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`A perfection of love A identification of law`

Romance / Action
JM Storys
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Chapter 1

I never thought my life will change into fairy tale. A beautiful guy loving me..

He changed everything about me.

Trust me, I can't live without him.

Park Jimin FF

It's just a imagine so don't report it :)

"Love? I just fell in it.

Let me drown"

Oct 13th 2019

when I felt like I'm gonna die I'm so happy. But I never thought I would die like this. My life..gonna end? I don't know. First time, I want to live. For him but..

I can feel the blood streaming out of my stomach and mixing into sea water as I tried to get out of the ropes that are tied around me. I tried not to breath the water. "Jimin..." That's the only thing I want in my life. Tears fell down as I felt myself losing my life. I felt my soul getting out of my body as I closed my eyes. Past present. Everything was changed cuz of you. Where are you now ? I want to see you before I die like this.

August 2 2016

This day... I don't know this particular day will change my life like this. Well, My name is y/n. I'm 19 years old which wasn't helping me to get out of this house which I call a Hell. Ever since my dad died.. I felt myself being under control of my mom. She's a real actor Infront of people when it comes to problems. - She's a CEO of K.O INDUSTRIES - . I never thought she would see me like a chick who just should- no. Must be in her control. So presently I'm here. In bus stop waiting for the last bus that'll drop me near my house. It's really hard to get this bus. Because, sometimes it'll be available. Sometimes....it won't. -_-

Seriously...the bus didn't came. I got up checking the time my eyes widen. It's really midnight right now. As I knew I never knew this place is scary until now. The street lights are fluttering around and the road was empty. Not even a sound was heard by me as I walked road side. My hand clutched my shirt as I fasten my steps forward not wanting any guys to appear but all of a sudden. My eyes looked up as I heard the car horn. The car horn was horned by a guy who's sitting on car smiling at me. "Do you want a lift? " He asked unlocking car doors firmly. I looked at him in disguist but the way he smiles...my heart fluttered. "It's late night-" "nno" I said forcing a smile and walking fastly into alley and as I thought he left, making me sigh in relief and walk calmly in alley. My heart stopped beating as I seen a bunch of guys laughing and screaming around in alley. I heard a whistle making me close my eyes sighing. I clutched the handle of my bag which is hanging onto my shoulder.. my long skirt wasn't helping me to feel warmth on my legs as I looked down ignoring those guys who I walking closer to. I covered my face with my hair walking closer to them. "If I cross this guy's there's no worry. Don't worry y/n you can do it" I thought as I took a slow steps against them. "Hey girlll! What a chick huh" he said almost groaning as I stopped walking and turned away whining in fear. Save me I thought before I felt pain against my head. My back arched as I fell down on floor breath heavily. Blood dropped down my head making me tear up in pain. I felt him dragging me somewhere. I groaned in pain hugging my knees. I tried not to let him drag me. Tears streamed down my cheeks. He pulled me forcely making me scream and turn away on floor crying loudly. "H-help!!" I screamed hoping anyone will hear me. I heard car horn making me open my eyes slowly. Blood just dropped into my shoulder making me groan and get up a little. I felt those guys running to me making me get up in fear. I pushed him running away but my weak legs weren't helping as he grabbed my shirt trying tearing it apart .. I cried covering my upper body. I felt myself blacking out as my arms unwrapped around me. Tears stopped falling as I fell down on floor.

