, Hannah.

Hannah who was reading the book turned to her and spotted her moody face.

" What's with that face? " She questioned.

Saera looked at her before she lazily held up Taehyung's book.

" Seriously, again? " Hannah asked.

" Yeah.. " Saera sighed.

" You know, you should try to defend yourself. "

" It's easy for you to say. Try him. You won't have guts. "

With that, Hannah grinned like a child.

Well, when it comes to Kim Taehyung, number one school bully, who dares?

— ♡♡♡

" Kim Taehyung! "

Taehyung rolled his eyes as his best friend for the nonstop yells of his name to stop gaming. He lazily turned his head to Jungkook.

" Can you stop? You're disturbing my concentration of winning this battle. "

Jeon Jungkook heaved a tired sigh before he made his way to the plug, and turned off the switch before unplugging it. Automatically, the television screen went black.

Taehyung jaw dropped. " Seriously? You unplugged it just like that? Come on, man! I nearly win! Ah really. "

Jungkook did not care about his unsatisfying feeling. He went to grab Taehyung's bag before he threw it on his lap.

" Hey! "

" You come here to do homework. So do like you said. " Said Jungkook and he went to sit beside Taehyung.

" Oh come on, we still have tonight to complete homework. " Taehyung made an excuse.

Jungkook turned to look at him with one of his eyebrow raised.

" Don't tell me you commanded juniors to do your homework. "

Taehyung tardily grinned. " Well, I just benefited what I have. "

Jungkook sighed again.

" I don't get why you like bullying. "

" Come on, it's not like I hurt them physically. The most painful I ever did to some of them was just a tight grip on their chins. That's all. " Taehyung backed up himself.

" Besides, it's not like you really show good attitude to the others. We're both just the same- Bad, but in our own ways. Me- I like bully others, because it's kinda fun. While you? You're arrogant, cold. Antisocial. So? 1-1, dude. " He added.

Jungkook was lazy to fight words with Taehyung. He really know how to talk against people.

And that was true, Jungkook is an antisocial. He only close with Taehyung, because they were best friend since childhood.

Taehyung has bad hobby which was bullying others, especially juniors. He is famous among the whole school, with his name- Hot Bully.

Jungkook? He is famous too, since he is also one of the handsome boys in the school. Only that, he is more known for his antisocial. For his 24/7 cold and heartless face.

Jungkook found out being social with people was horrible. He could still tolerate with guys, but never with girls. He only found girls were too troubling, silly and noisy with their damn gossips. He really hates to get stuck with girls.

Different from Kim Taehyung, that guy really like to bully girls. So much troubles with these two handsome guys.

— ♡♡♡
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