All is gained All is lost


While half of his crew is ransacking the town, Jack is left with the blame. He is reunited with a long lost sibling as he embarks on an adventure to claim back the pearl.

Adventure / Action
Age Rating:

Is it? Is it really who i think is?

Captain Jack Sparrow sat firmly rooted to the chair, he was struggling to breathe. 'Deep breathes in and out' he mentally reminded himself. It was working he was beginning to breathe better. 'Someone's in the water' he thought almost laughing at his own comment.

"Man overboard! What should we do cap'n?" Mr Gibbs, the new first mate enquired. The whole of the crew where paused waiting for the order to throw in the rope.

"Hall her in!" the crew needed no more words from their captain, already one of them had slung over the rope. Mr Gibbs lingered for a moment wondering if he had heard the captain correctly, had he said her? Shaking his head in disbelief the first mate went to help the rest of the crew to hall whoever it was out of the water.

Jack stood up, breathing returned to normal for now no one was in the water, he walked slowly towards the drenched character, was it? Was it really who he thought it was? He got a bit closer; the character had their arms crossed, their eyes staring, angrily at him.

"Maggie?" Jack said in delight then he saw the look that she gave him.

"Magdalena," he corrected himself, he couldn't help it, a nickname was a nickname and it had stuck, (much to Magdalena's annoyance) but considering she looked like she was already angry with him for something, he thought it best not to annoy her further.

She nodded. one sharp nod that proved to Jack that he was forgiven for at least the nickname mix-up. On her head was the black bandana of which the red version of the same pattern and style was worn by Jack, her dark brown hair hung limp by her shoulders. She carried a sword, pistol and a dagger in her belt, the sword handle was shining in the dim sunlight, it bared the insignia that was all too familiar to Jack.

"Crew's a little run down I see! Well maybe that's because half of them are running round the town terrorizing everyone they meet! I did warn you to be careful!" Magdalena's voice faded slightly at the last sentence, it was hard to maintain anger when you had missed someone for so long. A tear ran down her cheek. It was a long time since she had last set foot on the Pearl, a long time since she had felt the gentle swaying of the wooden structure beneath her feet as it gave itself up to the rolling of the waves.

"Why didn't you come? 10 years Jack, 10! You promised but you never came!" Magdalena let the tears fall. She didn't care what the crew thought, she had waited too long, too much had happened that she hardly dare recall, for fear of suffering another breakdown.

"I was coming, I'm here aren't i? You should have stayed put." Jack told her, his facial expression had hardly changed a bit since Magdalena had first got onto the ship.

Mr Gibbs sighed, he was wondering when Jack was ever going to grasp how the female of species needed to be dealt with. He never seemed to show any emotions towards them and it was a wonder how Magdalena could put up with it so well. But then thought Mr Gibbs I can't say much for those two! Mr Gibbs was the only person on the ship, who knew who Magdalena was and even he could not come close to giving a detailed description of her character or, for that matter, the personality of his captain. Sometimes it felt as though they lived in separate worlds, he and the crew lived in the normal, more down to earth world whereas Jack and Magdalena lived in some distant world, peculiar and way out, up in the sky somewhere.

"I'm sixteen Jack, I was not going to spend another year or so waiting for you, especially not when I found out you where docked in the harbour!" Magdalena walked purposefully towards the cabin door, as she swept past Jack her hand swiped his pistol. The Captain followed her into the cabin but didn't get even as far as the door before Magdalena had the gun, his own gun, pointing at him.

"Magdalena, you wouldn't!" Jack had a grin on his face; he knew that she physically could not harm him, so the whole act was pointless.

"You know I can't! So you can have your gun back!" Magdalena chucked him the gun that had been in her belt and replaced it with the one she had stolen from Jack. He caught it neatly and relished in reminiscence as he ran his finger over the roughly engraved J.S that was etched into the left side of the pistol. The pistol belonged to him, and the one he had been using for 10 years was Magdalena's. For those 10 long years apart they had each only to use their pistol to be reminded of each other.

"So can I have my room back?"

"Don't be stupid, you never had your own room! I've still got two beds in my cabin; you can have your old one back." Magdalena sighed and mentally reminded herself never to drop any subtle hints to Jack, for he never understood them. Ambling her way to the captain's cabin, she took a chance to re-familiarize herself with the feeling of being back on the sea, the scent of the salty water wafted through the rotting beams. Well looks like there needs a little maintenance work done in here! Magdalena thought to herself.

