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Carnal Cupidity | Kim Taehyung


“Tae…” you whisper, voice soft and eyes wide in slight shock as they scan your boyfriend’s face for any trace of joking, any hint of lightheartedness that would lighten the weight of his words. In the fixed stare of his eyes, although faintly cloaked by heavy eyelids, you only found unwavering determination.

“I mean it, ___. I am dead serious.” he responds to the non-verbal question he picks up on while watching the crease between your brows. He kisses it, lips curling into a boxy smile in the satisfaction of successfully erasing your frown, “I want my baby in your belly.”

Immediately, your cheeks start heating up as those words coax both giddiness and embarrassment out of you.

“You can’t say it like that!” You murmur in faux annoyance, trying to fight off the excitement bubbling in the pit of your stomach.

“Why not?” he whines, the childish pout on his face forming a strong contrast with something distinct and hard introducing itself between both of your bodies when he pulls you closer and it presses against your abdomen. “It’s true!”

“You’re only saying that because you’re horny.” You stifle a laugh, glancing down at what’s currently taking place between your bodies to emphasize your statement.

“I’m horny because i said that.” He corrects you, another whine spilling from his puffy lips as he nips at your earlobe before nuzzling his nose into the nape of your neck. “I can’t help but get hard when i think about you walking around with my pups in your cute tummy.”

“Tae…” You plead weakly, although you can’t hide your beaming smile when the imagery gets too vivid inside your mind. You can feel the heat already surfacing from underneath your cheeks, when something suddenly clicks. “Wait, what day is it?”

As cute as he looks when confused, the sight of his head slightly cocked to the side when he thinks about your odd question won’t keep the small gears inside your head from spinning at full speed. “Hm… I don’t know, the fifteenth or something? Why?”

You’re usually the first one to recognize the signs. Shifting more often, losing his temper during arguments, being even more affectionate and cuddly…The baby pillow talk always occurs around this time as well.

“Tae, you’re going into heat soon.” You gently remind him when you cup his cheek, which he automatically leans into even as you watch his face fall.

“Oh.” He murmurs as he avoids your gaze by pretending to look around the small space of the shower.

The feeling of guilt from earlier is back to tug at your heartstrings when you watch his cheeks flush slightly in embarrassment. It’s not his fault he can’t properly sense the approach of his heat, it’s yours. The problem isn’t even about you being human, it’s about you being on birth control and remaining unclaimed. Those were the terms you had set up for your own protection when you first established your relationship with Taehyung, even after he’d tried to convince you you’d be safer if you’d let him claim you.

As a result, you’ve never experienced your boyfriend in full heat. The birth control blocks off your natural pheromones that would trigger his mating instincts. Mating instincts that were already weak to begin with, since you haven’t let him make you his mate yet. Getting marked and claimed as his mate is a big commitment, significantly bigger than getting married. One you weren’t sure you were ready for at the beginning of your relationship. He understood. He always does. Even if it means getting rejected by the love of his life in the most painful way his kind can experience. All because he wants you to be comfortable with him.

Sure, he gets increasingly more horny during this diluted heat, on top of his already very healthy libido. He’s a little more dominant in the bedroom, which you don’t mind at all. His desire to breed also gets stronger, but manifests more as a wish to knock you up rather than the carnal urgency it’s supposed to be. Never the all-consuming, animalistic need to mount you and fill you to the brim, keeping his seed from leaking down your thighs in excessive amounts. You figure this is also one of the reasons his family hates you so much and frankly, you can’t really blame them for it. You keep him from being the strong and healthy alpha male he’s born to be. He’s barely a wolf in their eyes at this point. In the process of him letting you completely be yourself, you’re not allowing him to do the same. You haven’t been the only one making sacrifices in this relationship, by far.

“What are you thinking about?” A curious voice breaks you out of your intrusive but honest thoughts.

You look at the softened features on your boyfriend’s gorgeous face, all sparkly eyes and marshmallow cheeks when he smiles at you questioningly, unaware of the moral war going on inside your head. Those sparkly eyes should be black with blazing lust, those marshmallow cheeks replaced with tightening muscles as he clenches his teeth to keep himself from ripping you apart when his frantic thrusts seek to reach your deepest crevices. Even though you love the soft boy in front of you to death, this is not what an alpha male in heat looks like. This is all wrong.

“Nothing… Just that i love you so much.” You assure him as your fingers slick back his wet hair before you lean in for a kiss. “And that i haven’t been showing it enough lately.”

He chuckles as he tugs you closer again, pecking a series of fleeting kisses across your face until his lips finally land on yours, the playful innocence of it all ripping the hole of guilt in your chest even further. That’s when you know you can’t do this any longer.

“It’s okay, baby. You can make it up to me now.” He wiggles his perfect eyebrows suggestively before mimicking the way you’d glanced meaningfully at his raging hard-on he’s been sporting between your bodies earlier.

You giggle as you hook your leg around his hip, a giddy excitement filling you on the inside as you marvel over his beautiful smile, completely oblivious to the life-altering decision you’ve just made.

Things are about to change for the better.

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