Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 10

Up on the bridge, Chris was wondering why the hell he was up here to begin with. He had better things to do than to talk to an Elder, but this was Sandra who dealt with his families shit throughout the years. Maybe he could give her a tiny little chance? The least Sandra could do was show a little bit of emotion, though. Although, Chris thought it was probably a good thing she didn't look pissed. It had been a week since they wanted to talk to him, after all. To be honest, he did feel a little bad that he avoided the Elder's for a whole week, just a bit.

"Okay look, I know you guys called like a week ago, but I was busy. With family and stuff..." Chris offered a weak smile and a chuckle, but he knew Sandra wasn't amused. Not one bit. She did however tell him he was forgiven. That was a plus! Now confused, Chris thought that something really bad must be happening.

Looking confused, Chris could definitely feel something weird going on. It wasn't like this for her to be this quiet. She must have been in deep thought. The boy could feel his forehead begin to sweat, and his heart beat faster the more nervous he got. Hopefully it wasn't something bad like the return to Zankou or the Ultimate Power coming back to kick them all in the asses. Although if it was, they'd probably ask to see his father or grandmother, not him.

"Is everything alright Sandra?" He managed to ask, his voice a little shaky.

The Elder looked up at the witch, and sighed. "There's been a major power being detected. Both sides felt it and neither are sure if it'll go in our favor."

Chris sighed and rubbed his head. He knew something like this was starting again, he just hoped he was dead wrong. Demons attacking, new mystery powers surfacing, there just wasn't time for a break, was there? Chris looked at the Elder with an annoyed expression. He told her he'd tell everyone of this news as soon as he orbed back down. Sandra's face lit up a little bit. Now it was time to tell Chris why They've been calling. "Since there has been so many demon attacks lately, The Elders thinks it's time to assign more white lighters to witches. 'Great, this is just freaking great! I knew I was getting a charge!'

Carefully inspecting Chris' reaction, Sandra continued to tell him that the Elders decided to assign Chris, Tyler, and Andrew their own white lighter. Chris looked a little shocked and asked why they were being assigned a whitelighter when they themselves were half whitelighter. "You may have some white lighter in you, but that doesn't mean you have to stay unprotected." Chris nodded slowly taking in the whole new whitelighter thing. He had to admit since there has been more demon attacks lately, white lighters were definitely needed. Chris asked who his new whitelighter was, and Sandra only gave him brief information.

She told him his new whitelighter has been one for almost five years now, but he was already a great worker. Chris secretly hoped he wasn't one of those "Follow the rules" type a whitelighter. The story about Natalie always annoyed him to no end. Chris thanked Sandra for the information and was about to leave until Sandra held him back. "Chris, I know we've had our differences, but please be careful."

Chris smiled to the Elder, nodding. He started to orb out, but then he stopped himself. Now he just looked really confused. Looking back at Sandra, he crossed his arms. There was no way she could have known...

“You've been calling me for a week to tell me this. Why didn't you just tell my brothers or something? For all you know, they weren't going to come back.”

Sandra smirked, then told Chris she really didn't have any idea they were going to return. The only reason Chris was going to get a white lighter assigned to him was because the Elders had no idea Tyler or Andrew would ever return. It made sense the more Chris thought about it.

After Sandra orbed out, Chris just sighed and looked down at the passing cars. A new whitelighter, huh? This was going to be a very interesting development. Although it did make sense, Chris still had to wonder why they were getting a whitelighter. Well technically it was Chris' whitelighter, but it was whatever now. His brothers were back, and now they had to become responsible witchy wise. Fantastic. After looking down at the cars, Chris orbed out knowing his brothers were going to just love the news he was going to give them.


Demons were walking towards the Chamber where the green symbol door was. There were three strong looking demons trying to hold the door in place. Medilyn was of course there to see what the hell was going on, just supervising. They all felt a power surge and tracked it to this very unclaimed lair. Medilyn was ecstatic to find out what this power was and what it could do. She knew it was for her. It belonged to her. "I want this door opened! Immediately!" Demons looked at her like she was fucking crazy. Why would they open a door to a power they knew nothing about?

