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Gangster's Baby


"where the gangsters found a baby in the alley"

Drama / Humor
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Chapter 1: Prologue

"Baby don't cry okay always remember mommy will always stay at your side okay my little b-unny ba-aby " a young women holding his 13 months old baby in her arms said while sobbing hard while standing in a dark alley.

"My baby is so pretty mommy loves you so much" she pinch her son cheeks who giggles at her she keep caress his cheek who start drifting to his dreamland.

She bit her lips continuously tried to hold back her tears so she didn't wake her sleeping baby, she put the blanket around his baby securely so he didn't catch cold his little face only can be seen. She starts singing lullaby near his ear so he keeps sleep peacefully. She put him beside the dustbin and hid him behind the dustbins, she kiss his cheeks, forehead and nose one last time before leaving him here. She stares at his baby one last time and give a long gaze when she hear chuckling of some mans she know who were they who kills her husband. She run quickly when she hears them chuckling while following her she hear their footsteps as near as the time passes.


No one's pov:

"A-WA A-WA O-WA" a sound of some child crying hears in the dark alley

"Did you hear any sound" a gray hair boy asked to others

"No" a pink hair boy with average height said

"It just feel like I hear crying of a child" the gray hair boy said again

"Tae plzzz!! We know you love kids but now you start hearing them oh my god!"the pink hair man said again

"no hyung I hear it" tae pouted

"okay stop bickering!" a golden hair boy said


"no but what okay"

They are walking in the alley when he again hear the sound its time a boy with green hair also hear it who usually seem sleepy the more they came near the corner of alley it came out loud.

"lets go see who is there " purple hair boy said

They walk towards the dustbins because the sound came from there.

First tae and jin came near the dustbin when they saw a baby covered in blankets crying while sobbing, tae quickly sits beside the baby and holds him in his arms.

H-yung hyung he is too cute to be real!! how can someone left this baby here he is a small bean" tae said and start crying

"Tae its okay but first question is who leave him here?" jin hyung said

"we don't know" other said in union

"first let take him home its cold outside what if he caught cold we don't know from how much time he is here"suga said

"Yeah" tae said

"but what if he is from other gangs kid"

So what we didn't leave this kid here" jimin said

"yeah you are right, we again came here tomorrow maybe the one who left him here return back to take him" namjoon said and they walk toward their house which is not big or too small but a comfy and cozy home which gives warm feeling.

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