She reached the cabin door, pushing it open, she smiled; it was exactly how she remembered it even down to the old feathered quill that lay across some unwritten paper. Unhooking her belt and placing it on the ready-made bed, Magdalena slid her hand under the pillow, yep, it was still there! The ruby necklace that she had salvaged from the treasure chest that her father had sold, to gain enough money to pay off a debt he had owed. The deep red stone had entranced her and she had been compelled to steal it, although she had never worn it for she did not want her father to catch a glimpse of it and demand it back. Now that he was dead, she saw no reason why it should be kept in its hiding place.

Laying the necklace delicately over her hand, Magdalena took it over to the untidy desk. Lifting up the lid to the small box that served as a jewellery box, she placed it gently inside, her eyes transfixed to the beautiful shine that the ruby gained from the dull light. She was about to close the lid when her eye caught the edge of something silver, moving the bit of paper that concealed the unknown object, she pulled the object out, holding it tightly in her hand. It was a silver baby's rattle. Magdalena bit her lip, closing her eyes, trying to fight back the tears.

"Will you be dining with me tonight?" Jack asked jokingly. He had appeared at the doorway after enquiring about dinner arrangements, since they were close to land, he had planned to give the crew (or the remaining crew,) a feast.

Magdalena turned to face Jack, the tears falling down her cheek and onto her already sodden jacket. Jack's eyes turned to worry and Magdalena opened her hand to reveal the rattle.

"He died Jack, Leo died and there was nothing I could do to help him!" it hit Jack hard to hear of his little brother's death but he knew it had hit Magdalena much harder, she had cared for him for all of his short-lived life and to watch him die right in front of her must have been agony.

Jack rushed over to Magdalena, taking her into his arms and just holding her there until she finished crying. He shed a few tears himself in memory of little Leo. The young, angelic three year old who never grew up to understand the full danger of what being born into the sparrow family meant.

"How? How did he die?" Jack asked gently.

"He got too cold, it was something called pneumonia." Jack knew by the way Magdalena said the official name for Leo's illness, that she had been haunted by the word ever since his life was taken.

They heard the crew shouting, breaking out of the hug, Jack put an arm around Magdalena's shoulders and guided her towards the door. Dinner was being served and the crew would want someone to thank for the feast that they were receiving.

Mr Gibbs was only paying half of his attention to the rambling crew that he was supposed to be keeping in order. He was too lost in thought, of memories, to do anything about it. He remembered being a young boy on this very ship, wondering what he had done to deserve being the subject of pranks for the four year old Magdalena and the nine year old Jack. Now he realized they had done it for two reasons, one was because they liked him and two was because he was the only one gullible enough to fall into their traps every single time.

"ALRIGHT YOU LOT, FORM A SINGLE LINE AND THEN EVERYONE WILL GET THEIR FAIR SHARE!" Mr Gibbs had to shout this command at the top of his lungs to be heard over the crew's growing grumble. The crew moved slowly into a round-a-bout line, it wasn't exactly straight but it would do. Mr Gibbs almost lost his balance; coming back to reality when having been daydreaming can really overpower you at times, especially when you choose shouting as a way of coming out of it. He waited for a while till the queue had died down before he went to get his own portion of the fest the captain had provided, by then the crew where all seated on the benches scoffing down their food and guzzling down their rum.

"'ere who's that girl we hulled up? One of Jack's 'friends' eh?" a crew member started the conversation going. Mr Gibbs was repulsed at the idea of Magdalena being one of Jack's girlfriends, it was just not right, she was sixteen and still (in his eyes) a child.

"Probably, did ya see the look she gave him, it's the look all women give our Jack!" another one of the crew joined in. it was true; women who knew Jack Sparrow had a tendency to be angry at him for some reason or another.

Mr Gibbs perched his plate on the bench where the conversation was being held.

"Look, you lot, you'd better leave Magdalena alone 'cause the cap'n will get mad if he finds you haven't, and quit the rumours, she ain't Jack's girlfriend…" Mr Gibbs had been about to reveal Magdalena's true identity when all heads had turned to the cabin doorway; the crew suddenly grew in height as they panged to be respectable for the captain and his guest, both of which had rather red eyes from crying.

Jack no longer had his arm around Magdalena's shoulders; it now rested on the hilt of his sword. Magdalena tagged along behind him in a similar fashion; apart from she no longer had her sword and pistol tied round her waist.

"Three cheers for the cap'n!" one of the more thankful of the crew exclaimed, the rest of the depleted crew members joined in with the hip-hip-hooray's as Jack walked slowly to the cook. Jack had got the better end of the deal, when the cook had decided that Barbossa was not worth following!

