Naruto get something stolen and he needs to get it back before its all too late.

Action / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Somewhere far away...

“NO!”The man screeched, his mouth as every other somehow working against the poison in his veins. His body was paralysed, he couldn't stop her. His screaming stopped as she pulled back her hand and watched as his body slumped into a pile on the ground. A hollow shell with nothing important left to hold.

She opened her hand and spun towards her assistant. The white light flickered, the light refusing to go out. “This one is strong, surely this time-”Before she could speak no more, the light flickered and died out. A black rock left in her hand. “DAMMIT!” She bellowed, throwing the stone against the floor. It bounced across the stone floor rolling across the tiles until it came to a stop and cracked into two halves.

“This one was a failure as well.” Her assistant, Johan, said, his face older and wrinkled. “ is impossible afterall.”

“No.”She snapped. “We just need someone stronger. Brighter.”

“Who?”Mimi, her younger sister asked, eyes not quite as green, but red hair much brighter. “This one was so hopeful, so strong willed.”

“Then we will go find a will that burns like fire.”

Mimi gasped and even Johan's eyes widened. “You mean Konoha? We'll never get into Konoha. Their Hokage is Uzamaki Naruto, you know -the war hero.”

She smiled. “Oh believe me, I know.”


“NARUTO!” Shikamaru yelled, bursting into the seventh Hokage's room. His eyes jumped to the Hokage's chair was empty. “Naruto?” Curtains rippled from the window, papers falling from the desk. Shikamaru sighed. “Gone already.”

“What's going on?” A voice exclaimed behind him.

“Sakura.” Shikamaru said on a turn. He faced the pink haired Ninja, his eyes alerting hers. He turned to face the open window. “Hostile Ninja's were spotted coming towards the village but I suppose Naruto already noticed.”

Sakura grumbled under her breath as she turned and stalked towards the window. Her foot leapt onto the window ledge, hesitating as Shikamaru spoke behind her. “Where are you going?”

“After Naruto.”

“If its Naruto, I'm sure he can handle it himself. He's the seventh now, after all.”

Sakura stared at Shikamaru, Naruto's trusty right hand man, long enough for the message to pass through. Shikamaru sighed and came up behind her. “You're right. Who knows what that idiot will do? Never mind the other Ninjas.”

“After all this time, I thought you'd be a little sharper, Shikamaru.” Sakura chuckled, leaping from the window and landing on the rooftops. Shikamaru took the lead, heading towards the east end of the village.

“He's been a good Hokage; it's making me rusty.” Shikamaru shrugged.

Sakura just shook her head. “So, what do these Ninjas want?”

“Let's catch up to Naruto and find out.”

Five minutes earlier...


Naruto put down his brush, his words half written on the paper with scrawled ink. He sat up in his chair, an eyebrow raised. “Kurama?”

Someone's approaching the village.”

“An Allied Ninja?”

No. Whatever they're coming here for, it isn't good.”

“Hostile Ninja, then.” Naruto grinned, rising from his chair. He moved towards the window, undoing the latch. “Just as I thought I've been doing too much desk work. Which way are they coming from?”


“Alright.” Naruto leapt onto the window ledge. “Let's go, Kurama.”

It only took a minute for Naruto to reach the edge of the village. He dropped from the rooftops, the night casting long shadows from the lights of the village. Darkness shrouded the surrounding forests as the Hokage stood silently waiting. He moved a fair distance from the closest house, no need for collateral damage.

50 meters....40...30...”

A rustling stirred in the trees, leaves whispering to each other, twigs breaking. The dull sound of the village rose into the starlit sky as three Ninja in black dropped to the grass.

“Just three?” Naruto groaned. “You'll need a lot more than that to even think about trying to do something to Konoha.”

“Good thing we didn't just bring three then, Seventh Hokage; Naruto Uzamaki.”

Yeah, he knew that too. There was no way they could hide the hundred Chakra signals surrounding him.

“What do you guys want with Konoha?” Naruto asked, his eyes keeping watch of the visible three. “You're not allied Ninja.” He stared at their head protectors, a small loop carved into the centre. “What village are you from?”

“We do not belong to any village.”The middle one said, her animal mask hiding her face- the same as the rest of her companions.

“You didn't answer my first question.”

Neither did they answer it now. The fox-masked Ninja lifted her hand, fingers splayed. “Surrender, Hokage.”


