Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 11

Six witches marched up the steps in order to get to the attic. Piper was at the head of the line, and she was looking pretty annoyed. No actually, she was more than just annoyed, she was livid at the Angel for dumping such a huge responsibility on her grandsons. She never wanted this to happen and would never have wished being Charmed on them. In fact, she felt like she wanted to just wave her hand in front of the Angel's face and melt her into a boiling puddle! Tyler had been going on and on for the past couple minutes complaining, saying he didn't come home so he could deal with this “Chick Power Kick”, he just wanted to get his life together without having to battle demons.

Piper was the first to get to the Book and she started to furiously flip through. The boys looked at their Grandmother, each feeling really nervous about her. Phoebe walked over to her sisters side and gently placed her hand on her sisters shoulder, “Honey, I don't think punishing the Book is gonna fix any of this...” Piper gave her the meanest look she could ever give and growled. Phoebe, feeling nervous herself, backed off to go stand next to Paige. “You know, maybe you're not going to find anything in the Book about this power.” Piper was now looking at Paige, silent as a rock, but still fuming. “I mean, if anyone knows anything about this “power” and the whole “destiny thing,” she turned to the Angel with a stern look, “it's her.”

Everyone looked over at the Angel, who was looking calm as ever. It was amazing how everyone could be so mad at one person and they just kept a nice, calming expression. After a beat, the Angel inhaled, “I will answer anything and everything I can, if I can.”

Phoebe, being the calm leader of the group, sat down on her Aunt Pearl's couch and looked at the Angel. "Okay so lemme get this straight... The boys are now The Charmed Ones?" Paige stepped up before the Angel could reply. "I thought only women could be Charmed?" The Angel said that since the Charmed Ones retired, and there had to be another set of Charmed to protect the innocents. Piper kept on flipping through the book determined to find an entry on this new power they all found out about. Tyler couldn't take it any longer and stepped up in front of the Angel.

The Angel pressed on, “Since the boys are the youngest generation of your family, the Charmed Power of Three has been passed down to them. It was suppose to be a female thing, as you said, but with Destiny comes a price. A price you must pay and get use to. Tyler, Andrew, and Christopher has been given the most amazing gift in the world.” She looked at the girls, “You may have had your hardships and losses, but even you cannot deny the fact that you helped so many in your time.”

The more this bitch talked, the more Tyler became extremely pissed off. Who the hell was she to waltz into his families lives and tell them that he and his brothers were the new Charmed Ones? There had to be a better explanation for this. Maybe somehow other peoples Destinies got screwed up with theirs. They weren't suppose to be Charmed, it was not in their futures. No fucking way. He came up to the Angel, his face in hers.

"Now hold on a God damn second lady! You can't just come in here and tell us that my brothers and I are fuckin' Charmed! We have lives! We don't need this crap because in case you haven't noticed, which I doubt you have, Andrew and I just came back to San Francisco and started reconnecting with our brother! This is the last thing we need in our lives right now! They were really good lives up until you came here with this news! Don't you think we deserve a little bit of a normal life you deliver us the biggest bombshell ever?!"

Tyler was so angry, so pissed, his face was turning beet red. He clenched his fists, and waved his hands all around. As he did that, a long jet of blue and purple lights shot out of his hands. Everyone ducked for covers, including the Angel, as everything happened so fast.

The blue and purple lights not only hit the potions table, but it also pretty much trashed everything in the attic and now the doorway leading into the attic was a huge circular hole in the wall. Parts of bookshelves and boxes tumbled down the stairwell and everything else was more or less destroyed. Piper looked horrified at her sisters while Andrew and Chris looked at Tyler completely freaked.

"Can I have that power?" Tyler snapped his head to look at Chris with a glare. Sheepishly, Chris smiled and cleared his throat, telling everyone “never mind” while turning towards the window.

The Angel of Destiny looked at Tyler, her eyes weary, but serious. "It's already done. The power you've just shown is proven fact that you and your brothers destiny has now started."

She looked around at everyone in the room. She knew she couldn't explain everything, and even if she tried, they'd most likely start yelling again. Sympathetically, she looked at the boys and apologized before dissolving herself into a golden sphere.

Piper looked around the messy attic and thanked God Tyler didn't blast everything out of the window like Prue did when they traveled to the future back in nineteen nintey nine. Tyler looked at his grandmother and grumbled saying he'd get the dustpan and broom.