"H-help!!" I arched my back in fear as I tried to cover my chest. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I cried loudly. I felt him removing hand from my chest before I opened my eyes. Something met my eyes . They're so beautiful..oh wait. It's eyes. Of someone. My eyes slowly went to his lips before his eyes again. "D-dont" I said weakly as I tried to cover myself. He smiled. "Don't worry. I'm not those guys. You're safe.." he said before taking the piece of cloth and placing it on my forehead. He unbuttoned my shirt making me widen my eyes and look at him before I felt a sharp pain on my exposed chest. "A-ah" I winced in pain before grabbing his arm tightly. I clutched his chest which made him look into my eyes. "calm down" he said caressing my head softly. I widen my eyes when he caress my collar bone with his thumb. "You're so dumb" he said laughing as he stood up walking somewhere. I tried to get up but"ack!" I winced in pain as I moved my head. He looked up at me as he took out injection. "Oh god! Calm down ok!?" He said keeping his hands on his hips sighing like a grandpa. I tried not to laugh making him look at me. My smile faded as his eyes darken. I gulped but he suddenly laughed walking to me. "Arm? Or.." he said making me frown and took my arm out of blankets slowly. "Arm. Ok?" I said coldly as he kept needle to nerve. He raised his eye brow as my hands started shiver. Ugh. That's it. I'm kid again. I thought whining. "Just do it. Fast!" I said and he chuckled pushing the needle into my skin and nerve.

I sighed as he pulled the needle keeping the cotton ball where he injected. "Now tell me, why did you bring me here?" I said pushing him cuz of how closer he is before. He looked at my hand which is on his chest. "Can you..remove your hand?" He said pointing at my hand and I pulled my hand back quickly. "S-sorry and-" as I tried to talk he groaned. "It's so obvious that I saved you, can't you see!?" He said rolling his eyes. I gasped as my eyes widen. "Wait- you're that guy who asked me to take lift right?" I said and he laughed. "You're still thinking about THaT!?" He said keeping hands on his waist in anger. "I-i, don't get angry ok!? I'm scared here" I said gulping. He glared at me before patting my head. "This is why I'm kind to you. " he said scrunching his nose and walked to door making me sigh in relief. He turned to me making me look at him.

"Behave " he said eyeing me before walking out and slamming the door harshly. I flinched before sighing in irritation. I laid down feeling my legs aching a little. My eyes closed as I felt dizzy and I drift into sleep.

"Ohh y/n?" Voice..that Voice I heard somewhere. Wait- "Do you want a lift?" I opened my eyes only to see him checking my bag. "H-hey.." I said smiling and he smiled. "I'm sorry for checking your bag but-" "ahh there's no secrets to yell on you ok?" I said sitting on bed smiling like dumb. "Soo, you're 19?" He asked smirking at me. I frowned nodding. "Really, I hate being that young" I said like I'm talking to my close friend. He smiled. "it's easy to get you y'know?" He said smiling. I nodded. "I know right" I said before scratching my neck. I looked around the room. "Hmm so what's your name?" I asked smiling widely at him. He just looked at me before blinking his eyes. "Woah.. wait, I'm jimin" he said rubbing his neck laughing. "So nice! I love your name btw" i said before taking the notes out of my bag. "Umm.. jimin and?" I asked and he smiled at me before raising his eye brow. "And?" "Umm, you look so short" i said trying not to smile looking down. I felt him pushing me down on bed. "don't you dare say that again" he said hovering above me. "E-excuse me!?" I said but he smiled before tickling me . I laughed before he stopped and looked into my eyes. He smiled before holding my cheeks tightly. "You're so cute do you know that?" He mumbled making me blink my eyes and bit my lip. "You're" he said before laying beside me on bed. He turned to me as he heard me chuckling. He pulled me closer and hugged me making me widen my eyes. His arms wrapped around me. His touch made shivers go down my spine. His hair was tickling my neck as he snuggled onto my neck. Why it's so comfortable? I thought as he rubbed my back smiling. he looked up at me. "You're so soft" he said giggling. I giggled before hugging him. "You're so..gentle" I said feeling myself safe in his arms. Something happened to me I thought before I let myself just relax in his arms. I felt him drift into sleep as he snuggled onto neck hugging me tightly. "J-jimin?" I said before I felt his hands tightening around me. I see...he's so tired I thought biting my lip. "It's not wrong to hug because... you saved me" I said to myself before hugging him.