Her hand clenched into a fist and Ninjas began falling out of the trees like a water fall. They reined down on him, attacks at the ready. Naruto smiled.


Two huge incandescent golden paws burst from each side of Naruto's body. Ninjas were swiped away like they were nothing but dirt as the Jinchuriki power crashed into their small, fragile bodies. They fell to the ground like rain, some shadows clones dissolving in the fray. Naruto looked back to the three Ninjas stood in the opening, their forces regrouping behind them. A good portion of them incapacitated, and at least 1/10th injured. There were less than sixty of them now.

“Leave Konoha.”

“Not until we get what we came for.”

“Which is?”

She refused his question again.

“Your forces aren't strong enough to get past me.”

“No.”She conceded, stepping forwards. Naruto took a step as well, allowing his Fox-tail cloak to fade back into Kurama's chakra. “But I am.”

She dove forwards into a sprint, a blade springing into her hand. Naruto dropped, his body racing forwards as his own Kunai tightened in his grip.

They clashed with resounding metal. The foreign Ninja moved first, trading heavy blows against Naruto's. In the corner of his eye, he could see the Ninja's creeping past his sides. He leapt back for a moment of time from his opponent. “Kaje Bushin no jutsu!” Natsu yelled, copies appearing at his sides. Ten on either side raced forwards to suppress the oncoming wave of Ninjas assaulting his flanks. The ones that escaped through the cracks came around to his back, missing their chances to persue into Konoha- not that he'd ever let them.

Something's not right, Naruto.”Kurama's voice echoed in his head as he lashed out at the escaped Ninja coming to attack him from behind.

“I know.” Naruto growled, pushing back against the female Ninja's attacks. She was fasts and her hands handled the blades like water. Naruto recognised the suppressed fighting style. Wherever she was from now, she had origionally been apart of the Hidden Mist Village. “You're not here for the village are you?”

She responded by harshening her blows, each one weighing almost a tonne more than the last.

He pushed her forwards and she staggered back several steps, giving Naruto the advantage. He moved to jump at her before he felt his legs cease.

Naruto! Stop.”

Naruto froze. Energy vibrated up his feet as he looked to the ground a mere inch from his front toe. He took his Kunai and threw it into the ground. Energy sparked up and the blade as words rippled in the ground. The jutsu dispelled on the ground, absorbing the knife and disintegrating it into dust.

He hissed at the fresh bite of pain cascading down his arm. Blood leaked down the tear of his sleeve. “Ouch.” Naruto grumbled. He looked back up at the Ninja, her body taunt.

“I won't fall into your tricks.” He said, a smug smile on his face.

The female Ninja relaxed, her followers abandoning their attack on his shadow clones to stand behind her. She reached up to her mask, removing it from her face. Long red hair flowed down her back, pretty green eyes on her face and skin as flawless as fresh snow. She smiled.

“What are-” He didn't get to finish as a roar of pain burst from his mouth.

Naruto!”Kurama growled.

Naruto dropped to a knee, his hand clutching the wound on his arm. “What do?” He heaved, each breath like liquid fire over his chest. He bit down on another bite of pain.

“You were right.” The Ninja said. “I did not come for Konoha.”

Naruto heard the faint thumps of knives cutting into the ground around him. Six knives spread a perfect distance apart around him. The blades melted and he staggered to his feet to move out of the way as they began to draw shapes on the ground beneath his feet. He tried to move his feet even a step forwards to break out of the square but it was like lifting a boulder a thousand times Kurama's size. He didn't have enough time to move as the technique activated and light sprung up from the ground.

Naruto felt the seal on his stomach repel against the power picking at the seams of its holding. It held off, kept completely shut until all its binding chakra bled out. His whole body cracked and rippled, but physically, his body remained intact as everything became exposed. He felt as if a doorway was opened into his soul as the light poured into every vein, every artery, every vessel. “We came for you, Naruto Uzamaki.”

The Ninja rose her hand and plunged it into his chest, a white hole opening himself to her. Naruto bellowed out at the hand digging through his chest, cutting into him like a dagger as it sliced through to what it wanted. She smiled and Natsu felt the hollowest dread rise in his chest as her fingers circled her goal.

“NO!” Naruto screamed. “NO! LET GO OF IT! YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT.”

Her eyes mused at him. “You do not know what it is, and yet your body understands its importance.”With that final last word, she squeeze and ripped her hand from his chest.