Breos had shown up and told Medilyn it could not be opened. Medilyn demanded to know why she couldn't. It was a door, all doors could be opened, could they not?! Breos kindly told the demon that it couldn't be opened because of the key. She took a good look at the green lock. To her dismay there was in fact a key hole with three circles. She sighed and placed her hand on the lock to further inspect it. "I need to find the key, and then all the power will be mine..." foot steps were heard as she inspected the keyhole. The demons looked at the newcomers and gave each other looks.

The Mystery Demon from across the street from the Halliwell's had his arms crossed and a devilish smirk on his face. "Unless I get to it first." Medilyn looked at the newcomer with an evil glint in her eye. The demon walked slowly away from the door facing her rival. First he claims target on the Halliwell's and now be wanted this new mystery power? Medilyn wondered when she would get her break. She couldn't handle other demons taking what was rightfully hers! Medilyn now had her arms crossed mimicking the mystery demon. He was tall, pretty good looking, he had long black hair, young. At least he looked young, Medilyn had no idea if he was as old as he looked or not.

"Do you honestly think you can get this power before me? You've got another thing coming, demon."

The good looking black haired demon chuckled at Medilyn. He always found her the most amusing demon in the Underworld even though they were long time rivals. Medilyn wasn't at all happy about her nemesis laughing at her. She thought he was the most arrogant, selfish, evil bastard in the Underworld! 'Now that I think of it...' Medilyn formed a smile on her mouth. She was beginning to concoct a plan and she was sure it'd work! She approached her evil nemesis with a smile. The black haired demon didn't look impressed. Medilyn placed her hand on his shoulder and looked right into his eyes.

"You know, I think we should work together. You can get whatever you want, I'll kill the Halliwell's. It'll be a win win situation from here on out. What do you say?" The black haired demon didn't need time to think. He wasn't stupid. He knew what Medilyn was up to...demons can be so stupid sometimes. "Now why would I want help from you?" Medilyn rose an eyebrow. Was he seriously rejecting her help? It's not like this dumb ass could kill the Charmed Ones himself...'Wait a minute...' Medilyn looked disgusted as she crossed her arms. This was too good to be true. "Are you telling me you don't want the Halliwell's dead?" That question stirred up some questions among the demons.

The black haired demon laughed and shook his head. "Of course I do! I just need to complete my goal first." Medilyn shrugged and rolled her eyes. She walked away from the black haired demon and looked at her demons. "Go! Find me the keys that belong on that door! I want all three in my possession!" Both the black haired demon and Breos shook their heads. This woman was completely power hungry. The black haired demon decided to challenge Medilyn. "Exactly why do you want this power?" Medilyn scoffed and turned to her nemesis. She responded with his same question, just with emphasis, "Why do you want the the Power?" The black haired demon chuckled at Medilyn.

The black haired demon smirked evilly and looked at the demon, "Well I..." he stopped in his tracks. Why was he gonna tell this demon his plan when all she could do is go to the Halliwell's and tell them the plan? That was sneaky, he gave her props. "You must take me for a fool don't you?" Medilyn glared at the demon and growled. She immediately rose her hand and a fireball appeared. The demon just shook his head and looked at Medilyn. Like he was scared of a measly little fireball. "I don't think that's gonna help you much." Medilyn laughed and the fireball started to grow.

The black haired demon had to admit that he was impressed. Not many demons had the ability to enlarge their fireballs. Not even Zankou and The Source could, so that's a plus. Of course there was the Ultimate Power... Meanwhile Medilyn started bouncing the fireball in her hand. She kept taunting her nemesis with an arrogant tone of voice. 'She is so full of her self.' The black haired demon was waiting for Medilyn to throw the fireball already. This was getting to the point where he wanted to go to sleep. "Are you gonna wait all day? By the time you throw that thing I'll the Halliwell boys in my fullest possession and under my power so fast, the rest of them will already been here."