Piper put her arm in front of Tyler and shook her head. "Uh you know what sweetie, it's okay we got this." She recited the Vanishing Spell and soon the attic was now completely cleaned up and everything was replaced to it's rightful spots. Phoebe and Paige gave their sister a look, and all Piper did was shrug. "Hey I'm officially retired. I don't care about using personal gain for cleaning up anymore."

Tyler was still looking down at his hands. He knew he had powers, he just never really used them. Knowing that his powers did come from his emotions kinda didn't really surprise him. What surprised him the most was his advanced telekenetic power. He thought powers shouldn't been able to advance that quickly, so why did it? Shouldn't he be starting with the ordinary telekinesis?

Everyone slowly made their way out of the attic and went their own ways throughout the manor. Piper, Phoebe and Paige went to the kitchen to further talk about the whole Charmed Reconstituted thing, while the boys went to their rooms. A lot of things had changed for them. Chris and Andrew thought about how advanced their powers were gonna be after seeing what Tyler could do, and as for Tyler, he sat on his bed and again looked at his hands. He still couldn't believe that he had such advanced powers. He folded his hands and laid down on his bed looking right at the ceiling. "I am so screwed, man."

Down in the kitchen, the girls had their arms crossed as they looked down at the ground. Not only had the new Charmed Ones been reconstituted, but after seeing what Tyler did, it wouldn't be a surprise if the other two boys' powers were that advanced as well. "Well obviously we're gonna see some interesting things in the next couple of days. Piper and Phoebe looked at Paige knowing she was right. Piper went to make coffee knowing that it would probably be needed that night.


Later that night, Andrew and Chris met in the hallway. Both were actually heading to Tyler's room. Andrew slowly opened the door and peeked in to see if his brother was awake or asleep. Seeing that he was awake, both boys walked in the room and went to sit on Tyler's bed. Tyler looked at his brothers and sighed. It wasn't a secret he didn't want this new destiny he had, but for some reason deep inside he knew, 'This is crazy.' He looked up at his brothers again and gave a little sigh. Andrew placed his hand on his brothers shoulder for support.

"I think I owe you two an apology." Andrew and Chris rose their eyebrows and looked confused. "I mean, I didn't know I had that...that power. And I know I could have hurt you guys, but..." Chris hugged his brother and said he really didn't have anything to be sorry for. "It could've happened to anyone. Plus Grandma told me Aunt Prue did it before." Tyler gave a chuckle. It was a few minutes before the boys started talking about their new destiny.

Deep down, each boy accepted the fact that they couldn't escape this. The Angel had made that very clear. They could cry about it, they could get angry at it, but they could not fight it. Chris shuddered when he suggested the possibility of denying the whole thing then getting sucked up into some twisted ass vortex. “Or something...” Both his brothers looked at him, but they didn't say anything. Truthfully, they were thinking the same thing, and it scared them.

“So, we're in this together. It doesn't matter what we do, how we do it, none of that crap. We're going to do everything as a team.” Tyler watched as his brothers nodded in agreement. They could do this, he knew that. It'd suck of course, but they could do it. He had trust in them and in himself.

After a long talk, the three brothers exited the room and made their way downstairs. Everyone was in the living room talking about the early incident in the attic. The sisters were eager to tell them everything that happened, while the others took the information in. Wyatt of course was extremely pissed off. He thought that instead of having it being dumped on his sons, they had the right to choose what they wanted to do. Kira agreed immediately, only to be bummed out by Piper. She told everyone that no matter what happened, Destiny had the last word. Everyone thought the same thing: It just wasn't fair.

As the boys entered the living room, everyone turned their heads towards them. A lot of sympathy was being thrown their way. Tyler cleared his throat before he began his announcement, “Look, I know this is really weird. Well, it is for me at least. I didn't... we didn't ask for this. But the three of us knows that we can't deny it. If we do, we don't know what's going to happen, and we don't want anyone to get hurt so...”

He looked at both his brothers, who lightly nodded to him. “Now, I'm not accepting this destiny crap because I'm doing it for kicks. I'm doing it because I don't want to see my brothers get hurt. I wouldn't want to do anything to get them... you know.” His parents looked at him with the proudest eyes ever. Never in years had they expected anything like that to come out of Tyler's mouth.

Before anyone could utter another word, the chandelier above them began to rattle and shake. Chris looked up above him, suggesting there was an earthquake going on. The more it shook, the more the crystals hit each other and made little musical chimes. Light formed over the boys, which the girls knew that they were officially the new Charmed Ones. The Power of Three had once again been reconstituted. After it went away, everyone looked around awkwardly. What was one to say or do at a time like this?