The most horrifying noise tore from Naruto's throat as his body began to shut down. Life drained from his body, his heart slowly, his mind shrinking. Darkness swam around his vision, watching as the Ninja opened her fist. A small white ball sat in her hand, glowing, flickering.

“Quick, put it...” His hearing faded. She lifted her hand and put it in a small frame, surrounded by a clear shell. As she removed her hand, the container sealed itself, sealed away that part of him, that very special part.

Naruto!”Kurama's voice echoed like a faint whisper. “Naru...”

Everything silenced and with his vision almost gone, he caught the faint movements of the female Ninja look back at him, and without a blink of an eye she turned and said something to one of her followers before disappearing back into the trees. Two ninja moved towards him, one drawing a blade. He stood outside the hexagon as he lifted it above his head, the tip pointed at his throat.

Naruto watched the darkness swallow the blade moving down on top of him, and all that was left was silence.

Silence and darkness.

“CHA!” Sakura yelled. Her fist crashing down on the Ninja. His blade shattered into shards, his body buried six feet down, crushed.

The second Ninja's eyes widened, before her instincts took over, her feet turning, ready to run- she couldn't move. She squeaked, her eyes looking down at the deformity of her shadow, bound in the length of the night to another. “You're not getting away.” Shikamaru growled. His power squeezed her body until she collapsed from lack of oxygen and he finally released her. Shikamaru turned to Sakura.“Keep her alive, we need her-”

“Naruto!” Sakura yelped, charging towards the prone Hokage collapsed against the ground. His arm bled against the concrete, crossing over black lines shimmering with light-

“SAKURA, STOP!”Shikamaru yelled, his shadow leaping forwards, just in time to stop her body crossing over the threshold.

“Shikamaru, let me go!” Sakura shrieked, forcing her way forward.

“Sakura! Look around him!”

Sakura stopped, her eyes dropping to the ground. She noticed the hexagon around his body, the words written in black ink- no...that wasn't ink. It was blood.

Shikamaru released his technique as he stepped up beside her. “Step into that hexagon and you'll be killed alive. No living thing can step in there.”

“But what about Naruto? What have they done to him? What happened?”

“I don't know.”Shikamaru shook his head, his eyes pinned down onto the body of his leader, eyes stone cold. “Sakura, go call Sasuke and Hinata. I'll wait here.”

Sakura looked up, her eyes welled with tears. She watched Shikamaru's face harden into an emotionless sheet, but they had known each other long. She could see the untold fury burning in his eyes.

Sakura rose, taking a deep breath and wiping her arm. She turned, and left, but not without taking one last look over her shoulder at her fallen friend.

Land of Fire, Western border...

Sakura stumbled, her foot catching loose on a branch, sending her body tumbling forwards. She caught onto a lower branch, willing her body to pull her up. She staggered to her feet and pushed onwards. The ache in her chest was like a lead weight, holding her down, threatening to make her fall. She ignored it, suppressed it as best she could. Not yet. She couldn't cry yet.

She almost cried when she told Hinata the news. But she had almost broken when she saw Hinata collapse to the ground. She had held strong as she saw through the technique, said it was draining his chakra- his life chakra. Naruto should have been dead, if not for Kurama interfering. She didn't know how much longer Kurama could filter his Chakra into Naruto to keep him alive before all his chakra was gone too. At the rate they were both going, they could both die any second.

Sakura yelped as a vine caught around her ankle, ripping her from her head and from the tree and dragging her down towards the ground. This time, there were no lower branches to catch onto and no trees to break her fall. She tried to turn in the air but her ankle was still tethered to the vine. If it were to come up short of the ground, her ankle would surely brake. She used all her muscle to try reach her hands up to her foot but the force pulling her down made it impossible. She turned just in time to see the ground come beneath her. “SASUKE!”

Sakura gasped as she felt the impact hit her, hard and strong. She opened an eye, ready to assess the damage, only to see two dark eyes looking down at her. “Sasuke!” She exclaimed. And that was all it took. Tears burst from her eyes as her arms went around his neck, clinging to him desperately. She pulled back in an instant, eyes going to his confused ones. “Sasuke, you need- you need to come with me.” She heaved out. “These ninja's came- the village- Naruto- Naruto is-”

“Sakura.” Sasuke spoke, his hands reaching up to her face. His palms pressed against her cheeks forcing her to look up into his eyes. They held hers with a stern gaze as he spoke, his voice so controlled and even. “Breathe.” She took a deep breath, her chest filling and falling. Satisfied, Sakura watched Sasuke's eyes darken. “What about the village and Naruto?”

