Destiny Takes Its Toll


Even after demons were vanquished, more would appear mostly by Medylin's end. "Why the hell do these guys keep showing up?" Andrew had asked loud enough so everyone could hear him.

Adventure / Fantasy
Chris Ramion
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Chapter 1

In the city of San Francisco, it was a nice and calm summer, as always. School had just been let out, and the Seniors were enjoying their final summer before starting college. So while the kids were running all over, goofing off, there was one family whose graduated Senior would not be having his normal summer before he started college. Oh no, his summer would be turning upside down and fast.

Thirteen Twenty Nine Prescott Street was where the very old Halliwell Manor stood. Wyatt Matthew Halliwell, the oldest of three siblings, was sitting at the dining room table reading today's newspaper. A cup of steaming coffee sat to his left with a napkin and blueberry muffin on top. Slowly he made sure he read almost everything in the newspaper. He was pretty OCD when it came to that type of stuff. As he was turning the page, there was the noise of laughter coming down the stairs and he looked up to see his youngest son Chris, respectfully named after his Uncle, and his boyfriend Jacob Moretti coming down the stairs. "I assume you guys had a good night?" Wyatt gave the boys a smirk and looked at them. Both boys gave each other a wicked grin, but did not answer Wyatt. They knew damn well they didn't really need to at all. Wyatt Halliwell was not stupid.

"So what's for breakfast? I'm starving!" Wyatt told Chris that there was food in the kitchen from this morning, cooked by his grandmother before she went off to work. Chris took Jacob's arm and started dragging him towards the kitchen. "Hey don't forget you're gonna get a call from the Elders today." At the word “Elders”, Chris stopped dead in his tracks(as well as Jacob's) and cursed under his breath. Inhaling deeply, he turned back towards his father, looking very serious.

"Do I have to answer their call? I really don't want a charge." He sounded as if he'd been hit in the head with a rock or something. There were plenty of things Chris respected, but he would never respect the Elders. Wyatt chuckled and laid the paper on the table. "They don't always assign charges when they call you know." Chris and Wyatt began a discussion, with Wyatt telling him that they could be calling for a new charge, a test, etc. etc. With a withered look, Chris shrugged and walked into the kitchen.

"I find your attitude towards the Elders very amusing." Jacob was leaning against the island, with his arms crossed. Chris sighed in frustration as he took out two plates from an upper cabinet. He set them on the island along with some silverware. "Well if the Elders weren't a bunch of ho suckers, I might actually find the ability to like them." Jacob had to bite his tongue to keep himself from laughing so hard. Walking up behind his boyfriend, he wrapped his arms around Chris and kissed him softly on the back of his neck. “Well, I wish you luck with your meeting. It sounds like you'll need it.” He lightly kissed his boyfriend on his head while Chris was handing him a plate, “You want breakfast or not?” Smirking, Jacob took the plate and smothered a kiss on Chris' cheek. “You love me, and you know it, Babe.” Chris shrugged playfully while he began to stack a bunch of eggs, waffles, sausages, among other breakfast foods on his plate. Jacob laughed again, and began stacking food on his plate, too.

“You know, your Grandma really is an amazing cook!” Jacob quickly took a bite of eggs before placing his fork down on the plate.

Chris smirked as he mentally agreed with Jake. His grandmother, Piper, had been a chef longer than he'd been alive. It was pretty cool because he got to try so many new things, he never got too bored in the food department. Chris especially loved all the baked goods Piper baked for him and his family. Her cookies were definitely on top of Chris' Favorites List. “Yeah she is, isn't she? You know who else is an amazing cook? Andrew.” Chris was talking about his older brother, Andrew Perry Halliwell. Andrew had inherited their grandmother's cooking talents and would often use Chris as his guinea pig. At first, Chris was terrified to do it, but after realizing what an amazing cook Andrew was, he was always happy to help his brother out. The older Chris got though, the more paranoid he'd become about the possibility of Andrew causing him to gain weight. Wyatt immediately got into that and lectured Chris to never have any self doubts whether it was about weight or anything else he could think of. In order to maintain a healthy weight, Chris started exercising daily while he continued being Andrew's guinea pig.

The boys went back into the dining room where Wyatt was still reading the paper. Chris always wondered why people bothered reading it in the first place. To him, news was the most boring thing ever, especially when he had other more important things to worry about, like demons trying to kill him on a daily basis. Chris and Jacob began eating while Wyatt peeked his eyes out from the paper, “So, what are you boys going to do today?” Chris just shrugged while Jacob told him he was going to drag Chris to the library. The library? Did he really have to go there? Chris hated that place with a passion.

