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Arrest me


This is kinda inspired by Agatha Christie's book The ABC Murders. Jimin a newly made detective for Seoul police becomes the new target for the famous serial killer 'alphabet killer'. Jimin is determined to catch him at any cost, even if that means getting caught himself. Jungkook a smart, cunning killer. Who is very particular about when and who he kills. The only pattern is he follows is the alphabet, with only men being his victims. He obsesses over them, kidnaps them and hurts them until he grows bored. Dumping them and then moving onto his next victim. Until he meets Jimin, the lead detective on his case. And once he reaches J, he knows exactly who is going to be next. Not sure what will happen in this book, but excited to see where it goes. ⚠️smut, murder & gore warning⚠️

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His screams echoed through the decaying hallway, the pitter patter of his footsteps ringing deliciously in Jungkook's ears. This is his favourite part- the chase.

Nothing else felt so exhilarating, so mind numbingly orgasmic. Nothing brought him so close to the brink-to euphoria, like the excitement of catching his prey.

He scrapes the sharp tip of the knife against the gravely wall, chuckling as he hears the boys worthless begging, pleas for help. Trying to rip into the little empathy he had.

Pathetic is all that crossed Jungkook's mind. What a weak, pitiful man he was before him.

The man limps through the seemingly endless hall, clinging to the dusty wall for support. His body felt so drained, heavy and disgusting. He was exhausted, so close to death he could feel its bony claws.

He'd been trapped here for days, chained to the table, straps dug into his skin, the force causing his tender flesh to bleed. Only comfort he'd known was excruciating, seething agony as his body convulsed from the pulsating electricity running through his veins.

He never knew why, the reason behind his agony and torment. He didn't understand why this man took him, tortured him,forced him to do things that will haunt him his nightmares for the rest of his life. The man was pure evil, a villain pulled right out of a horror movie.

No emotions, no feelings, no compassion for what he's done or who he's hurt. The man was a monster through and through and Adrein was unlucky enough to be caught in his web.


Adrien was hunched over his desk, muscles aching from the uncomfortable position. He'd been working diligently, revising over all his papers he would need for his next court case. He leans back, stretching out his muscles, earning a few satisfying cracks.

"You almost finished there Adrien? If you need any help I always could-." He feels a rough hand slide down his shoulder, he glances up to see his rather provocative boss looming over him.

"I'm fine. I have it all under control, I think I'm going to call it a night." Adrien brushes the man off, always finding discomfort with the way he'd unnecessarily touch him.

Adrien quickly gathers up all his belongings, still feeling the lurking presence of his boss behind him. His larger body pressing against him while he collected his files, almost as if they were glued together.

"Well, if you do need anything don't hesitate to ask okay?" His boss spoke with conviction when Adrien had turned around.

"Yes sir, I will." Adrien gives him a gentle smile before scampering away, dashing out the office as fast as he can.

He fumbled with the keys in his pocket, desperate to open his car door to get out of the cruel rain. He dumps his files in the seat beside him, switching on the ignition before driving off into the dark night.

Upon arriving home, he unlocks his front door, seeing everything was off indicating his roommate isn't home yet. He steps inside, laying his keys into the little bowl on the side next to the door. Not paying too much attention to the world around him, he lazily makes his way upstairs. He pushes the door open to his bedroom, his eyebrows farrowing at the sight before him.

He steps closer to his bed, finding placed perfectly in the centre of it a book. 'The letters of the alphabet' in bold on the cover. As he goes to pick it up, his body is slammed into the floor, the air being forced out of his lungs from the impact.

Jungkook smiled down at him, pleasure seeping through his eyes as his hand grips his neck, squeezing tightly. He tries to scream only to be slammed back down to the floor, a low breathless grunt follows.

Jungkook laughs, licking his lips as he gazed over the frightened man's features. Pleasure ripples through him like a delirious wave when he imagines all the things he will do to his gorgeous body. The desire to hear him screaming and begging growl stronger. He slips his free hand into his pocket, grabbing the needle and plunging it into the man's neck. His tongue licking just under his jawline, savouring the sweet taste of his flesh.

"I've been waiting for you Adrien. You're the first on my list." Jungkook licks a thick strip from the edge of his neck to his sharp jawline, shivering as he hears the man scream.

He looks at Jungkook, paralysed with fear, not understanding who this man was, why he was doing this. His vision blotches and blurs, his body going limp. With one last desperation, he tries to scream, but his body is already shutting down.

"Sleep tight my precious." Jungkook whispers, watching the man drift away into a peaceful slumber.

Adrein wakes up, head throbbing, muscles achy. His eyes filter before opening, moving his head to the side. He finds himself in a white room, various knives and weapons hanging off the walls like trophies. He tries lifting his body up, but is being prevented by the tight chains, locking him in. He starts to regain his senses, his brain now becoming aware of what has happened. He attempts to scream, cry for help. Only to find a gag blocking any sound from escaping, forcing his jaw shut creating a throbbing to gnaw.

He struggles to break free from his chains, arching his back in an attempt to pull himself up. Banging his body against the table, trying to alert anyone that he's here. That he needs help.

The creaking sound of the door laud in the front of the room swings open, crashing loudly as it hits the wall.

Jungkook stood there proudly, a smirk plastered smugly on his lips. He watches with peering eyes as the man sprawled out helpless on his table breaks down, panic consuming every crevice.

"Looks like someone's awake. We are going to have so much fun Adrien." Jungkook rudely comments, crossing the room, sliding his fingers across the vast instruments on the wall.