The Mystery Demon had gone back to the house across the street, but this time Medilyn was with him now along with Richard. He looked towards the Manor and his expression was grave. "Well I didn't expect that to happen." Medilyn approached his side and asked what he meant. The black haired demon told her that the Charmed Ones has been reconstituted, which only resulted in Medilyn looking shocked by the news and knew this really couldn't be a good thing. 'Yeah, no kidding you stupid bitch...' She began pacing around the room. "The Charmed Ones are back... We need to find a way past this. We didn't come this far to lose." the black haired demon rolled his eyes when Medilyn talked like they've been working for years. It hasn't even been twenty four hours yet!

'This is why I always work alone...' the black haired demon looked at Medilyn with a smile on his face. "Now now Medilyn, no need to fret. This can't be that much of a bad thing." He went on to say that since the Charmed Ones were reborn, they had to be weak. Meaning their powers couldn't be powerful yet. Medilyn smiled and nodded happily at this theory. He had a point, there was no way the witches powers were strong yet. Which meant she still had a chance to kill them all! The black haired demon said that even if The Charmed Ones were indeed reconstituted, they still had a lot of work to do. For example they still needed the three green amulets to help them with the door to the unknown Power.

Medilyn crossed her arms now as she looked at the demon before her. Now that The Charmed Ones were unfortunately back, she wanted to know more about her little new friend she was going to be working with. “You know, Darling.” She placed her hands on his shoulder, “Now that we're working directly together, I think I should get to know more about you, no? Come on, you know me, so why don't I know you? It's a fair trade.” The male demon thought about it, and sight. It was true, if they were going to be working together(he was going to trick her and have her vanquished) he might as well give her a little bit of information.

Medilyn watched the man carefully, hoping he wasn't going to try anything to try to undermine her. Her heart beat quick, and she could feel sweat form on her forehead. Was this possibly a trick? He was probably going to kill her right, with one stroke!

Slowly, the man approached Medilyn with a small grin. He could sense many emotions from her, not that he could feel them because he was no way in any shape or form an Empath, but it was more of a sensing. Lifting his hand, he offered it for a handshake, “Athulak. At your service, Miss Medilyn.” Their eyes gazed each other for a moment, then Medilyn moved her eyes down at Athulak's hand. There was no way she was going to shake his hand. It was probably sweaty and just disgusting. Plus he'd probably bring forth a fire ball and burn her hand. She'd just gotten her nails done, too. As politely as she could, no matter how sickening it made her feel, she declined the hand shake. Athulak didn't even looked hurt, so what did it matter? They were partners, sure, but she wasn't going to go all nice on him.

“What do we do with the... you know.” She nodded her head towards Richard. She didn't know where Richard came in with the plan, and now that she and Athulak formed an alliance, did they really need the man? Athulak smirked and winked at the female demon, “We'd better get to work, don't you think Medilyn?” The look she gave him amused him quite immensely, but she turned and summoned some of her most powerful followers.

"I'm sure you know why I summoned you all here." She sternly looked at each of them, making sure they were meeting her eyes. If not, they were just damn disrespectful.

The demons knelt before her and all said in unison that they were there to serve her. Medilyn smiled mischievously and asked if there was any news in the key that could open the door in the Underworld. One of the demons raised his head to meet her eyes, telling her they did not have any leads on the key. She looked at them angrily. Her blood was boiling again, and she could feel her temper start to go over its max.

"What do you do all day? Sleep on the job? Find me the keys to the Power or I will have your heads!" A fireball erupted into her hand and was slowly getting larger.

Immediately, the demons shimmered out as Medilyn felt a hand on her shoulder, "You really need to learn to relax you know. Demons can still get wrinkles." Medilyn glared at Athulak and said she didn't care about how she acted towards her own demons. If she wanted to boss them around, then by the Source of all Evil, rest in torture, of course, then she was going to do whatever she could to make them listen!

Richard listened to the two demons argue and all he could do is wish he wasn't there. This wasn't going the way he wanted, and admitted to himself that he was doing this for all the wrong reasons. There really was no point in doing the demons bidding since he knew that Paige probably hated his ass by now. Athulak eyed the man with a wicked smirk. Medilyn followed the mans gaze and just rolled her eyes. That man was such a waste of space. Why couldn't Athulak see that?