Medilyn's eyes widened in joy, finally she had the inside information! So, he wanted to trick the youngest generation so they could do his bidding? This was too good. The black haired demon knew he had spilled the beans. He did it on purpose; he wasn't that stupid. Just by talking to Medilyn made the black haired demon know that she wouldn't go spilling his plan to the Halliwell's. She hated them as much as Zankou did. Maybe even more so! Medilyn got rid of her fireball and looked at the demon before her. This was too good to be true! "So why do you want those boys? All they can do is be an annoying bunch of nuisances. Tyler is nothing but a drama queen and a pig, Andrew's considered the goody two shoes of the bunch. As for the youngest, he's nothing more than a romantic. There's no way he'd turn for you."

The black haired demon explained that with the youngest generatio by his side, he could weaken the Halliwell family. He also added that Medilyn would have her fame of glory in killing not only all the Halliwell's, but the Charmed Ones as well. Medilyn tilted her head to the side. She knew what was coming. A compromise. She thought long and hard about all of this. If she were to team up with her nemesis, she could have a better chance at killing those Halliwell's. Than she thought of something: She would double cross the black haired demon and kill the boys behind his back! It was perfect! All the Halliwell's dead by her hand!

She approached the black haired demon and looked straight into his eyes. "You know what? You have a deal. If I help you those pesky little boys by your side, and if it really weakens the Halliwell's resulting in their deaths by me, I get the credit for killing The Charmed Ones?" The black haired demon agreed and they both shook hands solidifying their deal. Unknown to Medilyn, the black haired demon was thinking the exact same thing: When he finished using Medilyn up, he would gladly vanquish her. Even if it meant going to the Charmed Ones for help. This was gonna be good!

Unknown to the two conspirators, someone was listening in on their conversation. And that person was none other than Jayde. The young demon smirked looking pleased with herself. This was going to be the most fun she's had since being a young demon! As she left quietly for the two demons to conspire, the door began to glow again and green smoke slowly came out from under the door and disappeared through the ceiling.


Piper was at the grocery store pushing the cart around the aisles. She needed more supplies for her restaurant, and since ordering supplies would take about two weeks to deliver, she thought she might as well just get the supplies from the store. Plus she needed some food for the manor as well. She got to the refrigerated section and took a gallon of milk. "That little bitch thought she could take my ice cream! If it wasn't for my husband, that bitch would've been killed!" Piper turned her head over to the woman talking and made a freaked out look.

The woman's friend scoffed and told the first woman about how her husband tried taking her pillow and she pretty much beat his ass up. From there, Piper placed the milk in the cart and sped passed the women. Piper accidentally bumped into the woman who beat her husband up and the woman gasped in horror. Piper smiled apologetically to the woman and sweetly apologized as best she could. The woman threw down a box of butter she was holding and came up to Pipers face. "What the hell do you think you're doing? You could have hurt me! What's your name? I'm alerting the authorities!"

Piper was dumbfounded. She had no idea why the woman was acting like this. Piper kept trying to apologize and excused herself, but the woman wouldn't back down. She took her purse and flung it at Piper while holding the purses straps. Instinctively Piper rose her hands and the entire store froze in seconds. Sighing in relief, Piper grabbed the carts bar and hurried off to another aisle. She flung her hands and quickly unfroze the store and continued shopping making sure she didn't run into the crazy woman. Once the witch was finished with her shopping she looked for an aisle to check out.

She saw the woman who was going to hit her in one check out aisle, so she immediately chose another one. Piper paid for all the items with no problem and continued until she was close to the exit. Unfortunately the same woman was close to her, but to Pipers confusion the woman was now crying over accidentally dropping a box of rice! Talk about your PMS... When she was about to leave, something weird happened. Now everyone was either crying, yelling, running around scared out of their minds, etc etc! 'What the hell is going on?'