“He's dying.”

Konoha, Eastern Border...

“Shikamaru!” Sakura yelled, catching his attention. Dawn was breaking on the horizon just as the pink-haired ninja and an old friend came flying down from the tree tops.

Sasuke stilled as his eyes moved straight towards Naruto's prone body.

“What happened?”

“We don't know.”Shikamaru said, his face even stiffer from the last time Sakura saw it. “I asked Ino to take a look at the ninja we took, but they know nothing. They've been kept in the dark.”He turned his head to the darkened Ninja, his eyes betraying nothing as he looked down at his closest friend. “Do you know how to break it? Kurama's chakra could run out any second now.”

Sasuke didn't reply, instead stepping close up to the hexagon. “Get back.”He dropped to the ground in a crouch, his eyes hesitating on Naruto's body. Only a small cut on his chest gave any sign of injury, but even the normal ninja could see the life barely clinging onto him. “Rinnegan.”

Colour shifted to the monochromic scale as his eyes scanned the hexagon. He could see the glimmer of orange chakra burning in Naruto's heart gate, the small ember slowly dying. Sasuke felt something tighten in his chest as his eyes leapt back to the hexagon, using all his willpower to exam it throughly and fast. He scanned for a weak link, something to use to break the circle but the technique had been perfected in its creation, using the chakra it absorbed to strengthen the boundary. You couldn't break into it using chakra...

“It's absorbing the chakra.”Sasuke said, standing to his feet. He turned to his wife. “It's using the chakra its taken from Naruto and the nine tail to strengthen the barrier. You can't break it with ninjutsu or genjutsu.”

“Then how do we break into it?” Hinata stepped forwards, her eyes staring at the hexagon.

“Where's Rock Lee?” Shikamaru said stepping forwards. “His taijutsu must work again it?”

“I think he's on a mission?”

“A mission then where's Gai sen-”

“NARUTO!”Hinata screamed, her body diving forwards. Shikamaru's shadow leapt out to wrap around her. Tears poured down her eyes, fighting to get forwards. “His heart! The chakra in his heart has gone out!”She cried.

“What?” Sakura yelled. She ran to the edge of the border, her eyes scanning his body. “That's it! I'm breaking him out!”She raised her fist in the air, her hand tightening into a fist, summoning up all her energy. She threw it forwards, but barely moved an inch before the sound of skin against skin resonated into the air.

Sakura's eyes turned away from Natsu, frustration and rage and despair making a dangerous combination as she looked up into her husband's eyes. “Sasuke...” She growled. “Move.”

“You used up all your chakra, and what will be left to heal Naruto?”

“But his heart has stopped! He'll die!”

“Sakura.”His eyes bore down on her, that steeled, unnerving gaze holding her still. “Stop.”

“I-”Sakura's voice choked, her eyes welling with tears. Her arm went limp and Sasuke released her fist. It felt to her side, her legs collapsing beneath her. “Naruto.” She whimpered, her fingers digging into the dirt by the line. She imagined his hand in hers holding him. Something moved in the corner of her eye and she looked up to see Sasuke move.

“Sasuke, what are you doing?” Shikamaru yelled, wanting to move but Hinata was still determined to race straight in. “Sasuke, stop!”

“No.” Sasuke said, his toes a finger's breadth from the line. “Sakura's right. His heart has stopped, all oxygen in his brain will begin to die in the next fifteen seconds and he'll become even more of an idiot before.”


“I can hold out for fifteen seconds.”

“But it's not the same!” Shikamaru argued, the lines of frustration growing on his face. “You'll have to use an enormous amount of chakra just to break through!”

“Shikamaru.” Sasuke said, lifting one foot. “Do not underestimate me.”

With those final words, Sasuke placed his foot above the line.

Light burst like a ball of energy across every cell crossing the border. Flames burned through his clothes, tearing into his skin, his hair, his eyes. It was like trying to walk through steel as he pressed forwards. He'd barely moved an inch and his breathing laboured, his heart pounding and pounding against his sternum. “Dammit.”He hissed.

A wave of relief came around him like a sheet, giving him a moment to breathe. He recognised that chakra. Sensations flickered back to feel the two palms pressed against his back, protecting his body from damage. Her will bled through into him as his body steeled. That idiot. Did she never listen to him?