When their dinner had been plated, Magdalena followed Jack to the last bench that had been reserved for him, herself and Mr Gibbs, the first mate. Magdalena greeted Mr Gibbs with a warm smile as she observed how kind the years had been on him since they had last met. To her, Mr Gibbs was like the uncle she never had, he had been the one who would listen to her, he had been the one who she would try to fool into some kind of practical stunt and he would do it only to humour her.

Mr Gibbs quietly asked what was wrong, he could tell something was wrong and he wasn't going to let it pass without finding out what it was.

"Maggie told me the bad news." Magdalena gave Jack a hard stare until he retorted her full name.

"What bad news?" Mr Gibbs was worried and confused, what possible news could have made them both upset to the point of crying.

"Poor little Leo is dead." Jack said with a slight gulp at the end of the last word. It frightened him to speak of death, he realised how close he came to joining his parents and little brother in Davey Jones' locker, almost every day. He realised how he had endangered Magdalena to facing the same fate.

"Leo, but the poor boy was only a baby!" Mr Gibbs exclaimed, visions of the cradle in which Leo was kept, unless he was being carried around by Magdalena, entering his mind.

"Toddler actually," Magdalena reminded him, her voice not much louder than the soft swish of the waves as it rolled against the side of the ship.

Jack took his tankard of rum into his hand, standing up he addressed his crew.

"Men, I'm grateful for your faith and trust in me, when lacking numbers we all managed to keep the pearl going. I'm also glad 'cause fate brings me back to my little sister and even though she brings sad news of my little brother's death, I welcome her back and I hope you will to. And if any one of you tries to do anything to my sister then you will find yourself walking the plank in shark infested waters!" Jack eyed the crew, especially the ones who, if given the chance, would try to abuse Magdalena.

Magdalena turned her head away in embarrassment, she had only been on the ship for about ten minutes and already he was looking out for her safety. Taking her own glass, Magdalena downed the contents in one and went for another, waiting for her brother to feel the consequences.

Jack soon had to sit down. The effects of the rum had gone straight to his head despite years of drinking the stuff. He was used to making himself drunk, not experiencing it second hand.

"Feeling tipsy yet?" Magdalena whispered in his ear.

"How many have you had?" Jack asked. Magdalena held up five fingers.

"Five! Is that it, you need at least ten!" Jack took Magdalena's tankard and his own and went to fill them with rum. If she was going to get him drunk as well as herself, he might as well help her out.

A minute later, he was back with two overfilling tankards of rum.

"Bottoms up!" he said downing the glass in one, Magdalena did likewise.

Mr Gibbs watched on as Jack and Magdalena got more and more drunk. More rum was poured until they physically couldn't pour another, which wasn't all that long because both of them were making each other drunk.

Jack was sprawled across the chair not really caring what he looked like. He brought the empty bottle up to his mouth (he had given up having to pour it out into a cup and decided that having a whole bottle to himself was a much better idea,) when it reached his lips and nothing came out, he smashed the glass bottle on the side of the leg of the table.

"Why is the rum always gone?" he muttered.

Magdalena was leaning heavily on the table, attempting to finish the remainder of her rum; she ended up spilling it on the table.

"Cause we keep drinking it!" she explained, her words where slightly slurred and she lost her footing falling down on the planks of wood that made up the top deck, grabbing on to the table she stopped herself from going any further.

"Don't do that Maggie, it hurts!" Jack said rubbing his leg where Magdalena could feel a bruise coming on hers. She was too drunk to say anything about the nickname.

"Come on missy, up you get, I think you need to go lay down!" Mr Gibbs had his arms around Magdalena and was pulling her up so he could successfully carry her to the captain's cabin and put her haphazardly in her old bed.

He would leave the captain where he was, because a) he was too heavy to carry and b) he was quite used to waking up (after being drunk the previous evening) to find himself still on the deck in the same chair that vaguely remembered flopping in to after the first 3 drinks.

Magdalena was heavier then she had been last time he had carried her to her bed but light enough for her height. Mr Gibbs saw it as his responsibility to make sure Magdalena was safe when her brother was unable to do so, he being the first mate and the closest friend of the Sparrow's.

When he had laid Magdalena on the bed and closed the cabin door behind him, he proceeded to go back on the top deck and start the night duty that he was assigned to do for that night. Apart from the usual walk round the deck checking all was well and secure, he also had the added job of keeping an eye of the captain, making sure that nothing happened to him, as he had promised Eleanor Sparrow (Jack and Magdalena's mother).

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