She didn't want to be any part of the scene and fled the store in a hurry. Once Piper got in her car and packed up the food, she flung out her cell phone and started making a call. She put the device up against her ear and heard it ringing. "Hey Piper, what's up?" Piper quickly explained to her sister Phoebe about what happened at the grocery store. Phoebe, who was her loft rose her eyebrow. She told Piper that the same thing happened at the Bay Mirror and Phoebe and Prue left as quickly as they could. "Hold on a minute..." Piper went through her phone and clicked on Paige's name.

After getting Paige on the line, she conferenced her in with Phoebe and both sisters explained to Paige what was going on. Paige then told her sisters about what Leo said to her at magic school a couple days ago about the teachers and students. "Do you guys think it's connected?" Phoebe agreed and Piper didn't put it on her ignore list. All three girls came down to one conclusion: Demon. "But it can't be just one demon. He or she couldn't have infected so many people in so little time." Phoebe agreed with Paige, and all three girls tried thinking up some possibilities. "Maybe the Elders knows something about it... I don't want to say we'll take care of it since The Power of Three is retired now." Piper said with a strong tone.

Phoebe suggested that maybe their kids could look into it, but Paige told her her kids aren't really around much to be Charmed. Phoebe said that the only daughter of hers that loved to demon hunt was Patience. Piper sighed and told her sisters that they'll talk about it at the manor some more. Both girls agreed and said they'd be their ASAP.

At the manor, the retired Charmed Ones were in the living room talking about the public's behavior. "So this started at Magic School? Does that mean the whole thing started at Magic School?" Paige shook her head at Phoebe's question and reminded her about the enchantments they casted on the place.

The sisters continued discussing the problem just as a ball of glittery light appeared in the manor. It rushed into the living room and formed into The Angel of Destiny from two-thousand six. The sisters looked at the Angel with awkward looks. "Perhaps I can be of some assistance." The sisters looked at the woman speechless. They remembered the last time the Angel of Destiny came into their house. They lost Leo because the Ultimate Power had to be vanquished. Piper stood up from the chair and asked if she could help the Angel. "Relax Piper, I'm not here to take anyone away from you again. I'm simply here to give you some information."

Phoebe and Paige had stepped at Piper's side and they crossed their arms. "We're listening." Piper glanced at Phoebe and looked back at the Angel. The Angel began to tell the girls that everyone's destinies were changing. "What does this mean? Does it affect us?" The Angel looked at Paige with an unexpressed face. "The Elders confirmed that there is a power brewing the horizon even as we speak. They don't know if it will affect the side of good or evil." The girls sighed in frustration. They had had a long break from mystery powers and now all of a sudden another one shows up?

Piper didn't want to deal with all this right now, but she had to do something to get rid of the Angel. She said that the sisters would get right on it and told the Angel she could leave. The Angel looked directly at Piper and told her she couldn't leave yet. "You girls have retired and cannot defeat this power. It's not in your destined paths." Piper scoffed furiously and wondered why her time was being wasted. Why did this stupid Angel think she can come down here, tell the girls about a power, and than tell them it's not their destiny to defeat it?

"Listen lady, if you came down here to tell us about a Power that we can't even defeat than WHY are you wasting our time?" The Angel glared at Piper and calmly told her that just because it wasn't Piper's or her sisters destinies, didn't mean the people that the Destiny belonged to wasn't here. Phoebe felt Pipers fury, and immediately began talking so Piper didn't have to. "If it's not our destiny to defeat the new mystery power than who's is it?" Suddenly Tyler and Andrew walked in the front door and Chris M orbbed down into the Foyer.

They looked in the living room to see the retired Charmed Ones and the Angel. The Angel of Destiny turned to the boys and looked back at Piper. "Theirs." the boys looked at each other confused and Tyler asked what was going on. Before Piper could say anything, the Angel spoke up. "You're the new Charmed." All three boys looked shocked and each made very confused faces.

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