“Don't worry baby, we'll only be there for like an hour or two.” He made Chris' favorite grin, knowing damn well he was going to cave in, and in the end Jacob had won. After they finished their breakfast, they were putting on their jackets to leave. Chris hugged his father goodbye before following Jacob outside and towards his car. After Jacob turned the ignition, resulting in the engine roaring to life, they were off to the library. That was something Chris was dreading very much. 'We're probably going to be there for at least six hours...' he sighed quietly to himself while turning on the radio.

Across town, a woman woke up from bed and slowly got off while glancing towards the guy that had accompanied her the night before. She gave a sigh when she looked at him and made her way to the bathroom which extended from her room. Quietly as possible, she got up from the bed and tiptoed her wait into the bathroom. Sarah Halliwell looked at her reflection in front of the mirror for awhile before grabbing a face cream. She made sure to get every inch of her face covered before going to brush her teeth. After brushing, she got in the shower and stood right under the pouring water. "Some people have it so easy in life."

Her thoughts raced towards the man in her bed. Truth was she had no idea what his name was, she didn't know if he worked, none of that stuff. Last night she was hanging out in her cousins nightclub, P3, and all she remembered was...

"What do I remember about him?" She sighed as she was beginning to form a headache.

She forced her thoughts away from the recent guy and headed into the shower. She felt so good standing under the hot, steaming water. Everything from the night before escaped her, and she felt she was slowly transporting into a sweet dream land. She grabbed her body wash, covering her whole body with it. She loved to smell as clean as she could. After that, she made sure to give her hair a really good cleansing as well. After her shower, Sarah wrapped a towel around herself and got out, shutting off the water. After combing her hair and dressing, she exited the bathroom to see that the guy was gone. Looking dull, Sarah peeked out of her room. No one.

The guy she brought home was gone, but this wasn't new for her at all because that's what most of the guys did. Left without doing or saying anything. No goodbye, no kiss, no "I'll see you soon's. Sarah went back in her room and threw a vase with flowers off against the wall, making the vase shatter. Sarah rolled her eyes at her actions and went to clean up the mess. She didn't hear her sister, Prudence, walk into her room. "What's wrong Sar?"

Sarah looked over at her sister, giving her a fake smile, "Nothing Prue, I just accidentally knocked over this vase. I'll get it cleaned up in no time."

Sarah left her room to get a broom and dustpan, leaving Prue confused. 'What are we gonna do with her?' Prue took a look around her sisters room and left, walking towards the front door of the apartment she caught a glimpse of her sister grabbing the dustpan. She knew her sister's had it rough over the past couple years, but she had no idea why. Prue, her younger sister Patience, and their parents always wanted to know what was going on in Sarah's life, but the girl just held back her feelings until it came too great for her. She'd act out violently, and it would always end badly. Prudence sighed and looked up towards the ceiling. She didn't really like nor trust the Elders, but she knew they were on the side of Good. “Please watch over my sister? Do something good for once in your... I don't know how many lives.” Shaking her head softly, Prue opened the front door and walked out into the hallway. Back in the kitchen, Sarah was covering her face, forcing herself not to cry.

Above the sky, the Heavens were a peaceful place. Whitelighters would orb there to gain knowledge from their bosses to inform their charges back on Earth. White marble surrounded the glorious place with the Elder's slowly walking around, conversing with each other.

A group of them were gathered around talking rather quickly. Their faces showed expressions of worry and fear. Sandra, whom was a very well known Elder, especially to the Halliwell's, tried her best to calm the Others, but she herself was kind of scared. "We must remain calm if we're going go do something about this." The other Elder's looked at each other warily. A male Elder rolled his eyes and retorted, "Isn't that what the Halliwell's are suppose to do?" This did not bode well with Sandra, and she glared at the Elder. "Ethan we're all on the same side here. If the Halliwell's are going to do something about this, than we will be there to help them out. We will not turn our backs on them like we did with Zankou. This time, we're with them." She saw as Ethan was about to say something else, probably to pass a low blow towards the Halliwell's, but Sandra was quick to interrupt him, “Whether we like it or not.”

She could tell the Others were still very nervous, and figured there really wasn't anything to do to make them feel better. A third Elder turned her head towards Sandra, her eyes glistening.

"Sandra, what do you thinks going to happen?" Sandra gave the Elder a serious look. It was pointless to lie, right? She'd rather tell them the truth and be honest rather than be optimistic. "What do I think? I think there's going go be a battle coming up. That all of Good will have to fight with each other to beat out the impending Evil."

All the Elders except Ethan nodded on their approvals. The meeting was about to end until they heard a voice behind them. "Not only is a Battle coming up, but many people's destinies are about to change. Especially the Halliwell's." The Angel of Destiny, who was the same one that visited the Charmed Ones at the time of The Ultimate Power, looked at the Elders. Her eyes looked sad and worn out. Sandra looked and took in a deep breath. “We must warn the Halliwell's. Immediately!”

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