"Richard my boy, I need you to do something for me..." he glanced at Medilyn's face, who was glaring of course."I" After nodding of approval from Medilyn, the tall, handsome demon continued, "We need you to go to the manor. Try to get their forgiveness, and when you do get them to trust you and we can move on from there."

When Richard wouldn't move or speak, the demon raised his voice which made the witch jump in fright. He immediately excused himself out of the house and began to run off to the manor. Medilyn looked quite impressed and commented on how loyal the stupid little fool was. Athulak just scoffed, saying that Richard was the most pathetic excuse of a loyal bum. Medilyn meanwhile was fantasizing all the ways she could kill Richard. Would she burn him alive? Make him suffer? Chop him up one by one? Oh Medilyn, you gruesome demon you! She turned towards the window to watch the man go up the steps of the manor, “You know, this could be a good thing. If he does this right, and by if I really mean if, we can have some pretty good information on those damn witches.” Athulak listened, smirking his ever so evil smirk. Medilyn was right, if Richard pulled this off, so many possibilities can come from this. The question now was: Could Richard do it? Could he succeed, or would he just chicken out like a wimp and confess everything? No, he'd be dead by the time he ever confessed.

Athulak looked at Medilyn again, his eyes looking pretty twisted yet excited, “We shall see, won't we?” Was all he asked.

Richard made his way to the front door and sighed to himself . This could either go a little good, or all so horribly wrong. The nervous witch knocked on the door pretty hard, and heard someone approaching the front door. Well, that was bad, right? Now he would be confronting the Halliwell's. Fuck. The porch lights turned on and when the door opened, he saw his ex girlfriend Paige. He saw that she immediately looked pissed off. Yep, this was going to be very very horrible.

"What the hell do you think you're doing here?" Richard immediately began apologizing for everything he did to hurt her. He knew what he did to her nieces and nephews was horrible and all he wanted was her forgiveness. Paige rolled her eyes since she remembered hearing all of this before when she use to date him. It was the most annoying relationship she'd ever been in. She even promised herself never to think of it again, which now she was pissed because she broke that promise. Damn him.

"Richard, I don't want to talk to you. You hurt my family and you should have known that A:,” She raised her hand and pointed up her thumb, “You were gonna eventually see me again and B:,” she now raised her index finger, “That I love my family more than anything, and by you hurting them in turn hurts me." Richard said he didn't recall hurting anyone, but when she reminded him about pushing Tyler, Richard remembered and looked guilty. Well, he did deserve it. The punk.

"I'm sorry Paige, I really am." Paige rose her hand and shook her head. "No Richard. Your behavior was inexcusable, and I don't appreciate that. At all."

With that being said she closed the door and locked it. Richard leaned against the wall and felt tears well up in his eyes. He couldn't handle this anymore. "I have to tell her." he was about to bang on the door again before he was taken away in flames.

Before he knew it, Richard was in the house where Medilyn and Athlulak was. This was most likely not good. He looked at the two demons who didn't look happy at all. Oh yeah, he was dead meat now. When Richard tried to apologize, his boss rose his hand to shut Richard up. "You were about to disobey me and my orders by telling Paige." Richard immediately denied it, stuttering nervously in the process. The black haired demon rolled his eyes and said that since Richard was going to disobey him, he didn't feel the need to keep the witch around any longer. Medilyn started forming a fireball in the air and flung it at Richard.

He jumped to the side, falling on the ground which made something fall out of his pocket. Not seeing he dropped something, he back up against a wall and begged Medilyn not to hurt him. Medilyn laughed and said she didn't really like beggars. She formed another fireball and flung it at Richard. "PAIGE!" After screaming her name, Richard had erupted in the flames of Medilyn's fireball and soon he was murdered. Medilyn chuckled evilly saying it was good to kill useless witches. Athulak smiled and said she did pretty good. He looked down at the ground and saw a necklace. A green glowing necklace. Now what was this beautiful little thing, hm? He bent down to pick it up and his eyes lit, "My my look what we have here." he examined the necklace and Medilyn wanted to know what it was. "I think we just found one of the amulets to the key to the Door." he held the necklace up by the string and laughed. After Medilyn realized what they gained, she herself started laughing with her partner. Everything was falling right into their plans. Soon, she was going to be the most power demon in the world!

“My dear,” she looped her arm with Athulak's, “I think we deserve a drink.” The two demons chuckled as they walked off, not bothering to clean up their little mess. The necklace glowed a bright green before unleashing smoke which traveled right down to the Underworld.

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