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Odyssey Towards Love (Korean Odyssey/Hwayugi Fanfiction)


Son Oh Gong left and decided to go to the Netherworld land of dead where Jin Seon Mi is. He was determined to get back Jin Seon Mi and bring her back to the human world so that they can be together and continue their love that haven't started yet. But then, Jin Seon Mi insist that she need to stay at the Netherworld where was suppose to be because she was already dead and she already finished her mission -to save the world- as Sam Jang. But then, knowing that the Great Sage Son Oh Gong the equal of Heaven, he didn't agree to what she wants and in the end he throw a fit resulting to a big trouble and mess at the netherworld. He made a great chaos with his thick hardheadedness and stubbornness saying that she can come with him and live with him because he, he is Son Oh Gong the Great Sage the equal of Heaven who can do anything. But, Jin Seon Mi manage to persuade Son Oh Gong to let her be and wait until she was reborn believing that they will definitely meet again. Time has pass by quickly. 30 years has pass and gone by, Son Oh Gong and the others are living quietly away from humans suspicious eyes. While Jin Seon Mi was reborn and living a quiet and idle life that she had dreamed of. Will they meet again and continue their love that hasn't been started and away from all of the troubles that they had been through before?.

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:


′ I am the Great Sage, the equal of heaven, Son Oh Gong. If you call my name when you are in trouble, scared and in danger, I will always appear and protect you ′ - Son Oh Gong

- - -

“Jin Seon Mi” a very familiar voice said

“Son Oh Gong, How?.. what?-” Jin Seon Mi utters stunned and can’t believe whom she saw

“I’ve already told you, right?, I will definitely come and find you” he say as he cupped her cheeks.

Feeling her warmth once again. The warmth that he missed so much.

“Let’s go!” he said as he intertwined his fingers to hers and starts to walk away

“Where are we going?” she asked curiously as he drag her off to somewhere

“Where going home” he said without turning his head towards Seon Mi

“Home? Don’t tell me?!” Seon Mi said as she stops walking and pulled her hand out with all her strength to make Son Oh Gong stop dragging her

“What?” he ask her curiously

“What?, are you really asking me that?, tell me Son Oh Gong what do you mean by that we are going home?” she said firmly

“Don’t tell me?” she asked, full of curiosity and speculations when Son Oh Gong didn’t answer her question

“What?!” Son Oh Gong answered, ignoring her questions

“I’m not coming with you”

“What do you mean?” Son Oh Gong say ,stunned and shocked

"I’m staying here Son Oh Gong, I’m not leaving and I’m not going with you”she explained

“But, Jin Seon Mi?” he plead

“Son Oh Gong, do you remember what you had promised me that day?, that day when you gave me one of your eyes, one of the golden-gaze and fiery-eyes of the Great Sage Son Oh Gong?” Jin Seon Mi asked while her palms are resting at Son Oh Gong’s cheeks.

“Yes.” Son Oh Gong replied, not leaving and averting his eyes at the woman he loved for the first time and he will continue to love.

“Again, what did you promise me that night?” Seon Mi asked, still not removing her palms at Son Oh Gong’s cheeks as her eyes was never leaving Son Oh Gong’s eyes -staring back at him.

"I will come and find you. No matter where you are or what you become, I will be able to recognize you. I will definitely find you. We will meet again." he said remembering the night that he let her go.

“And do you remember what I said?” Jin Seon Mi ask

“Yes, ‘you’ll wait’ that’s what you said.” Son Oh Gong said as he lean his forehead against hers

“And I need you to do that Son Oh Gong” Jin Seon Mi said calmly and warmly


“I don’t belong at the human world anymore, I already died, I’m dead and I belong here Oh Gong, I already done and finish my mission there with your help. That’s why I should stay here now where I belong and I should be” Seon Mi explained as she cut what Son Oh Gong has to say

“Son Oh Gong, I need you to wait for me. I need you to believe in me, because I. I believe in you, I believe that you can still find me wherever I am, and that’s why I need you to believe in me too” Seon Mi once again explained

“I believe in you” said Son Oh Gong as he intertwined his fingers against hers.

“I promise you that, whatever may happen, I will never and ever gonna forget your name. The name of the Great Sage that is equal to heaven, Son Oh Gong” Jin Seon Mi said without averting her gaze at him.

“I love you Son Oh Gong” she whispered at him.

“I love you too, Jin Seon Mi” Son Oh Gong said before his lips meets hers.

He missed her so much, he missed everything about her. Her scent, her warmth, her soft lips and kisses, everything about her.

He love her so much to extent that even a thousands of years will take or no matter how long it will be, he was so sure that his love wont and will never change.

“Son Oh Gong?” Jin Seon Mi said as they parted their lips from the kiss to catch their breath.

“hmmm” he simply reply as he tighten his hold at her hands feeling her warmth

“Do I look pretty now?” she ask

“Yeah, you’re pretty,” he replied

“Will you wait for me?” she ask

“Yeah, I will no matter how will it take. I will wait for you. May it be fifty, eighty,one hundred or thousand years I’ll still wait for you” he promised.

She just smile at his honest reply. She felt reassured by just hearing his words.

And because of their promises Son Oh Gong didn’t pursue and persuade Jin Seon Mi anymore to go back at human to be with her, together. Instead he spend a little of his time at the Netherworld together with Jin Seon Mi before he finally continue his journey. It was Seon Mi’s wish at him, Seon Mi ask him that he should continue his journey and earn his points for him to be able to go back to the heavenly world and became a deity.

Holding on to their promises to each other they continue their own journey. Son Oh Gong continuing his journey as he earn points by doing good deeds and at the same time waiting for Jin Seon Mi to be reborn once again. While Jin Seon Mi remains at the Netherworld waiting for her turn to be reborn and be with Son Oh Gong once again.

Promising each other that.

No matter where she is or what she became. He will be able to recognize her and he will definitely find and wait for her.

She wont forget his name. She will call him and wait for him.

Promising that their love won’t change. It might change but it will only change because their love will grew bigger and their love will never be lost. They will find and patiently wait for each other and meet each other, for sure no matter how long it takes.

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