Chakra burst from him like a wave, slamming against the wall, the familiar battle against Naruto's chakra as he pushed and pushed. He willed his legs to move. Just a single step and he'd be inside. It would have been easy enough to break through any body else's chakra. Not Naruto's. They're two half's of a whole- two matching reincarnations. Not to mention the nine tails Chakra. But as he pressed harder and harder against it, he felt it give, felt it bend around him. The nine tails. Even his chakra was giving everything for the idiot. But it was that tiny bit of leniency that gave the barrier a weak spot. And he pushed on that weak spot, with every bit of strength he had. He felt it give and slammed his chakra against the spot. The barrier rippled and he fell through the gap, dropping his knees to the ground.

He felt Sakura's hands fall from his back, staggering back into Hinata, finally free from Shikamaru's grasp. Words flew from their mouths as they raced close to the edge. But it all sounded far away, distant. He could feel the intense pull of the Chakra being absorbed from his body.

He tried to use his sharingan to see the Chakra in Naruto's body but it wouldn't activate. It was using all his will power to resist the technique. It's pull was too strong to block, but Sasuke wouldn't let it take anything from him. He ignored the strength of the pull to the earth and staggered to Naruto's body. His hands pressed against his chest.

A single thought tackled his body into shock.


So Empty.

He shook his head, trying to force it out, but he couldn't. The thought resonated through every part of him, a huge bucket of dread spreading like a virus across his body. His tasted the iron in his mouth before he realised he was biting down on his lip, the flash of pain like a dull ripple in his exhausted body.

Naruto's skin was cold to the touch as Sasuke slipped an arm around his back. He tossed Naruto's body over his shoulder and almost collapsed under the weight as he stepped back towards the boundary.

A dreading thought echoed through his mind. What if the barrier was double sided? Sasuke's eyes looked up at the barrier, feeling his last scraps of Chakra being torn from his body, forcing his body to open up his gates to stay alive. If the barrier was double sided, that meant he'd have to break through it once more. Sasuke only had about five percent of his chakra left -a fly's worth against a barrier with not only Naruto and the nine tail's chakra but his own.

He pushed forwards and hit the barrier, feeling it strain against him. It was resisting...oh n-

Hands clamped around his biceps and pulled. He staggered, falling straight through the barrier as he was torn from the ninjutsu. Shikamaru lifted Naruto from him an instant before he dropped to his hands and knees. “Sasuke!” Sakura exclaimed, her eyes flickering to him with concern.

“I'm fine.” He panted. She nodded, turning away from him without any more hesitation.

Shikamaru laid Naruto down on the grass just as Sakura dropped to his side. She placed her palms over his chest just as green light began to glow from them.

Sasuke's body racked hard with shakes, his body exhausted beyond compare. If the enemy had that kind of unknown ninjutsu, he'd hate to know what happened.

Empty. So Empty.

The thought echoed back inside his head, a cold chill following it. The rock of dread in his gut still hadn't settled.

He sat back on his haunches, his breathing calmed, chakra slowly returning to his body. He looked up at Sakura completing compressions against Naruto's chest.

“You cannot die on me!”Sakura snapped, eyes welled in her eyes. In the middle of her forehead sat her diamond- strength of a hundred seal. All that chakra stored over however long...she was using it all on Naruto.

Hinata sat, now in silence, tears streaming down her face as she waited. Shikamaru also sat in silence, eyes never leaving Naruto's face.

Hours later...

The sun rose up over the tree tops, dappled light beaming down on them. They waited, and watched as the sun rose higher and higher as Sakura refused to give up. Nobody spoke, nobody moved. Sakura vowed not to stop until all her chakra was exhausted. And that's what she did.

She didn't stop, and as the sun rose into afternoon, her chakra finally ran out.

Naruto's heart was still. Only Sakura's hands deep inside his chest, kept blood pumping around his body. Sasuke stood, his feet bringing him to Sakura's side. He placed his palm on her shoulder.

She flinched beneath him, every muscle in her body going taunt. “I can't leave him...” She whispered.

Sasuke slid his hand down her arm, lowering it until it was placed on the top of Naruto's chest. His eyes looked down onto the still muscles... Hinata lowered her head, pushing breath into her husband's mouth, as she had been for hours. Sasuke looked over at Shikamaru, as silent as a shadow. He rose as he felt Sasuke's gaze.