The man tries to scream once more, tears crawling down his red hue cheeks. He bangs his head back hard upon the table, squirming in his restraints.

Jungkook chuckles at his futile efforts, picking up a large electric battery, with wires attached he places it one the metal table resting beside him.

"Since you seem to love jolting around so much, why don't we put it to some use huh? See how high you can go." Jungkook gives him a sinister smile, sticking the wires, using the patches on to his bare skin.

Adrien shakes his head, wiggling his body, trying to get as far away as possible. Though they both know that is near to impossible. Jungkook presses the wires down to ensure they stay in place, connecting them to the battery. He switches the voltage to three, wanting to work his way up. More fun that way. He'd last longer and the build up is one of the best parts.

Pressing the button, he watches with eager eyes as Adrien's body immediately starts convulsing. His back arches, muscles and limbs twitching as the electricity flows through him. The pain is agonising, his vision blurs, mind turning to mush under the strain.

"You look so beautiful Adrien, your body moves perfectly." Jungkook whispers seductively in his ear, he turns off the machine, giving Adrien a moment of relief.

Adrien begins to cry, muscles still twitching from the shock. His eyes plead for Jungkook to stop, to let him be. His body ached, every breath a struggle, his chest heaved like a weight hanged against it. Adrien can't understand why he is doing this, he's never meet him before. What has he done to deserve this? Why was he being condemned to such cruelty?

"Look at you, already breaking and we've only just started. This is going to be more enjoyable than I thought. I'm so glad I found you, you're perfect Adrien." Jungkook rakes his fingers through his black locks, brushing it out the way so it didn't stick to his forehead.

Adrien whimpers weakly, spit drools down his chin, the gag causing his jaw to ache, indentations forming on it from how hard he's clenching down. Jungkook flips the switch again, only this time turning the power up.

His body starts spasming, muscles contracting as his body jolts upwards. Jungkook stands back, admiring his work repulsively. No one has ever looked more beautiful, his naked body glistening with sweat, muscles tense and hard from the intensity of the voltage.

Jungkook went at this for hours, never getting tired of watching as Adrien's body twitches, face contorting in pain, sweat dripping off his body. He spent six days with him, never once giving him the satisfaction of bliss.

On the seventh day, while Adrien is knocked out due to exhaustion. He releases him from his chains, leaving the door unlocked, luring the desperate man out like a fly to a spiders web.

He's grown bored of him now, his body too tired to do anything anymore. Whenever he came down to play, torture the poor boy he got nothing. Adrien barley reacted, no acknowledgement of the pain or agony he had to be enduring. Jungkook no longer satisfied with him, no longer finding the ecstasy he once yearned for he decided as his last act of enjoyment to release Adrien. Give him a small glimmer of hope he might just escape.


Adrien stumbles to the cold floor, his legs no longer functioning, to frail and weak from lack of use. His throat raw from all the viscous screaming and howling he'd made. He tried pushing his melnurlshied body up but his arms are too weak, collapsing right back to the stale floor. His ears perk to the sound in the distance, a terrified whimper slips past his torn up lips. The hellish, gruelling sound of Jungkook's laughter resonates off the scratched up walls.

The psychotic, sadistic killer who has kept him in agony for the past few days is coming after him. He could hear his footsteps echo, every step heightening and making him that much more petrified.

Adrien cries to himself, terrified of what Jungkook will do if or when he finds him.

"Adrien! Adrien! Come out, come out wherever you are." Jungkook sings, the piercing sound of the knife scraping the walls pranced through the hall.

"Please! Please, Jungkook let me go. I've been good, just let me go." Adrien begs, crawling away in a desperate act.

Jungkook catches Adrien crawling along the cement floor, his bare ass sticking up in the air. He subconsciously licks his lips, letting out an animalistic growl. He brings his foot to rest on top of his back, pushing him to the floor.

"Adrien why would I ever let you go, you're mine to do with as I like. And what I would like is to kill you." Jungkook intertwines his fingers through his matted hair, lifting up his head so he is craning back.

He brings the sharp side of the blade to Adrien's neck, the metal stinging his raw flesh. Jungkook's blush lips kiss his the outline of his jaw, hushing his whimpers and pleas.

Adrien tries begging, crying to his empathy to which Jungkook had none. Soggy tears fall down his caved in cheeks, coming to realise there is no way out, no use fighting as he's already lost.

Jungkook brings his lips to his own quivering ones, sliding his tongue in with ease. He wanted to tase the sweetness of Adrien's mouth one last time, savour this moment so it would be one to remember.

"I love you Adrien."

With one quick swipe, he sliced through Adrien's trachea. Blood oozes out of the torn skin, coating his hands in the warm, sticky substance.

Adrien's mouth hung open, blood drooling down his lips to mix with the blood running down his neck. A few gargles escape before he goes limp in Jungkook's rough grip. His eyes lock on to Jungkook as he takes his last, most agonising breath.

Jungkook grins manically, pleasure tearing through his body. His mind swarmed in a sensual feeling of bliss, watching Adrien take his last breath was truly a beautiful moment, one he's sure to never forget.

This to Jungkook is better than anything in the entire world, nothing will ever compare or bring him this close to heaven that he could touch it.

Watching someone endure so much pain, so much agony was an addiction he could never fully quench. The moment they take their last breath, as their own blood pools around them, as their eyes fog and cloud over is spectacular. Something he couldn't ever grow sick of.

This was only the beginning, Jungkook had so many more plans. And no one was going to get in his way.


Damn! Jungkook be crazy 😝 thank you for reading!! I will update soon and hope you all like it.

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