"So you're going?" He asked rubbing his eyes getting up from bed. I nodded taking my bag and I looked around. "Where's my clothes?" I asked. He smiled before coming to me. "They're bloody. I'll give you after I wash them" he said as he hugged me. "take care. Girls like you should carry pepper scent" he said laughing. I laughed feeling him breaking the hug. Something wanting me to just stay with him but it's not impossible. Nothing's gonna happen in the way I want it to. I looked up as he looked into my eyes. "I'll miss you my saver" I said chuckling. He smiled before pinching my nose. "Don't worry. I'll be back" he said smirking. I bit my lip as he smiled. Why he's so familiar? I nodded avoiding his arms which are wrapped around my waist. He let me go before taking my phone in his hands. He tapped on it doing something. "This..my number. You can talk to me y/n"he said smiling yet his worried gaze made me tear up a little. Since Dad wasn't with me...I never felt cared until now. I nodded turning away and walking out of room.

"Take care, and don't tell your mom that you stayed with...a guy y'know.." he said and I laughed nodding. "Don't worry. I'll take care of it" I said sitting in car. He bit his lip as he caressed my cheek. "Take..care" "it's thousand time you're saying this. I will! Don't worry" I said closing the car door making the driver drive away . "Bye" jimin waved as I waved back smiling.

I sighed as I gave money to driver before walking inside the house. I knocked on door as a kid tugged onto my sweat pants. Wait- why I'm wearing someone's clothes!? I looked at myself realising that I'm wearing a hoodie and sweatpants. My cheeks burned as I thought of him changing my clothes. "Gosh!" I tap my cheeks before the door opened revealing the only maid I've seen everyday since I'm 14. She looked up and down at me before smiling. "Ma'am! Y/n is here" she said making me roll my eyes and pushed her away walking in. This house is so big that still makes me confused where my bedroom is ugh. As I walked upstairs I seen her walking downstairs with her assistant. My monster mom.. I just looked down ignoring her presence I tried to walk away. But I felt her grabbing my wrist. "Where were you? Do you know how much worried I am?" "Ha! Your act can BE famous to others. Not me" I said getting out of her grip and walked upstairs. I can hear her yelling but ignored her locking my bedroom I laid on my bed. "You're so soft" Those words.. I smiled turning away and sitting on bed. "You're so soft...am I?" I whispered to myself before I heard a knock. I walked towards the door before sighing heavily. I opened the door only to see my Brother. Taehyung. Kim Taehyung. I smiled as he looked at me. "Come to my room after the shower. We have to talk" he said making me still smile and slam the door close locking it. I groaned taking my Clothes from the cupboard before going into bathroom.

I dried my hair with towel looking at rainy sky through the window. Mostly the weather so cool everyday but today it's somehow warm which made me wear just night dress. Wait- it's not like revealing. It's really covers me well. I sighed keeping the towel aside I looked at my injury which is back of my head. I slowly comb the front before feeling pain. I opened the door of room before walking out to my brother's room. I hope he won't tell on me. God -_- I looked down as I knocked on his door. Door opened by his assistant who's my friend since I'm kid. I smiled at him as he signalled me something. I frowned before my brother looked at us. We stopped whispering and I walked in. "So Ms.y/n?" He says making me smile hesitantly. "Y-yes?" I said and I heard kin[tae's assistant] laugh making me gulp. Taehyung thrown the papers on my face making me close my eyes. "Read it!" He yelled making me slowly take them from ground and- OH. It's a news paper? I thought before looking up at tae and opening the front page my heart stopped beating.

김은 y/n 강남 거리 골목길에서 괴롭힘을 당했다. 반대하는 비즈니스 파트너가 계획 했습니까 아니면 개인적인 문제일까요?

Kim y/n was Bullied in Gangnam streets. Is it opposed business partners planned or is it their personal problems?



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