Sasuke shook his head. Shikamaru's mouth opened, his eyes wide. “But-”Sasuke only shook his head again. He turned back to Sakura, his hand wrapping around her wrist.

Sasuke tightened her grip on her wrist. Her head snapped to face him, her mouth ready to argue but stopped. Sasuke's eyes were dead. Every trace of emotion was gone.

“Sasuke...” She whispered. His grip tightened even more on her wrist, his eyes refusing to look to Naruto's body. He laid so still, so sound. It was as if he was just sleeping. He was undamaged except for the cut on his arm. He had no reason not to live. His body was fine, she had infused chakra into his body and yet...

He still wouldn't wake up.

“No.” She said, refusing to move her hand. “I can't.”

Sasuke nodded, his grip relaxing around her arm. Relief washed through her as her hand relaxed around Naruto's heart.

Just as she thought Sasuke was about to let go, she found herself stumbling backwards on her feet. She froze. Her eyes travelled down her arm, down her wrist, over Sasuke's arm and onto her palm. Her hand... “No!” Sakura screeched, diving for Naruto's chest. Sasuke blocked her way, wrapping her arms around her as she fought against him. Her strength dulled by lack of chakra couldn't break free. Her eyes stared at his body over Sasuke's wide shoulder. Even as she saw Shikamaru tearing Hinata back, she couldn't stop herself fighting, struggling to get to him. She can start his heart. She can start it.

She heard a thud beside her, causing her head to turn. Hinata dropped into a ball of sobs and heart broken screams as Shikamaru held her close. She shook with sobs of pain and heart ache, of utter defeat. Of grief.

“STOP IT!” Sakura screeched. Shikamaru turned up in surprise to look at her. “WHY ARE YOU CRYING? HE'S NOT DEAD! I'LL MAKE HIS HEART BEAT! I'LL DO IT! HE'LL LIVE! HE'LL BE OKAY! He'll... He'll be okay...I'll”Her body went limp as she felt that swallowing wave of grief begin to consume her. “No...”Sorrow broke through like an overwhelming damn, suffocating her every function. Her hands clung to Sasuke as if she was desperate for air, fighting from drowning in the consuming emotion. Sasuke said nothing, his arms wrapped tight around her. “He's only sleeping...” She whispered. Naruto's face, smiling and cheeky and happy popped up in her mind, and then it all hit her too hard.

Naruto was dead.

One day la-


Sakura sobbed, clinging so hard to Sasuke's chest that she couldn't even hear it.

Hinata, drowning in so much grief, she didn't listen.

Sasuke, so shut off from the world didn't notice.

Shikamaru, so torn by loss, didn't pay attention.

That tiny little noise was lost to grief. That tiny little noise that could have saved a friend, a lover, a father, a son, a hero...


Everybody was shocked into silence. They all stood taunt, their muscles bunched into stillness. Moments seemed to turn into years as they all began to turn. Boruto stood on the edge of the trees, his eyes locked onto Naruto's body.

“Boruto...” Hinata sobbed, her body finding strength to stagger to her feet. She raced to her son, tackling into his chest and pulling him into her body. She held his tight against her, but her son didn't move a muscle. His eyes looked over her at the body laid in the centre of the grass, a circle of sunlight washing over him.

“He breathed...”Boruto whispered. “He's okay right? I heard him breath!”

Hinata tore her son back, her eyes matching his. “You what?” She hoarse voice barely whispered.

“He was breathing-”

“Naruto!” Sakura cried, dropping down to his chest. She placed her head against his mouth. It was like time slowed as everyone stood still watching her, waiting. She was still for a long time before she slowly sat up, tremors shooting through her movements. Tears rolled down her cheeks and everyone felt that shock pain bleed back into them.

Sakura mumbled under her breath, so tiny and quiet none of them could hear it.

“What?”Shikamaru whispered, stepping forwards. She turned to look up at him, eyes blood shot, dark circles, wet cheeks.

“He's breathing.”

Relief erupted through the Ninja's. Shikamaru dropped to his knees, looking down beside Naruto, his head falling into his hands. He took a deep shuddering breath over and over again.

Hinata fell down besides her husband, pressing her head against his. Sakura raised shaky hands over his chest, giving his body strength.

Sasuke stood in silence over Naruto. His eyes turned a deep red, watching with complete focus, the tiny flickering flame burning inside of Naruto's chest.

Naruto was alive.

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