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Sunset // Sope


The sun must set to rise. "Name?" "Jung Hoseok." The boy immediately responds. "So what happened on May 14th 2013." "It was the first time I had ever gone to the beach, little did I know i would never want to go back..." BTS fan fiction, set in a dystopian setting. 8 teens on a day trip are met with a new world, one where being a youth means being locked away. One persons heaven is another's hell. Boy, he's cute. What am i saying, i just called a god damn drug dealer cute. "I love you to Neptune and back." Top! Yoongi Bottom! Hoseok

Romance / Action
A ray of sunshine
Age Rating:

Prologue - sunrise

May 14th 2013~

Jungkook has gone to Eurwangi beach located near Seoul, he is on a family holiday and is 15.

Hoseok has never been to the beach until today, his next door neighbour Seokjin had offered to take him. Jin is like an older brother to Hoseok. Hoseok is 19 and Jin is 20.

Namjoon has gone to the same beach with his girlfriend (they have been together for 2 years), his girlfriend (Jennie) is very pretty and loves Namjoon a lot. They are both 18.

Yoongi is a part of a gang, they had been invited to a beach party, Yoongi had driven him and 6 others down to the beach in his 7-seater car. Yoongi is 20.

Taehyung attends the same school as Namjoon and has gone on a day trip to the beach with his grandparents, Tae is 17.

Jimin had run away from his foster parents, he lives in Seoul so it wasn't hard for him to take a bus to the beach and relax. Jimin is 17.

The present day has been rewritten in a time of war.

The unity alliance included : South Korea, England, America, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and South Africa.

The Confederation alliance included: Germany, Italy, North Korea, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Austria and France.

[a/n - These are completely made up, they just work with the story line]

War is going to break out any moment.

The reason for the alliances forming is kept quite and the public have no clue why its all happening.

Namjoon is straight and has a girlfriend.

Quite early on in the story you will realise that Yoongi is bisexual.

At the start of the story Hoseok does not know his sexuality due to the fact that he had never been in love before, but later realises that he is gay.

And Jimin just wants someone to love him.

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