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You're Mine


"You're only mine baby girl, and no one elses." »You're Mine an EXO Xiumin fan fiction.« Why do you listen to false rumours and think it's actually true? Well, this story is one of those rumours. But, what if... Those rumours turn people into what they say, and things happen unexpectedly? That's what happened here in this story. Y/n or you as Cho Ji-yeon (조지연/초지연) EXO as EXO (duh.) ZakiSakurai © Copyright All Rights Reserved 2019

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Chapter 1

December 5, 2011. Monday.

Is it coincidental for me to find myself in front of the SM entertainment building? Well, it kinda isn't because I'm a trainee here. A trainee that Mr. Lee considers special and talented, not to brag or anything. But I don't think those words for me, I'm just an ordinary girl ya know?

I'm just here, walking around.. It's 12:00 nn so I better go inside and eat at my dance practice room, then practice some famous k-pop choreographies. Especially hard ones, because I might debut as a solo singer and might have hard choreographies.

I went inside the building and I closed the door behind me. I slightly nod at the guards to let them know I'm a trainee here. I was just walking around until I bumped into Heechul sunbaenim and Leeteuk sunbaenim.

I politely bowed and greeted them a good morning. "Ah! Ji-yeon!" Leeteuk sunbaenim grinned "How are you? Are things going well for you?" "Ah ne!" I replied politely "Things are going well so far sunbaenim!"

(Ne is yes in Korean language. Sunbae or sunbaenim is senior in korean language.)

"What do you have there?" Heechul sunbaenim points at the bag I am holding. "Ah, this is my lunch.." I replied with a slight smile. "Enjoy your lunch then Ji-yeon." They said in chorus "We'll be going now, see you again later!" "Ne, annyeong~!" I waved goodbye and I went to the elevator in hurried steps.

I pressed the button and the elevator came down quickly. As I went in, another trainee did too. It was a guy.. A handsome guy to be exact. I have seen him before, and never have I talked to him.

We stopped at the second floor and Yunho sunbaenim came in. We both greeted him and he smiled and greeted us back. When we arrived at the third floor, Yunho sunbaenim came out and Sulli sunbaenim came in this time. We also greeted her politely as she returned the greeting.

When we arrived at the fourth level, I came out and went straight into my dance practice room. I opened the door and closed it behind me, I plopped myself down on the sofa and opened the lunch I bought for myself.

I sniffed the tempting smell and forced myself to get my chopsticks and literally eat the ramyeon in one go. But I forgot I also have to maintain a healthy diet, well I better say goodbye to that diet for now.

I finally took a huge spoonful, and closed my eyes in delight. It's been a while since I've had ramyeon. And it tastes good... Just then the door opened slightly and a head came peeking in.

It's.. Chanyeol.

"What do you need?" I said after taking a sip from the broth. "I'm just wondering if I could have lunch with you?" He asked and I nodded, he came rushing in and showed me what he's got.

"I got gimbap and ramyeon!" He smiles and I giggled. It's 10 times better to eat lunch with a friend, especially someone you've been close to ever since childhood.

"Can I have some gimbap then?" I asked and he nodded. "Good thing I bought two coke bottles." I walked over to where I placed it and showed it to him. "Well then." He said with a smile "May our ramyeon and gimbap mukbang begin!"
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