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Madness is an Art


Everyone can fall into traps, Lara just happened to fall into a very big one.

Adventure / Mystery
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I deeply sighed, reminiscing about the sweetness of the glazed donut I had just devoured. You see, I had a nasty problem with stress eating, and it certainly didn't help that our office always brought in some type of delicacy in which I could bury my worries under a mountain of sugar and carbs. Healthy, I know. But what else was I supposed to do? Go see someone that would actually help me permanently fix my problems as any normal person would? Pfft. Really funny.

I grumbled and turned off the monitor in front of me. I worked a boring office job in the middle of nowhere. Exciting I know.

I really need a very long vacation.

I'd been working extra long hours lately because of my boss needed all the projects done by the end of the month. I, unfortunately, I had been behind on my work, so now I was suffering from my ability to procrastinate until it physically hurt. I would just quit this miserable job, but I need the money, and as my father famously put it, "No work, no money." Yeah, he's one of those dads. He loves me but sometimes he becomes too much. He started talking about college before I could even walk, and when mom left it only became more intense.

I stood up and stretched out. Everything hurt, but I still needed to walk home ...in the dark...and in the rain. Great.

Ah! I almost forgot to introduce myself. The names Rina, and I'm a lazy introverte. (I feel like a lot of people can relate.)

Anyays, it was pouring and I couldn't really see anything. The darkness was obscuring my vision. My house wasn't far from here, but my feet already hurt from lack of exercise and I didn't want to get soaked because of course, I didn't have an umbrella. Wow, I hate Mondays. They are seriously the worst.

I ran across the bridge that connected the town to my little Quant house. However, I paused, because coming directly at me at full speed was a pair of headlights.

There was a large screeching noise and then exploding pain before everything went black.

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